Wease In Douche Mode


Wease tells the story of shopping at Best Buy to get Sammy a camera, and winds up going into "Douche Mode" (sort of like Marshawn Lynch's "Beast Mode").  He applied for a BB credit card to save 20% on the purchase.  Guess who was turned down.  



We're wondering what type of salary you have to have to get approved.  If Wease doesn't make the cut who does?  The fact that the store manager was a fan didn't help... he doesn't make the decisions, some bank somewhere does.  Wease wound up slinking out of the store without the card and discount, but was then embarrassed when a security guard stopped him to check his receipt.  


We get a call from a dude named Howie, but phone screener Jackie mishears his name and thought it was Holly.  Wease bets her $10 that she can't find a guy named Holly.  Meet Holly Moore.




Tools With Sports


The big question was whether Seahawks RB would talk to reporters at Media Day.  He did spend a couple minutes talking to Deion Sanders for the NFL Network before leaving.




The mayors of Denver and Seattle have made a Super Bowl bet...


The Broncos are the betting favorite according to oddsmakers, which could bode well for Hancock. If Denver does indeed win, Murray will send the Denver mayor some salmon, Dungeness crab and a custom bicycle made by a local bicycle shop on Seattle. A piece of blown glass art from a Seattle area artist will also be auctioned to benefit Denver's Road Home program for the homeless.


If the Seahawks  walk away with the Lombardi Trophy, Hancock will ship some of Denver's green chiles to Seattle along with some clothing and handmade skis from a Denver company. The Denver mayor will also auction off a local item to support Lifelong AIDS Alliance which is based in Seattle.


Theme Bump Wednesday


Today is the return of Theme Bump Wedneday, where all the bump tunes have something in common.  We wind up taking a bunch of guesses after playing Sunshine On My Shoulders by John Denver and Stand by REM.  No it's not songs with the word "sun" in the lyrics.




Doug With News 


After bumping with Rod Stewart's "Handbags and Gladrags" we have a winner for Theme Bump Wednesday.  It's songs that were theme songs to TV shows.

Sunshine On My Shoulders- A mid 70's drama called "Sunshine"

Stand- Chris Elliot's sitcom "Get A Life"

Handbags and Gladrags- The British version of "The Office"



Follow along with the rest of the songs on Billy's Page 


- Bidens Set To Appear At MCC  

- Penfield Fire Victims Laid To Rest

- Emotional Moment At State Of Union


Super Bowl Ad Controversy


Wease is pissed that the Super Bowl is threatening to not air Scarlett Johansson's ad for SodaStream because of it's shot at big name advertisers Coke and Pepsi.  Listeners call in raving about their SodaStream machines, and make us all want one.  The banning of the commercial might be the best thing to happen to the company because it's getting everyone talking.




Katy Perry... Yay or Nay?


The story from a week or so ago about Katy Perry praying for big boobs when she was a kid leads to a discussion of whether Katy is talented or not, how manufactured she is, and whether or not she deserves the fame she's gotten.




You're Our Special Guest



We're joined in studio by local restaurant owner and politician Anthony Dannelli who tells us about taking employees from his restaurants "Mario's" and "Bazil" to Italy to study the making of Italian food in the home country.  We talk about how the employees were chosen and what they will learn.  Pauly tries to get involved and shows of a little of his fluency in Italian.


Ask Wease


- Have you seen the cover of ESPN The Magazine's newest Body Issue with UFC's Rhonda Rousey on the cover?  I saw it at Wegman's yesterday and I swear I can see a little of her landing strip.  Is it legal to have naked chicks on magazine covers in supermarkets without it being covered?  See the pic HERE  We didn't think nudity is allowed, and this is on the edge.  She sure is delish though. How does she keep from getting messed up while fighting.




-  Any Valentine's Day suggestions?  It all depends on how much cash you've got available.  Dinner at a nice restaurant is always good.


- When Wease dies what song should be played every year to celebrate him.  Something by Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks seems to make sense.


Stupid Questions At The Super Bowl 


Super Bowl "Media Day" is always a big circus, where THOUSANDS of people with media credentials run up to various players, and ask them random questions . . . a lot of which are really, REALLY dumb.




Someone asked Denver Broncos linebacker Shaun Phillips if he considered the Super Bowl a, quote, "must-win game."  Shaun probably didn't know what to say, so he responded, quote, "I look at every game as a must win game." 


Someone asked Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan which chubby coach he'd rather see in a thong:  Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs or Iowa State's Mark Mangino.  Danny wouldn't answer. 


Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was asked if he would be making an appearance on "Saturday Night Live" this week, which would be the night before the Super Bowl.  Obviously, he isn't. 


In addition to that stupid strippers question, Richard Sherman was asked if he had anything to say to or about Justin Bieber.  He laughed and said, quote, "I don't." 


Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker was asked, quote, "Eric, why don't you wear a cup? . . . Don't you wanna protect the little Eric Deckers?"  Eric didn't respond, but he did ask if that was a "real question." 


And Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett was asked, quote, "Who has the smelliest farts in the locker room?"  Michael didn't answer.