Billy here... can I just say OY!!!  Pauly and Jackie have called in sick, so if the Rundown isn't quite as complete as normal I apologize.  Wease is especially sad that Jackie isn't here with Dunkin Donuts coffee.


We'll be talking to Foreigner's Mick Jones later about their upcoming concert at CMAC on 7/9, and about his relationship with our friend Lou Gramm.


Tools With Sports


The Seahawks are the favorites to win next years Super Bowl... Shocking.  Marianne could've figured that out.


We learn that the Super Bowl halftime performers don't get paid.  Wease and Marianne debate weather that is fair or not, or is the publicity and exposure payment enough?  Marianne wants cash.




What Makes Marianne Laugh


Yesterday while running errands around town Marianne wound up driving behind someone that kept stopping at red lights, but  when the light turned green wouldn't go, and had to wait an extra light.


Eventually, Marianne pulled along side.  A woman at the wheel wqas sobbing with her husband next to her.  He explained that she was just learning to drive a stick shift.  Marianne thought this was hysterical, but that the guy should've taken over the wheel and taught her in a parking lot.


Theme Bump Wednesday


Today is Theme Bump Wednesday, and all the songs are connected somehow.  Be the first person to correctly identify the theme and you'll win tickets to see Ringo Starr at CMAC this summer. 




The first 3 songs are...

Bullet With Butterfly Wings- Smashing Pumkins

Iris- Goo Goo Dolls

Couch Potato- Weird Al

and an early look at song 4...

Train In Vain- The Clash


Doug With News




As we talked about yesterday, our friend Faith passed away from the flu a couple days ago.  We talk about the complications of the disease, and rememberances from listeners who had met her and know what a great woman she was.



Mick Jones


Mick Jones, founder of the band Foriegner, calls in to promote the bands new tour with Styx, and former Eagle Don Felder.  He tells about his struggles with addiction, his work with our friend Lou Gramm, his friendship with the guys in Styx, and the collaborations that will take place on stage this summer.




Ana Gasteyer



We talk to former SNL cast member Ana Gasteyer about her ABC sitcom Suburgatory.  She was a great interview, talking about her days on Saturday Night Live, her first gig on the "Soup Nazi" episode of "Seinfeld", being in Wicked on Broadway, hosting shows on CNN, the classic Schweddy Balls skit, her impersonation of Barbra Streisand, and more.




Ask Wease


- Webster Sam talks about going to see the R-rated Wolf of Wall Street and being upset that a guy brought his very young kids to the movie filled with drugs, sex, and bad words.  What would Wease have done?  Has he ever been uncomfortable bringing his kids places.


Wease knows that Doreen would've said something, but stuff like that doesn't bother him... he even wanted to bring 15 year old Sammy into a strip clup last week.


- A caller saw his kid picked on when he came to pick him up from school.  Should he confront his sons bully.  That's a tough one, and Wease suggests maybe talking to the kid first to find out what's going on, and then asking for help from a teacher or school official.


- Jared was at a friends house and saw a book he had lent the friend in his bathroom.  He's kind of grossed out, and wants to know if Wease would want the book back, ask the dude to buy him a new one, or what.  Wease doesn't mind his own books in his bathroom, but doesn't know if he'd want one from a friends.  This is why Wease hates the library.... too many germs on the stuff.  Reminds us of this classic Seinfeld.