Monday Monday

Wease starts the morning discussing a news story he saw on Facebook this weekend... Heineken beer sponsoring a dog fight in Asia.  We wonder if the incriminating photos are photoshopped, if the banners were already there before the fights, or if the beverage actually sponsored the dog fight.

Breaking news!!!  Pope Benedict is stepping down.

His spokesman says he'll resign on February 28th.

Benedict told the Cardinals of the Catholic Church on Monday that he's resigning "because of advanced age."

Benedict is 85 and will turn 86 on April 16. He was elected pope in 2005.

Wease and Pauly then discuss tweeting during last night's Grammys, and how most people go out of the way to be negative and mean in their tweets about celebrities, rather than just commenting for real on what they see.... and how most folks try to be funny, and they're not.  We here on the show are occasionally guilty of this, but are more likely to give honest opinions on things, or tell you what we are up to in our lives.  Follow us... @TheWeaseShow @BrotherWease @PaulyGoogs @Scotty_Brooks @RadioBillyD 

Wease caught a tease on WHAM 1180 this morning where they'd be talking to local media expert Bruce Pilato about being at The Grammys last night, so we turned on Chet talking to Bruce... Wease disagreed with everything Pilato said.  Bruce didn't like the show (using the word underwhelmed).  Wease LOVED the show, and was over joyed by Elton John, Mumford and Sons, Zac Brown, Alambama Shakes, Mavis Staples, etc... doing "The Weight" as a tribute to the late Levon Helm.  Here's the all star group rehearsing...

Tools With Sports

We were so busy talking about Grammys that we didn't get to Johnny during his normal time, so he comes back a little later where we talk a little more about the awards show, and Wease's favorite sports story of the day... Red Sox prospect Bryce Brentz shot himself in the leg while cleaning his gun.  Any excuse to play our Plaxico song.

Doug With News

- Pope To Resign

- White Likely To Announce Mayoral Run

- Recycling Will Get Easier In Monroe County

- Polar Plunge

Wease and Doug spent some time together this weekend at a charity event, and stories of Wease's drinking (thanks to his friend Sweedler) has us worrying that he may have a problem.  An online AA test administered by Pauly determines Wease has no problem... he's very good at it.  A picture surfaces of a drunk Wease with his junk hanging out. 

Carrie Underwood Necklace

CARRIE UNDERWOOD decided to "out-accessorize" everyone at last night's Grammys . . . by wearing a $31 million necklace. 

--For those of you who care about such things:  It's an oval, pear, marquise and white diamond necklace . . . and it's 381 carats.  It was designed by some big shot Beverly Hills jeweler named Johnathon Arndt.



--Carrie tried to sound humbled by it . . . but really, then why wear the damn thing?  She told E!, quote, "It's heavy on my soul.  I'm afraid someone is going to tackle me and steal it.  It's worth more than me."  C'mon... who's gonna tackle her?  Ya think there might be a couple security guards around her?

Wease and listeners give us opinions regarding crazy expensive jewelry vs. cubic zirconia, and the type of person that would buy a 31 million dollar necklace because a celebrity like Carrie Underwood wore it.

Geezers And Douchebags Together

The ongoing discussion of the Grammys segues to movie talk, and how younger people would rather watch a newer piece of crap, than and older classic... and on the opposite end, older people would rather see or listen to the same older stuff over and over again rather than expand their horizons, and try something new.

More Grammy Stuff

Wease got a huge kick out of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi on the red carpet, with Ellen staring at Katy Perry's bodacious boobies...

For most of the morning Wease has been talking about people that disagreed with his feelings about the Grammys, but there were actually a bunch of people on Twitter that agreed with him, and made him laugh during the show.  Wease reads some of those tweets from friends, listeners, and celebrities.

Bonus: Nothing But Butts

America's #1 Movie


The JASON BATEMAN-MELISSA MCCARTHY comedy "Identity Thief" was a hit at the box office this weekend.  It made $36.6 million . . . more than three times what "Side Effects" made in third place.  And the limited release of "Top Gun 3D" made less than $2 million in 11th place.  But since it was only playing on 300 screens, it had a higher per-theater average than any other movie in the Top 10 besides "Identity Thief".  Our own Brooksie went to see "Identity Thief" this weekend, and loved it despite awful reviews.

More Grammy Talk

Wease obviously LOVED the Grammys... he's still talking about it.  Kelly Clarkson won for Best Pop Album, and gave the cutest speech of the night while accepting.  Wease talks about how the title track of the album, "Stronger", was cowritten by a friend of his daughter Abby.  We wanted to talk to the girl about it, but when we tried to call the girl who'd spent time at Brother Wease's house she told us we had to go through her people.

Gilbert Gottfried and Fran Drescher 

We have two celebrity interviews back to back because Hollywood stars are begging to be on The Wease Show.

Fisrt we speak to comedian Gilbert Gottfried, who will be performing at Brockport college this Wednesday.  We speak to Gilbert about his past visits to the Wease studio (and the free breakfasts he ate), and his legendary set with 9/11 terrorist jokes that spawned the film "The Aristocrats".... he's been in a ton of TV shows and movies (as well as the original commercial voice of the Afflac duck), but this is our favorite.

We then talk to "The Nanny" star Fran Drescher, who is promoting the season finale of her current TV Land sitcom "Happily Divorced", which follows her real life story of having a husband who came out as gay after 18 years of marriage.  Her and Wease also discuss how they've both overcome cancer, and now Wease is looking forward to reading her book "Cancer Schmancer".

Tomorrow's Show

Our favorite sex expert Laura Corn will be on tomorrow, and I'm sure she'll have some great advice for Valentine's Day... plus Doug E., John D., and all the other fun stuff that happens during the show.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.  See ya.