Hair-Brained Wimmens


A couple weeks ago Marianne came in with pink hair... now today Jackie Nut comes in with her hair having pink and blue it.  We only have 2 chicks on the show, and now they both have rainbows on their heads.  Is this a new thing for women, or just our wacky coworkers.



Some Olymic chatter...


Lebanon skier Jackie Chamoun is causing controversy in her home country with a tasteful topless photoshoot she did.



Are you bummed that USA skating champion Ashley Wagner is kind of unlikable and has a bad attitude?  As Wease and Pauly put it she has "bitch face".




Poor Shaun White.  The Flying Tomato ended his Olympic career finishing 4th in the snoawboard halfpipe.


Dan Moriarty Sports


Danny still filling in for Tools.  He's 27 years old, but sounds much older.  Marianne has a bit of a crush.



Wease and Danny debate Shaun White's failure yesterday, with Moriarty blaming the conditions, but Wease saying everyone had to deal with the same stuff.




Facebook Kindness Goes Viral

When a Michigan mom heard her 10-year-old son say he didn’t want a birthday party because he didn’t have any friends to invite, her surprise solution went viral.

The mom, Jennifer, who lives near Kalamazoo, Mich., created a Facebook page for her son –  ”Happy Birthday Colin.”

The page had a simple request: please send Colin virtual birthday wishes so that on his 11th birthday, March 9, Colin can see how much he is loved.


The outpouring of love Colin is receiving is amazing with more that 40,000 likes so far.


You can click Click here to visit the Facebook page.


photo courtesy of Facebook


Doug with News


- Large Snowbanks Becoming A Problem

- Miller Not Starting In Team USA Opener

- Tom Brokaw Diagnosed With Cancer


Wease and Doug also discuss the monsterous storm heading towards the South, and how Atlanta is preparing for potentially paralyzing ice.


Bad Sex And Relationship Advice


1.  Staying Together For The Kids... Wease talks about how his parents did this, and would've been better off if they had divorced earlier. 


2.  Love Happens When You Stop Looking For It... Even when you don't pursue love actively it doesn't hurt to be aware of the potential mates around you.


3.  Once you hit a certain age you should lower your expectations... People don't depreciate with time, and neither should our expectations.


4. Pretend You Have A Problem.  You Might Meet Someone NIce at AA/Weight Watchers... Don't fake who you are, or pretend to have an interest you don't.  You might be stuck with a hobby you don't like.


For the rest of the bad advice go HERE


Ask Wease


- A listener wants Wease's advice for Valentine's Day, and where to go for dinner.  Wease thinks all the restaurants may be packed, and has so many friends that own restaurants he doesn't want to single any out.  Maybe wait until the next night, and make a reservation.


- Would you rather your daughter have no friends, or your daughter be a slut.  A great question... so great that Wease could go either way.  Maybe the "no friends" because you always have the opportunity to make friends, but it's harder to get rid of the "slut" lable.


- A texter whose daughter has developed a heroin problem asks for Wease's advice.  He swears he would carry his kid kicking and screaming to the rehab joint.  Are poeple allowed to force someone legally into rehab?


A listener calls in with his story of having to take his sister to rehab, and how she went voluntarily, but had been kicked out in the past. 


- An email comes from a guy whose wife said she doesn't want to celebrate Valentine's Day.  It's "amateur night".  Should he believe her?  Nope... do something for her.  Even if she means what she says she'll still appreciate a token of love.


Bonus Content... Snow Bunnies To Keep You Warm




Ask Wease Continued...


- from an emailer... I live in a small studio apartment and have a new girlfriend.  We just starting spending night's together, but there is one odd problem... she won't use the bathroom in my place.  She says she's embarrassed by the bodily function stuff, and would rather go home to use the toliet, and then come back.  How weird is that?  Any thoughts, or suggestions?  Wease doesn't even get this, and guesses that the couple is young, because if she's older he should trade her in.  Everybody uses the bathroom, and there's nothing to be emabarrassed about.


Most Desirable Women


Ask Men has put together a list of the 99 Most Desirable Women, and Wease thinks the list is week because his faves didn't make the top 10.  Where's ScarJo, Charlize Theron, Megan Fox, and Blake Lively?  Click the links below to see pics of the hotties that made it, and HERE for the whole list.


1. Emilia Clarke

2. Alison Brie

3. Emily Ratajkowski

4. Jennifer Lawrence

5. Emma Watson

6. Kate Upton

7. Kerry Washington

8. Amy Adams

9. Margot Robbie

10. Kate Moss 




Italian-American Coalition For Kids



We're joined in studio by Joe Capello of the IACK to discuss their upcoming "Open Your Hearts" Dinner and Fundraiser, this coming March 8th at the Rochester Plaza.


The Italian American Coalition for Kids (IACK) was started in 2012 by five Italian-Americans in an effort to give back to families in Upstate New York going through financial hardships due to their child’s severe illness.


If you're interested in supporting the charity, or attending the dinner, go HERE.  Wease loved it last year, and can't wait to go back.