Monkeying Around



Two people in Wyoming County are under arrest, accused of illegally owning a rare monkey and growing marijuana.


Dara Jennings, 56, and Mark Galioto, 47, of Java were charged Monday following a six-month investigation.

State Police say a probation officer stopped at the pair's home in August and saw a grivet monkey - an animal often found in the eastern region of Africa.

While investigating the monkey, troopers say they discovered the remains of a red-tailed hawk and eleven marijuana plants.

Police say Jennings and Galioto obtained the monkey through a fraudulently altered federal acquisition. The two were charged with first degree offering of a false instrument and illegal possession of a grivet monkey.

Galioto was additionally charged with illegal possession of a red-tailed hawk and unlawfully growing cannabis.

Hey Ladies.... would you want a combo alarm clock/sex toy?  Would it get you up, or just get you off and make you go back to sleep?


Harry Gibbs Sports



Harry in for Dan Moriarty, who was in for Harry, who is in for a vacationing John Ditullio...

The Syracuse Orange had an amazing last second win over Pitt last night with a 3 pointer at the buzzer.  Wease bet Pitt +1 1/2.  He loses.


Olympic talk leads to Harry making fun of curling.  Wease is there for the defense, and pointing out how hot the Russian women curling team is...


Yankee legend Derek Jeter is retiring after the 2014 season... both he and his penis will be in the Hall Of Fame.


Skills For Men 

Ask Men put together a list of stuff every man should know how to do.  Pauly does most of them, Wease and Billy are ok, but need help with some, Marianne's boyfriend Robbie is perfect.


- Being able to cook a meal

- Plumbing... knowing how to unclog your drain or toilet

- Bartending... being able to make a cocktail

- Ironing

- Cleaning your bathroom


Wease also shares a commercial that made him laugh the other night when he saw it on TV.  Would you take a medicine with these side effects?




Doug Emblidge News


- Inner Loop Appears On "No Future" List

- Comcast Confirms Time Warner Cable Deal

- National Propane Shortage Felt At Home

- Winter Storm Grounds Thousands Of Flights


Mitch Fatel



Comedian Mitch Fatel is at the Comedy Club in Webster tonight thru Saturday, and in studio with us.  You may have seen Mitch on Leno, Letterman, Conan, or his own cable specials.


Mitch is familiar with Wease from the time Fatel spent as an intern on Howard Stern's show, and Wease's reputation as one of the top radio guys in the country.  Fatel tells stories about time he spent on Stern's show, and eventually apologizing to people he was mean to in the past.


Mitch also talks about his bisexual wife Jessica, the fun he has with her and her girlfriends, and stories from the swinging lifestyle.  Mitch and Jessica had a satellite radio show called "Sex and Swinging With Mitch and Jessica".




He also talks about living in the same building with NY Giants QB Eli Manning and his wife, and how boring they are.


Poor Pay For Pilots


Wease is flying this weekend, and is upset to hear that pilots don't make as much money as he thought.  There is a report that starting pilots make as little as $21,000 a year.  We want the people in charge of big airplanes to make more than Burger King employees.  A caller whose son is a pilot talks about the low pay, and the prospects for raises.


Bonus Content... Love Is In The Air




Sister Act



We're joined in studio by actress Carla Woods, starring in the RBTL production of "Sister Act" at the Auditorium Theater.  She talks about the show, how it compares tothe movie, her career, music she loves, etc...  Mitch tries to see if she'd be open to being with his wife.  Her Portugese might not like that.


Like Father Like Son


Wease tells Mitch Fatel stories about his father, who in his 70's and 80's started smoking pot and doing coke, was busted at the Jewish Home for harassing old ladies (and eating cheeze doodles in bed), and getting knobbers from hookers.


Porn Star Birthdays


Happy Birthday to Jayden James and Cherokee D'Ass.  Ms. D'Ass (if that is her real name) is an example of "stetopygia" (the disease that causes a huge ass).  Need proof?  Here's Cherokee (on the right) and a friend with the same issue.