Jackienutt here doin' the Rundown today because Billy is at the doctors!

Wake Up!

Three good citizens stop a drunk driver! Livingston County people saw a man swerving from side to side heading down I-390 so what do they do?! BLOCK HIM IN! First reactions of the heroes was to call the police then they decided to taken matters into their own hands before someone got seriously hurt since the intoxicated driver rammed into a tractor trailed =/  See the redneck 315er that saved everyone from this crazed drunk driver!: 


Toilet Talk

Wease looks down at his notebook of Florida stories he never got to - & one is about toilets haha! The kids had just run off to grab a burger while Doreen & Wease were going to go off, but then Wease had to pee so hed met the kids at the dirty burger joint they were eating in & used the potty... But he noticed a toilet function he had NEVER seen before!!! A TOILET LIP :0 a little piece of plastic that sticks out from under the seat so putting the seat up & down is clean haha! Great idea since it is common issue =/ But then Marianne talks about how she hates the noise of putting the seat down because it always slams shut so freakin' loud! But no worries cause Wease has the thing to fix that... He has a hing on his seat that makes the seat go down smooth and silently !

A caller wants Wease to remind Marianne of a DISGUSTING habit he has of cleaning his shmeckie in public restrooms.... WITH TOILET WATER!!! Once Wease finishes his business in a public bathroom, he flushes multiple times, dips toilet paper in the toilet water and cleans his shmeck!! that is not clean ewwwww! :( 



Sports with No Tools

Tools is out sick today - so we handle Sports ourselves! 

- NBA discusses '4-pointer shot!' This would include anything past half court, but Pauly brings up the back court violation! (which I dont particullary understand haha) They're going to start it at the D-level just to test it out & see how it's reacted too! But it will add more intense during close 3-point games!! 

-Aaron Hernandez!!! In jail and kept in a seperate area because he's a HUGE celebrity! But they decided to let him out and walk the halls like a normal human (can he handle normal halls?! or do they need to be gold haha!) Well apparently he saw someone he did not like and beat them to a pulp! 

Marianne believed it was because you can't untrain these men to not be killers/attackers, but then Wease talks about his NFL friends who were huge monsters & vicious on the field, but the sweetest guys ever! 


VJ Stanley 

We have sports writer, VJ Stanley, in studio! He has been in many times before & discusses children's competitive sports! He believes we need to help kids long-term psychologically and physically with their competitive sport issues!! He brought out the statistic that 70% of kids who start sports before age 10, quit by the time they are 13! WHY?! it becomes not fun, too much pressure and they dont get much playing time! Puberty is everything! Stanley says the second kids his puberty everything changes for them! Their athleticism changes, their motivation, and their skill ability!

NOBODY KNOWS HOW TO WIN!!!! Stanley stresses that people belive they know how to win, but no one really knows & even if they do win there is no sportsmanship whatsoever. Tons of money is spent on equipment, coaches, records but it doesnt mean it will gurantee a win - Stanley throws out another stat that 1% out of 1% of kids will grow up and make money in sports!


These young competitive sports are not readying kids for life - No one says 'stay later after work and take a lap' or tackle you becuase you did no complete a task! 


Doug with News

- Fill in the inner loop: this will allow easier access for neighbors to enter center of the city! A $27 million project funded mostly by a federal grant! Construction will begin this fall 

- Role of religion in government meetings: Supreme court deicision being made today! This was from the Greece Town Board meeting incident back in November 

- Triple homocide in apartment on Cili Ave: The families of the victims are still waiting for answers! All three very loving people, two were mothers, who would want to hurt them? & who.... WHO did this!

- Arizona deny gays: Debate over passing a bill that will protect businesses in Arizona that deny services to customers for religious reasons :0 

Winter Misery Index: We are judging the weather in misery & its high! One of the harshest winters around, not for us but many other states!!! 

- Old couple finds coins!: A couple was out walking their dog when they noticed something buried way back in the yard. It was a container with 5 cans, filled with mint-condition gold coins varying from 1847-1894!!!! The total worth of their find... $10 million :0  find  - out hiking – help others with money



A women walks up to a reporter and confesses ON CAMERA to stabbing her mother! "The satanic cult in this city has been casting satanic spells on me for three, four days. Im exhausted. I cam home and found out my mom was the ringleader and wa trying to kill my daughter, I had to kill her!" SERIOUSLY that is what the women said! We talked about the devil & how the only ones who harp on it are the ones who are super religious or those terified! Heres video of the psycho crazed women hahah! 


Ask Wease!!!

-Connie, 22 years old: Works in office and her supervisor scratches and adjusts his crotch area always, how does she tell him to stop? Wease – Go in the bathroom and make it discrete, not sexy infront of young squeeze (more of advice for the scratcher haha!).. Marianne – call guy out 'HEY YOU GOT AN ITCH?!'

-Acadmey awards like Wease superbowl, anyhting you can take to the bank?! Nothing that ‘can take to bank’ but 2/3 of Americans havent even seen any movies nominated so Wease wants to make it a peoples choice (but already have that)! This is his superbowl b\c he see's a ton of movies & him and his mommy had the tradition to watch it every year :( 

Phish Man: Does Wease listen to show when gone?! – no haha

Bill: Would Wease rather play poker 5 times week & loose 4 times out of the 5  - or once a month and win! Wease said first one because he loves playing!!! & with this being his week of quitting poker he NEEDS it! 

Champ: Wife gets mad when pee outside with dog!, What do we think? Wease says HA! he always pee's outside but Doreen hates it too! oh well! & of course Marianne thought it was uterlly disgusting and everyone should pee inside! :) 

Tim: Wants to rekindle things with ex girlfriend because still loves her, but he talked to other womens when with her! How tell her want her back/how to get her back!? Marianne - She never gets back with a cheater, cause she cant let things go! Wease - whoo her a little with love, dinner and some nice shiz  -- Even though no one here believes he's honest hahah!!!



Rochester Music Hall of Fame


- Duke Jupiter

- David Hochstein; Violinist 

- Emily Sibley Watson

- House of Guitars!!!! "Got kicked out of the HOG for trying to straighten up the             aisles!" - Wease teaches Marianne this cute little saying about the amazing, yet cluttered HOG! Their commercials were at one point extremly famous internationally & even award winning! Marianne remembers this particular one about a bunny... & here it is: 

- Ethel Gabriel; Special Merit Award for being 'First Female Record Producer'

- Peter Morticelli; Special Merit Award for playing a huge part in the success of Duke Jupiter 


GEVA: Clybourne Park

Marianne saw this play last week & she was in love with it! Started out a tad slow, but the second act ties it all together! A play about race, real estate & values!! One of the leads came into studio to talk about it (below picture).  

& here's a small preview of the play: