It's Hump Day

We start the morning talking about last week's TV ratings..

Thanks to the NFL's week off before the Super Bowl, "American Idol" took the top two spots in the ratings last week with around 16 million viewers both nights.



--The only NFL action was Sunday's "Pro Bowl", which came in fourth with just over 12 million viewers.  (--The NFC won 62 to 35.)  Reruns rounded out the rest of the top five.

Wease was curious who watches the Pro Bowl?  Are guys so thirsty for football they'll watch a lousy game that doesn't count?  Pauly said he watched the 1st quarter because "there was nothing else on".  Wease found this crazy... there are 200 channels, and lots of other things to do, like read a book.  Mentioning books leads to the story that Barmes and Noble will be closing a bunch of stores in the near future, and how sad that will be, although Wease and Billy both talk about the advantages of their e-readers, even though they both love books.

Tools With Sports

Tools talks about how disappointing Ryan Miller has been for the Sabres this year.  He gave up a couple bad goals last night, and the Sabres lost in overtime for their fourth straight lost.

The Bills have inked a new deal for five more years of games in Toronto.  We're curious if part of the agreement is giving the Canadians a big rivalry game like the Patriots.

There's a report that Ray Lewis may have taken deer antler pills, a banned substance, to rehab quicker from his arm injury.  It'd be more believable if they said Lewis stabbed the deer in order to get its antlers.  We do think it's strange that he was able to recover from a torn tricep in such a short time.  Here's what Ray had to say about the story.

In related news... ALEX RODRIGUEZ is facing doping allegations once again.  A Miami newspaper says Rodriguez, MELKY CABRERA, GIO GONZALEZ and NELSON CRUZ are among several athletes linked to a crooked South Florida firm called Biogenesis.  They all deny it, of course.

Tools proves his sickness, going 3 for 3 in "Back In The Day", with all the details you'll ever need to know about the games involved...

30 years ago . . . in 1983 - The WASHINGTON REDSKINS beat the MIAMI DOLPHINS, 27-to-17, at SUPER BOWL 17.  Washington running back JOHN RIGGINS set a Super Bowl record with 166 yards on 38 carries, and was voted the game's MVP.

19 years ago . . . in 1994 - The DALLAS COWBOYS beat the BUFFALO BILLS, 30-to-13, to win SUPER BOWL 28.  Dallas running back EMMITT SMITH was MVP, and the Bills lost their fourth straight Super Bowl.

13 years ago . . . in 2000 - The ST. LOUIS RAMS beat the TENNESSEE TITANS, 23-to-16, to win SUPER BOWL 34.  St. Louis quarterback KURT WARNER passed for a record 414 yards and was named the MVP.

Rochester Crime

#1  Rochester, N.Y. - Rochester police released new details Tuesday about an officer-involved shooting downtown.

The incident happened around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday at a Volunteers of America housing facility, the Cooper Union building, at 119 State Street. The facility contains 44 apartments occupied by the previously homeless.

Rochester Police say four officers were assisting a court marshal with an eviction from the housing facility when a conflict arose with the suspect.

Chief James Sheppard confirmed the suspect threw bleach at the officers.

We’re told the officers fired multiple shots, striking the suspect at least once. We’re told his injuries are not life-threatening.

When asked if this tenant had been a problem, Doug Stark of Volunteers of America replied “Not troubled, per say, other than he’s being evicted and didn’t want to be.” Stark went on to clarify that the tenant had not paid his rent.

Meanwhile, those near by wondered what was happening. “It was like nothing I've ever seen,” said Jim Staffieri, owner of the Pizza Stop, in reference to the number of officers at the scene.

The four officers assisting the court marshal also suffered minor injuries. No word yet how they were hurt. They were all transported to Strong Memorial Hospital.

Wease discusses the rumor that the suspect threw bleach at the police officers, and that's what caused the problems.

#2  A 48-year-old male was shot and killed outside of 52 Bartlett Street Tuesday evening, according to Rochester Police Commander Tim List.

Police responded at 6:15 p.m. to a report of shots fired in the area. When they arrived, they found a man lying dead on the porch.

Authorities are investigating the circumstance of the shooting. There is no suspect at this time.

#3 A 53-year-old woman suffered life-threatening injuries in a stabbing Tuesday morning at a high rise apartment building in Rochester.

It happened at Andrews Terrace at 125 St. Paul Street just before 9:30 a.m.

Police said a woman was found in a stairwell between the 18th and 19th floors with multiple stab wounds.

She was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital.

Rochester Police said they are interviewing a person of interest. They are asking any witnesses to come forward with information that can help them solve this case.

What is going on Rochester?  Chief Sheppard will be holding a news conference later today to address these stories.

