Happy Valentine's Day


Even if you haven't found your life partner just remember The Wease Show is here for you.  Marianne is hungover this morning from partying with her friend Stacy (who is a huge sports fan) at the Razorsharks game last night.



Wease is in trouble with Doreen right off the bat because he didn't leave a card or anything for her this morning.  He brags that he took her to the movie (About Last Night) she wanted to see last night, and already has the tickets to see Endless Love today.  She calls to bust him, saying she paid for last night's flick because he wanted to see that, and he had the Endless Love tix in his pocket because he's gonna return them.


Wease had a card from his wife in his work bag where she took a couple funny digs at him, and accurately predicted that he wouldn't have left her a card or a gift.


Harry Gibb Sports


Harry doesn't have the top story... drunk Marianne at the Razorsharks game heckling the opposing players while they were shooting free throws.... 





Wease and Harry discuss the upcoming marriage of Dwayne Wade to actress Gabrielle Union, and the prenup she wants him to sign to protect her money.



 Harry talks about NBA players that have gone broke after their careers, like Antoine Walker and Allen Iverson. 


Wease also breaks down the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, and if the butts on these chicks can be this perfect.




Marshall Fine Film Reviews 


Winter's Tale... Coilin Farrell, Jennifer Connelly, Russell Crowe, and Will Smith star in this supernatural romance about a thief falling in love with dying heiress.  Marshall says the acting is good, but the script is bad and the special effects are awful.  2 stars.




He hasn't see the remakes of About Last Night, Endless Love, or Robocop coming out this week.  He saw and reviewed the originals, and thinks the remakes are unnecessary. 


Doug With News


- The Future Of Downtown Rochester

- Whittemore Tapes Expected Today

- Restaurants Prepping For Valentine's Day

- Some Nervous About Comcast Deal


Mitch Fatel Returns



Comedian Mitch Fatel is back in studio, and talks about being sent to the Super Bowl as a correspondant by Jay Leno and the Tonight Show.  This leads to a conversation about sports fans, team logo tattoos, and would you rather spend $300 on a ticket to a game or prostitutes?


Rochester's Good Weather


Ok, maybe the weather here isn't great, but it's better than it is in NYC and NJ, where they were slammed with a snowstorm yesterday.  The mayor of NYC is taking some heat because he didn't close schools yesterday and kids faced dangerous conditions.


Bonus Content... Bouncy Cheerleaders Of The NBA




Great Sex With Laura Corn



We talk to author Laura Corn about her classic books including "101 Nights Of Great Sex", which have sealed envelopes with fun, sexy things for couples to do together.... it's not a book you read, it's a book you do.


Laura says that many of the things in "50 Shades Of Gray" were ideas taking from her books, and talk a bit about fetishes.  Even Laura seems a bit stunned by stories from Mitch Fatel about the threesomes he and his bisexual wife have.


Marianne The Heckler Part 2


We replay the audio of Marianne heckling opposing players at the Razorsharks game last night with her friend Stacy... see video above.


Wease also gives advice to a caller who is concerned because he and his wife haven't had sex in 7 months.  After talking to him for awhile Marianne has the theory that HE hasn't had sex in 7 months... she's probably banging someone else.  We recommend he pick up Laura Corn's book.   


Jessica Fatel


Jessica 4 Image


After hearing about her for the past couple days we talk to Mitch Fatel's wife Jessica about their swinging sex life, how she initially picked him up in a comedy club, the way they wound up married, a TV show they are working on together, and what a lucky man he is.