Pauly is sick again today but I, Jackienutt, am here and going to do the Rundown! Now it is not going to be the best rundown because Im doing my work, some of paulys & this but its okay I talk about the important stuff! 


CVS & Afluenza!

Story this morning about CVS stopping the sale of cigaretts. Many are up in arms because they say "its their choice to smoke" but Wease points out its CVS "choice to not sell!" We discuss how awful smoking is for you, especially when you talk to people & you know their voice is all messed up cause of the cigs =/ 


Wease revisits the afluenza case where a kid killed 3 people because of drinking and driving & the family of those killed are expressing their hate - but he was not charged because he suffered 'afluenza' which is basically rich kid disease... ie. they dont know better because so rich & privileged 

Finally Fred from Sodus calls to motha hucker Nutt & Pauly for being sick yesterday & said anytime that happens, Fred would be more than happy to take our jobs haha!


Tools With Sports

Tools points out that for some reason Wease is standing! But wease says he always used to stand, which is one of the only things that hasnt changed in radio. Tools & Wease discussed not having computers, playing 8-tracks, cant run the board, swearing haha! 


Curt Shilling, 47 (former Red Sox player) announces that he has cancer. He has not said what type, but is prepared to fight this all the way! Lakers played last night & they surprsingly did not have enough healthy players! They started with 8 players & slowly lost a few that were hurt... Craziest part is THEY WON & with a fouled out player :0 


Philip Seymour Hoffman viguals were held almost everywhere yesterday! Here in Rochester at GEVA, and many other places & NYC! Wease mentions that there is voting going on for Hoffmans best movie! - But then him & Marianne get in a stupid argument over if whether or not someones entire work  (art, movies, etc.) is discredited because of their personal life - like Hoffman doing drugs, Woody Allen accused of molestation... etc.! 


Afternoon Delight!

Wease watched a movie the other night called Afternoon Delight, about a women who is bored of her sex life, work and life in general - so one day she decides to go to a strip club to spice up her marriage! There she meets McKenna, a stripper & prostetute she adopts as her live-in nanny! Even though he said the young stripper reminded him of Jackienutt (both 19, blonde, good lookin) he said the movie was amazing! 


& another movie we discussed was Drumline 2 - which will star and be produced by Nick Canon! Unlike the first movie, this one will be directly released to TV & instead star a female actress! It's planned to come out sometime in Fall 2014


Justin Bieber

Bieber in the news again... & for marijuana!!! Shocker?!? I think not haha! But this accusation is huge haha - apparently officials had to wear masks to enter Biebers private jet because it was completely baked out by marijuana & sooo smokey! it is also claimed that him and his friends were torturing a flight attendant so she hid in the cockpit! 


Jonah & Leo!

Jonah Hill & Leondardo Dicaprio are together again in another movie- this one based off the 1996 Olympic bombing - where Wease & Doreen was!!! Doreen was by the bombing, alone & Wease was having a few drinks with his friends... bomb went off and he worried! But not in typical fashion... in Wease, continue drinking, fashion ahah! 


Random Jibber Jabber!!!!

We move on to a number of different topics pretty quick!! Topic 1 - possible terroristic threat to Olympics... which is in the news everyday! But this time its warning TSA on toothpaste bombs that are traveling with people...! Crazy!!

Topic 2 - Biggest Loser Scandal - one of the winners dropped over 130 lbs!! She was fit, tone and unbelievable looking.. but Jillian Michaels & other people on the show were extremely concerned that she had dropped the weight too quick... doctors were called in to check on her to make sure it was all 

Topic 3 - Shaun White dropped out of a snowboarding event, slopestyle, after multiple people were injured and he did not want to jeapordize his other goals for this particular one! We discuss the dangers of snowboarding & what exactly slopestlye is!! - Full article here: 


Top 10 Things That Never Stop being Awkward

- Accidentally making eye contact with someone multiple times

- responding to someones question, then realizing they were talking on Bluetooth

- when you clog toilet at someone else's house

- sitting there when people sing "Happy Birthday".... especially at a restaurant

- doning the "side-to-side" dance when walking tward a stranger but neither of you knows what to do!

- being friendly, saying "Hi" to a stranger... then bumping into them over and over again haha

- when someone rememebrs your name but you dont remember theres (Classic Wease!!!) 

- fist bumping a hgh five, & vise versa

- asking someone topay you back, especially when not a lot of money and a lot of time has passed snice borrowed

- someone says "Well this is awkward" durng pause in conversation 


Marriage Proposal Dissapointment

One in every five women are unhappy with their marriage proposal! - but one in every five men are dissapointed with their marriage hahahah!!! 

One reason for disapointment is the ring is too small or there isnt one at all! Billy says that he wished his proposal went different, and even if Susan isnt disappointed, Billy is! haha - the Wease tells the story of him proposing to Doreen..... He basically handed her a ring, she said thank you, he didnt ask her the question, she thought it was just a gift & wease assumed they were engaged hahahah! So when they went out that night everyones saying 'ahh your engaged' & doreen doesnt even know!!!


Video of a proposal gone terribly terribly wrong haha!:


Secretly Love Facebook

Here are a few reasons why you secretly love Facebook still!!!!

- Best way to stalk your ex

- On the other hand; Best way to screen potential dates

- Gives you a sense of superiority about your taste in movies, books, TV whenevr you see someone post about something awfuk

- Easiest way ti plan a party

- Makes less awkward when you run into people you havent seen in a while, because your sorta caught up

- It helps you remember SOOOO MANY BIRTHDAYS!!!

- Best space to make big announcements and receive ton of validation! 

-Dont get annoying emails!! & if someone posts annoying suff you can just hide them!! 


We ended today with the ever so lovely segment of "Pornstar Birthdays!!!!!" Typical - Wease is confused, Marianne hates it & Billy defends in the middle haha! & Wease ended the show on a nice quote that will wrap up todays rundown.... "All women are prostitutes, the only difference is what is their price?!"