Boney Marrone(y)

We open the week discussing the Buffalo Bills newly hired head coach Doug Marrone.  It seems that many of the comments on Facebook and Twitter are negative, but Wease and Pauly disagree thinking that it's a great hire... new blood, with some experience as an NFL offensive assistant coach, and his success at turning around the Syracuse college program. 


Also, we talk about Raven's superstar Ray Lewis, and how his alleged criminal past prevents Wease from liking him despite his flamboyant style, which Wease usually enjoys. 


Tools With Sports


Continuing the Marrone discussion, with Johnny saying he likes the hire, and deserves at least a "wait and see" attitude from naysayers.  The biggest negative being that the choice isn't "sexy".


We also breakdown this past weekends playoff games, with Wease winning a bet on Seattle over the Redskins, and the team of Pauly and Brooksie winning a bet on Green Bay over the Vikings.


Monster Jam And Wease-isms


Pauly had a stressful night this past Saturday.  He was doing an appearance at the monster truck show at the Blue Cross Arena and when he asked what he was supposed to do he was told to "riff".  Pauly doesn't riff, and gets nervous in front of crowds, so gives a shout out to friends in the crowd, and Becky McDonough, the driver we had on the show last week.


We also talk about the film Django Unchained, it's use of the N word, and an interview Samuel L. Jackson did with a reporter.


--During a recent interview, a reporter tried to ask SAMUEL L. JACKSON about it . . . but Jackson REFUSED to address the subject unless the reporter actually SAID the word in question.  Both men refused to budge.



--When the reporter finally realized he had to move on, he said, quote, "It was a great question."



--And Jackson replied, quote, "It wasn't a great question if you can't say the word."



(--Check out video here.  You have to skip forward to the 13:55 mark.  WARNING!!!  This clip contains uncensored profanity.)


This leads to a discussion of different Wease-isms, words that Wease uses... and in many cases invented... Hot Fudge Sundae (not the ice cream), Jaffofinator, and the origin of "It's nice to be important..." plus many more are talked about.



Doug With News


- Two Rochester Men Arrested For Williamson Robbery

- Fans Feelings Mixed About Marrone Hire

- City To Vote On New Skate Park

- Hillary Clinton Back To Work: Resignation Expected



 The Perverted Pastor


This happened over a month ago, but the 911 audio just came out.  On November 28th, Father Tom Donovan was at St. Aloysius Church in Springfield, Illinois, where he's a pastor.  And he was doing something EXTREMELY unholy in the rectory.



--Donovan had a BALL GAG in his mouth and some HANDCUFFS on his wrists.  We don't know all the details, but we know this wasn't a robbery . . . which pretty much leads to only one other scenario.



--Anyway, Donovan ended up trapped in the handcuffs . . . and had to call 911.  You can hear him in the audio with the gag still in, trying to say he's trapped in handcuffs.  It comes out more like, "I am stuh in a paa'a hankuh."



--The police went to St. Aloysius and got him out of the cuffs.  The church has confirmed that Donovan was granted a leave of absence and is seeking help.  


(--Usually people in these incidents LIE to the police about a robbery, and end up getting in trouble when it turns out not to be true.  So let's at least give this guy credit for NOT lying, and embracing his PERVERTEDNESS?)



Street Willie joins us in studio and tells us about visiting Monroe Community Hospital this past weekend, because his favorite band Mitty and the Followers played a party there.  Besides the band, their was a bird trainer that brought a big macaw, and Willie was sure that the bird was giving him the evil eye, and that it was going to go after him.  This lead to a discussion if birds are really reptiles... we went to the computer, but some websites said yes, some said no.


Also a discussion of the stories the Wease Show members tell on the air, and how sometimes our families are embarrassed by the things we say, and ask us not to tell some of the things that happen in our lives, like we should be ashamed, or that people will think less of us.


 Mike Catalana Calls In



We talk to 13 WHAM's sports guy Mike Catalana about the hiring of Doug Marrone as the Bill's head coach.  Mike is optimistic about Buffalo's future, based on how improved the Syracuse Orange were under Marrone.  He says Lovie Smith would've been a "safe" pick, but loves Marrone's aggressiveness, and the Bill's being decisive.


Apple Pie In The Peach


We revisit the stories the embarrass our families, so Wease retells the story Doreen told at the birthday roast where she put a piece of apple pie in her peach, and when Wease went to dine at the Y he was shocked by the dessert being down there, and freaked out.  We also talk about Doreen's aversion to Wease powdering his "old man balls".


We also hear funny banter between Tina Fey and Amy Poehler promoting their upcoming gig as hosts of The Golden Globes. 




V.J. Stanley In Studio Talking Youth Sports



VJ Stanley is an author/consultant/motivational speaker who has written a book called "Stop The Tsunami In Youth Sports" which discusses the pressure now put on kids in sports, as opposed to "playing" sports, and how kids are hurt by the pressure, and most kids wind up quitting.  A long discussion takes place with many callers telling stories about their experiences with kids and athletics, both pro and con.  If you're interested in VJ's book, or wondering how you can help kids regain the fun in youth sports, go HERE.



 Hottest Women Of 2013


We're only a week into the year, but "Men's Health" magazine has already decided who the 100 Hottest Women of 2013 are.  And at the top of their list is KATY PERRY.


--Here's the Top 10 . . .


10. Amber Heard



9. Gisele Bundchen



8. Beyonce



7. Angelina Jolie



6. Scarlett Johansson



5. Jennifer Aniston




4. Jennifer Lawrence



3. Christina Hendricks



2. Mila Kunis



1. Katy Perry



EJ's Relationship Weirdness

In a weird coincidence Emily's ex-boyfriend is dating her current BF's ex-girlfriend... huh?  Somehow they keep running into each other, and wind up hanging out with each other, and EJ sometimes finds the situation uncomfortable.  Is there anything she can do about the situation?


Tomorrow's Show's Show/Plugs


Tomorrow we get into the details released today of the Webster Firefighter shooting, breakdown tonight's National Championship Game, Talk to Doug Emblidge, John Ditullio, and much more.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.  See ya.