Classical Gas

How did guest host Bob Lonsberry wind up talking about flatulence at 5am in the morning?  The way I remember it is Bob commented on how Pauly was no longer wearing glasses thanks to his laser eye surgery----> Bob reminiscing about the ads in the back of comic books like the ones for X-Ray glasses and whoopee cushions----> talking about how funny farts are, and the etiquette for when it is appropriate to pass gas.  Billy talks about a book he has called Mail Order Mysteries, that breaks down all the stuff you used to be able to buy from comic books.

Good Vs. Evil

Pauly talks about his struggles as a basically good human being who also has a bit of the devil on his shoulder, which leads Lonsberry telling story about covering the trial of the evil Arthur Shawcross, and the time he wrote the story of a man with a troubled past who was still basically good, and saved people from an apartment house fire on Thurston Rd. 

We also talk about this morning's upcoming segment with film critic Marshall Fine, and Bob brings up his favorite movie of the year, Hotel Transylvania, which Billy confuses with Transylvania 6-5000.  Billy assumed Bob was a fan of Geena Davis' boobs in T-6-5000...

Condoms In School

Not shocked to find out that Bob is not in favor of condoms in schools... he must really enjoy all the teenage pregnancies, and supporting the outdated, idealist, perfect world scenario of abstinence.  The one thing we all agree on is that we think it's hilarious that kids are allowed 10 condoms a day.  The whole porn industry doesn't use that many a day.

Harry Gibbs Sports

The Sabres continued their slide despite the change in coaches, falling to the Leafs.  We also discuss tonights Sec. V basketball, and how much fun it can be to watch, even if you don't have a rooting interest.  Look for Pauly at the Fairport game rooting for Ryann's little brother.  You can also call Harry at WHAM this Sunday night as he follows The Oscar broadcast while hosting "Ask The Experts".

Film Critic Marshall Fine

Not much opening at the theaters this week, and with the Oscars happening on Sunday night we  mostly chat about the awards.  Marsh thinks Argo will win Best Picture, but is disappointed that Ben Affleck wasn't nominated for Best Director... neither was Quentin Tarantino for Best Film nominee Django Unchained (Billy's favorite of the movies). 

Is Seth McFarlane the right guy to host the Oscars?  Will anybody over 35 years old know who he is (Family Guy, Ted, American Dad)?  Marshall thinks Anne Hathaway could win for Best Actress.  Billy thought she was a perfectly good Catwoman, but an Oscar.... really?

Doug With News

- Stabbing On Paul Rd

- Last Day For "Old" East Ave Wegmans

- Batavia Student In Trouble For BB Gun At School

- City Schools To Provide Condoms In School

- 38,000 Pounds Of Sausage Recalled

Gary Valentine In Studio

We're joined in studio by comedian Gary Valentine, maybe best known as Cousin Danny on "The King Of Queens", as well as a number of movie roles and specials.  We discuss Gary's career in comedy, his brother Kevin James, how Gary met his hot Filipina wife, and lots of other stuff.  Great guy and very funny.... catch him at The Comedy Club this weekend.

The Mayor and The Mayor 

We're joined in studio by Rochester's Mayor, Tom Richards along side Clear Channel's Mayor Pete Kennedy.  Lots of very cool conversation about his history as a businessman, public servant, and politician.  He's talks about all the improvements planned for downtown Rochester that will hopefully revitalize the area, from new businesses, to the transit center that should be opened next year.  His positive attitude makes us hopeful for the future.

David Leggio

Amerks goalie David Leggio calls in from Montreal, where he has a game tonight, to talk about whats going on in Amerk/Sabre world, with the changes in coaches over the past few days.  The Amerks are planning on taking it one game at a time, giving 110 percent, and gear up for the home stretch not taking anyone lightly. 

Brother Wease Live From Fla.

Our fearless leader Brother Wease calls from his vacation in Fla. and talks about some of the fun he's had, money he's won playing poker, people he's met over the past week, and teases a story about an encounter he had with NBA legend Dennis Rodman.  Great hearing the big man's voice... he'll be back live in studio Monday morning.

Viva Las Vegas

We start with a discussion of the Vegas drive-by shooting that ended the life of Rapper Kenny Clutch, but move to lighter stories of Sin City, like The Mayor getting rolled by a hooker he didn't realize was a hooker, Pauly overpaying for a prostitute that he knew was a prostitute, and a listener who insisted that a hooker once gave him $300 for sex.

Monday's Show

Wease is BACK Monday morning!!!  So is John Ditullio, Doug Emblidge, Pauly, Billy, and Brooksie.  We'll also be joined by Pauly's hero Mr. Skin to talk about his annual Skinatomy Awards.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.  See ya.