Expiration Dates

Wease went to poker last night and brought a snack from home... the yogurt covered pretzels had gone bad, and he discovered the expiration date was back in July.  Despite this, Wease says he doesn't believe in expiration dates, and leads to stories of things gone bad, including the time Marianne ate a handful of almonds from her mom's cupboard anfd wound up with maggots in her mouth.

Pauly and Billy use expiration dates like the Bible.

In early morning breaking news... Investigators are still searching for an armed suspect in the area of West Henrietta Road and Erie Station Road Thursday. The perimeter in which police are searching is bordered by those two roads, as well as East River Road and Martin Road. Police spent parts of the night between Wednesday and Thursday canvassing woods in the area with helicopters and spotlights. It is not yet clear what led police to believe the suspect was a threat. Burger Middle School, the Vollmer Learning Center, and the West Henrietta Education Building are all under a two-hour delay because of the search.

Read More at: http://www.13wham.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/search-armed-suspect-continues-8666.shtml

Wease also tells us about local sex trafficking ring that was busted in Rochester.  Two Rochester sisters admitted Wednesday to recruiting two minors, a 14-year-old and a 17-year-old, for commercial sex acts.

According to the  U.S. Attorney's Office in Western New York, 27-year-old Jerese Blue and 23-year-old Chellsie Blue pleaded guilty before the U.S. District Court for conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors. The charge carries a maximum penalty of life in prison and a fine of $250,000. 

Tools With Sports

Wacky Dennis Rodman is still making news during his trip to North Korea.  Yesterday he sang "Happy Birthday" to dictator Kim Jong-Un in the style of Marilyn Monroe.

This leads Wease to telling the story of the time he met Rodman in Florida with some friends, what a douchebag he was, and then just a week later was the basketball star's first trip to Korea.

Tools and Wease also discuss Johnny Football Manziel announcing himself eligible for the NLF Draft, and where he might go.  John says there is no way the Bills will take him, sticking with EJ Manuel. 

Macy's Closing

It was announced last night that Macy's in The Medley Centre is closing, leaving Sears the only store left in the former Irondequoit Mall.  Wease loved that Macy's calling it a place he could shop like he was Elvis with his own personal shoppers, and a place that was super cheap because of all the coupons available.

 The Smack Game

A video went viral in Rochester yesterday that shows a 16 year-old kid blind-siding an older woman in what is becoming too commonly known as "The Knockout Game".

In the video, the kid calls it "smack cam". 

What is unknown is whether or not the kid knew the woman before this happened.

The kid police believe to be the kid in the video is in custody.  Get more details here.  Watch the video below:

Doug With News

- Search For Armed Suspect Continues

- Meeting Today On Homeless, Civic Center Garage

- Pedestrian Hurt In Rit And Run

- A New Deal For Kodak

The Bubbie Awards

We look back at the Best Of 2013 with our 4th Annual Bubbie Awards...

1.  The Best Female Guest... Diane Levin, who accepts her award via phone.

2.  Biggest Local News Story... The filming of Spider-Man in downtown Rochester...

3.  Biggest Pop Culture Story Of 2013... Miley Cyrus Twerking VMA...

4.  The Douchebag Lifetime Achievement Award Goes To Kanye West...

5.  Biggest National News Story... Boston Marathon Bombing

6.  Best Male Guest... Jimmy Shubert

7. Best Laugh... Jackie Nutt


8. Biggest Sports Story... Mante  Teo's Fake Girlfriend

9.  Best Recurring Theme... Trying To Get Street Willie Laid


10.  Most Significant Celebrity Death... Nelson Mandela

11.  In Memorium... Gussie Success

12.  Bit/Segment Of The Year... The Church Of Weasus

Music News

Sad news if you're a fan of the Allman Brothers... guitarists Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes are both leaving the band in the near future, probably after their annual run at the Beacon Theater.  Derek will be concentrating on his band with wife Susan Tedeschi, and Warren with Gov't Mule and solo projects.

Wease also talks a little bit about "Teen Mom" turned porn star Farrah Abraham, which leads to a call from a listener that once had a girlfriend that did porn.  Wease questions him about the experience, how he found out about her x-rated job, what he thought of it, etc...

Bonus Content... Hottest Shots From The Web 

Beer And Music

Folks from Lovin'Cup, Three Head's Brewery, and Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad are in studio  to promote the Hometown Tre Beer and Music Festival.  It sound like a ball.  Get info HERE.