Jaqueline The Snuggler

Last August was the first time we spoke to Jaqueline the snuggler when she made big news locally for The Snuggery.  Since then her business has exploded, opening a new location on Park Ave. and doing interviews for national outlets such as 20/20.  She calls to thank us because we were the first show to give her publicity, and to tell us about going to Beirut in the near future to appear on a TV show there.

Doug With News

Along with the stories we discussed earlier...

- 2 Irond. Men Help Rescue Neighbor From Fire

- Family Escapes Burning Home In Greece

- Parolee Pleads Guilty To Deadly Crash

- Hope For Hostess?

Super Bowl Tickets

We call Wease's nephew Ricky, who has a ticket broker business called A Great Place To Sit, about the price of Super Bowl tickets.  There is a wide selection of prices, starting at $1,800 for "get ins" to $284,000 for suites.  Besides the game there are also tickets to the various parties like the Maxim and Playboy get togethers.  We ask Ricky about the dangers of the broker business, where he can lose a ton of money if sales are low.

Bonus Content... 46 Great Sports Racks

Super Bowl Insanity

With the big game coming up Wease talks about the cliches athletes spout during Super Bowl week, and how guys like Randy Moss, T.O., Ray Lewis, etc... makes things way more interesting.  Wease wishes he was a football player, but still had his brain, so that he could say outrageous things to reporters.

The Super Bowl is this Sunday.  And if you get invited to a party, make sure you're not the guy everyone HATES.  According to a survey by CouponCabin, here are the six things that will annoy everyone else:



#1.)  Don't act like you're an expert on football . . . food . . . or the commercials.  No one's impressed that you know what a Cover Two defense is.  If you're watching with a member of the Wease crew you'll only have this problem if Tools and his buddies are there.



#2.)  Leave the remote alone.  Don't change the channels or adjust the volume.  Wease wants to know "who does this?"  The answer is Billy's girlfriend. 



#3.)  It's a party . . . but you need to know when to stop talking.  Be quiet and watch SOME of the game.  Even motormouth Wease agrees with this... he needs to know how his bets are going.  



#4.)  You can root for a team . . . but don't go all Super Fan.  Leave some of your 49ers clothes at home, and DON'T do the Ray Lewis dance every time Baltimore scores. 



#5.)  Don't announce that you're on a diet and worry about all the calories in the junk food.... this means you Ryann... don't tell Pauly to watch his calorie intake.  This is a holiday for guys that dig pizza, wings, and lots of salty snack foods.   



#6.)  It's also not cool to announce, quote, "I only watch for the commercials."  That's what EVERYONE says.  It's become such a cliché . . . and the truth is that most Super Bowl commercials don't live up to the hype.

Ask Wease

Is there a song that Wease would like to play but can't?  A song called "Why'd You Do It" by Marianne Faithful and "The A**hole Song" by Dennis Leary come to mind.

Are women's crazy because mens is stupid?  Yes, probably

Who makes the best expresso in Rochester?  Obviously, Dunkin Donuts, and Wease digs his buddy Java Joe's too.

Worst guest Wease has ever had?  A few choices... Pauly Shore, Davy Jones, Robert Goulet, Adam Goulet, Michael Winslow, Ted Nugent, and David Duke are all contenders.  Lots of input from listeners with fond memories of radio gone bad.

Bonus...  Miley Cyrus Cosmo Photos

More Ask Wease

Wease said he'd answer even hate questions or controversial topics so a listener baits liberal Wease with a question about Chicago being one of the most regulated cities in the US regarding gun control, but being one of the most violent. 

Is it wrong to bet on how long a friend's marriage will last?  Yes it's wrong, but it's fun.  Wease talks about Lonsberry making fun of Wease and Doreen the day after they got married.

With Wease's new teeth, Billy's new hair, and Pauly's eye surgery has anything ever gone wrong with an endorsement?  Thank God, nope.  We only have the best advertizers on The Wease Show.

Is it wrong to love more than one person at a time?  Wease says even though it would cause trouble in relationships the head can't control the heart, and therefore it's not wrong.

Steve Jobs At Geva

We're joined in studio by actor Remi Sandri, who is portraying Steve Jobs in a one man show at Geva called The Agony and Ecstacy Of Steve Jobs.  This leads to a discussion of the technology we all own, how we're forced to upgrade, how Apple may be losing some of it's edge to competitors, etc...  Pauly is pissed that the new IPad is coming out only 2 months after Christmas, when his girlfriend got what will soon be the obsolete tablet.

Tomorrow's Show/Plugs

Big show tomorrow... looking forward to former "News Radio", "Kids In the Hall" star Dave Foley joins us in studio, plus Geezers vs. Douchebags, Doug with news, Tools with sports, and members of the Rochester Knighthawks to promote NASCAR star Tony Stewart's appearance at the game this weekend.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.