Happy Valentine's Day

Thanks to Pauly's girlfriend Ryann for making the Wease Show members an amazing treat... a fruit pizza.  It's really a big sugar cookie with whipped cream and lots of fruit.  Delicious.  No, she didn't make a half assed heart shape for the holiday... Pauly and Billy couldn't wait until the picture was taken before digging in about 5:45am.

RIGA, N.Y. (AP) — Authorities say a barn fire has killed 56 sheep in western New York.

WHAM-TV in Rochester reports a passerby saw smoke at about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at the barn in the Monroe County town of Riga.

Firefighters weren't able to save the animals and the barn was destroyed.

The cause of the blaze is under investigation.

Riga is 15 miles southwest of Rochester.

This story leads to Wease wondering the difference between lamb and sheep (a lamb is a baby sheep), and listeners give us more info about sheep than we'll ever need to know (including how lambs are castrated by the farmers by biting the nuts off).

Tools With Sports

The segment starts the way it usually does... with Wease and John arguing about something.  Today the argument is about "salmon".... It's Wease's favorite, and John doesn't like it, saying he doesn't like the smell.  Wease says it doesn't smell, and expounds on the joys of eating fish, calling John lame.

Did you see Jim Boeheim's dressing down of ESPN's Andy Katz?

Another sports related viral video is last night's confrontation between Will Ferrell and Shaq at the Lakers game.  This was obviously for a movie being filmed...

Another funny sports video is the hockey player that flipped off his coach.  A goalie in Farmington, Minnesota was so mad about being demoted to second string that he intentionally scored a goal on his own net. It happened on senior night and after letting the goal in, the goalie flipped off the crowd and skated off the ice.

The Poop Boat

This story about honeymooners on the stranded Carnival Cruise ship leads to talk of people that have their weddings out of town, or in vacation style places, and what a pain in the ass (and expense) it is for guests.  Wease also wonders what type of compensation travelers on this cruise will get... a listener says he heard that they will be refunded the cost of this cruise, they will get another comp cruise, and also $500 a person.  We thjink this is a pretty good deal, plus we'd have the story for the rest of our lives (which will be funny in the near future).

Wease mentions how the General Hospital band Port Chuck will be on the show later.  Port Chuck is short for the city that the soap opera takes place in, Port Charles.  Billy tells Wease how the city Port Charles is based on Rochester, which Wease says is untrue, or we'd here about it more.  This is what the always reliable Wikipedia says about it:

Port Charles is portrayed as a fairly large city, approximately the size of Rochester or Buffalo, located in Western New York somewhere on the shores of Lake Ontario between the Buffalo–Niagara Falls and Syracuse areas. In 1993, the producers of General Hospital filmed several exterior locations in and around the Western New York area, including Letchworth State Park and the village of Perry. The skyline of downtown Rochester stands in for aerial shots of Port Charles.

Within the fictional universe of General Hospital, the city of Port Charles coexists closely with the real cities of Rochester, Buffalo, and Niagara Falls. Events in the series in which characters travel to nearby cities indicate that Port Charles is located relatively close to all of these locations. Port Charles is depicted as a separate metropolitan area; its description and location relative to Buffalo and Syracuse suggest a thinly disguised version of Rochester itself. Separate from but proximate to both Rochester and Buffalo, and located on a body of water (as "Port" would indicate), the most likely location for Port Charles would be on Lake Ontario north of Batavia, lending credence to the theory that Port Charles represents Rochester. The city's ZIP code is 16543.


Doug With News

- Dozens Of Illegal Guns Found in Rochester

- Double Amputee Olympian Charged With Murder

- Drive For Miracles To Benefit Golisano Children's Hospital

- Barn Fire Kills 56 Animals

John Dicrosta

We're joined by comedian John Dicrosta, performing at The Comedy Club this weekend.  Later today he will be auditioning for the new voice of Cap'n Crunch.

Wease reads a letter from a listener who saw a high school production of "Legally Blonde", and was offended by a song called "Oh My God You Guys", saying that it takes the Lord's name in vain.  As a newly ordained minister what does Wease think of this?  Wease doesn't even think "Oh My God" was bad, but learned from Comedy Club owner Mark that he would get smacked if he said that.

Bonus... Girls With Pearl Necklaces

Unlucky In Love

For Valentine's Day we have a great giveaway courtesy of Mirbeau, and are asking listeners for their "Unlucky In Love" stories.

First caller may be a winner... her husband at the time was arrested for kidnapping his college age girlfriend that she didn't know exist.  After getting the guys name, and finding and article about the story, why does it not surprise us that Wease used to play poker with the kidnapper.  Also, one of our regular callers is the father of the kidnapped girl, and tells us their side of the ugly story.

Other callers include a chick that was broken up with on the way home from a 4th of a July party where she got sick, and the dude was embarrassed.  Also a guy who learned his wife was cheating on him when he found the result of an AIDS test (which luckily were negative).

Sex Addicts

Bumping with some John Mayer for Valentine's Day leads to a discussion of stars who get some of the hottest peach in the world, and yet cheat claiming sex addiction.  From Mayer to David Duchovny to Tiger Woods.  Only this show could go from this to talking about Jennifer Aniston's stinky vagina.  A listener calls that sells Tindamax for a living, which is a medication for bacterial vaginosis.  We also talk about David Duchovny's oddly hot wife Tea Leoni.

Port Chuck

We're joined in studio by Brandon Barash, Bradford Anderson, and Steve Burton join us in studio.  Best known for the roles in General Hospital, they have a great band playing at Water Street tonight.  Great guys, and tell us about being on TV and the road.  They've gotten a reputation for being a band women love to see, and men get dragged to... but the quality of the music has made it something men love too.

Tomorrow's Show/Plugs

Lots of fun stuff to do on Valentine's Day, including Port Chuck at the Water Street Music Hall, and John Dicrosta at The Comedy Club (which has food, if you forgot to make reservations somewhere). Join us tomorrow for a Friday extravaganza with all your regular fun, plus film critic Marshall Fine, comedian John Dicrosta is back, and "The Happy Hoo-Hah"  (listen to find out what that is).  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.  See Ya!