Balmy Rochester


It got up to 50 degrees yesterday, so Pauly is wearing shorts today.  He talks about grilling steak and chicken last night for company... a Mormon couple he and Ryann had over for dinner.  Pauly talks about the thought he had to put into what Mormons can eat and drink to make sure he didn't violate any of their religious rules.


Tools (still in for Wease) talks about going to see the Lego Movie with his daughter, not wanting to be at a "kids movie", trying to take a nap, but Jemma woke him up to share the big bucket of popcorn.  He said he wound up kind of enjoying the flick.




John is also reunited with the flame known as "American Idol", which he announced his breakup with yesterday. 




Wease bet against the Syracuse Orange basketball team one game too soon... he lost his NC State bet last week... Last night #1 Syracuse was upset by unranked Boston College 62-59.


In Olympic hockey the US Women will be playing Canada for the gold today, and the same 2 teams (Men's version) play in the semi finals tomorrow.  Russia lost to Finland yesterday, preventing the rematch that everyone was looking forward too.


The Miami Dolphins fired a coach and a trainer in connection with the Jonathan Martin bullying case.


Baltimore RB Ray Rice is in trouble for knocking out his fiance in a casino during a  fight with her.  TMZ has video of him dragging her out of an elevator unconsious, and being approached by the police.




Against Your Will


The issues surrounding the will of Phillip Seymour Hoffman (not having it updated, including 2 of his 3 children) leads to talking about the drafting of a will, insurance money, who gets what, and how the state could wind up with everything if you're not careful.


The Voice


Yesterday Cee-Lo Green announced that he wouldn't be returning as a judge/mentor on The Voice.  Is The Voice the best of the singing reality shows?  John thinks it's still Idol because The Voice hasn't produced any stars with hits.  We do think Shakira should have a permanent spot on The Voice because of her hotness, and talk about the sexy new video with her and Rihanna.




Doug With News


- Gov Cuomo Visiting Rochester 

- Winning Powerball Ticket Sold In California

- Henrietta Addresses Casino Concerns

- Crews Respond To Spencerport Fire


Casino In Rochester



Yesterday an anti casino group was at a town meeting in Henrietta to try and debate the viability of a casino in the area.   Are people against having an Indian casino in the area because they're worried about crime, people losing money, etc... or are the OTB Racinos afraid of the competition.


A Mother's Worst Nightmare


STC 0220 Anja Bochenski 1 

(Photo11: Jason Wachter, St. Cloud (Minn.) Times)


 Anja Bochenski was headed to her son's day care on a normal Monday morning when she experienced a parent's worst nightmare.

Her car got stuck on the railroad tracks with her 15-month-old son Henry inside. Unable to get him out, she watched as a train struck the car.

Miraculously, Henry survived the crash with only a bruise. The Big Lake woman shared details of the incident and how grateful she is that the outcome wasn't much worse.

"I'm just happy that I can move on, and the worst that we have to worry about is getting a new car," she said.

On Monday, Bochenski was taking Henry to his day care in Elk River. Shortly before 7 a.m., she stopped to wait for a train at an icy railroad crossing.

When the train passed and the crossing arms went up, Bochenski started to go forward. Almost immediately, the arms began lowering again for another train.

Bochenski decided she couldn't make it across before the arms came down. She stepped on the brakes, but her car began to slide.

She thought maybe if she turned, she could avoid sliding onto the tracks. But the car in the lane next to her hit hers and pushed her into the path of an oncoming Northstar train.

Bochenski thought she could straighten out her car and get off the tracks, but her vehicle had been disabled in the crash.

"It wouldn't go," she said. "I put it into park, I put it into reverse, I put it into drive, and nothing would happen. So I thought, 'OK, I gotta get out of the car.' "

But the doors were locked, and she couldn't get out.

"I just started frantically pushing every button on the door to see if something would work, and the windows went down," Bochenksi said. "So I was able to unbuckle and crawl out of my window."

She ran around the car to reach Henry, who was in a car seat in the back. But the train was coming closer and honking. Bochenski didn't have enough time to get him out.

Bochenski began waving her arms at the train to get the driver to stop. The train was braking and slowing, but not fast enough.

She had to get out of the way and watch as the train struck the car, spinning it around and around. She imagined the worst.

Bochenski ran up to her son, who was crying but seemed OK. She got him out of the car, and they went to a nearby building to wait for the paramedics and police.

They went to the hospital in an ambulance to make sure Henry wasn't hurt. He was shaken up, but had no injuries except a bruise on his collarbone from the seat belt.


Thea Vidale



Comedian Thea Vidale is at The Comedy Club this weekend and joins us in studio.  She comments on the train story that we just did, and agrees with John and Marianne that they would die before leaving the baby.


She talks about her career, raising kids, sex, Ryan Seacrest, and being a sassy black women.


Are Strip Clubs Cheating? 


Listener Tony has a question for Thea... is it ok for guys to go to strip clubs?  Is it cheating?  She says he can go once with friends, she'll spy on him, and how he acts while she secretly observes will decide whether he gets to go again.  Also, the only time lap dances are allowed is at your bachelor party.


Bonus Content... Naked Sledding 





Ralphie May



Comedian Ralphie May is at the Main Street Armory tonight, and calls us to promote his show, talks about his time on Last Comic Standing, life on the road with his standup comedian wife, and his friendship with Thea.



Porn Star Birthdays


Marianne and Tools debate whether women in porn enjoy their jobs.  Marianne seems to think every woman in porn is unhappy.


If you see Alexus Winston wish her a happy birthday...


The exquisitely slim -- yet skanky looking blonde -- actually began her career as a nursing assistant for a brain trauma center...But she was obviously interested in another type of grey matter.

She eventually left that line of work for erotic modeling, specifically “Penthouse” -- And eventually went on to become the runner-up for “Pet of the Year” in 2000.

Since then, her work in the adult industry has been primarily focused on the soft-core variety...You know, the classy kind that’s available on hotel pay channels.

Personal quote:

“I love having slow passionate sex under the moonlight with some wine, but could take it rough, hard and sweaty anytime.”


Hobbies include playing the piano, writing poetry, cooking and masturbation...not necessarily in that order.