Before the show gets rolling The Wease Show wants to make sure you stay safe today, and issue this important warning, with the help of Les Nessman and Dr. Johnny Fever.

Today will be full on Godzilla, turning to Ghidrah later tonight, and a chance of Mothra early tomorrow.

Thank Your Favorite Deity It's Friday

We do start the morning talking about the snow storm approaching the Northeast, and may get up to 8-12 inches later today and tonight.  Wease thinks Wegman's and other supermarkets pay the media to scare us, to make sure the stores are packed with people buying extra milk, bread, TP, orange juice, etc...  It worked at Billy's house. His GF Susan bought all those things yesterday.

We have a news story from Wayne County regarding the arrest of a man named Michael Franks, which causes Wease to say "Popsicle Toes... right Billy?"  Huh?  Turns out Wease is the musical genius this time.  In the 70's a guy named Michael Franks had a "hit" called Popsicle Toes, and Billy's never heard of it.  We learn Mr. Franks has 19 albums from 1973-2011...

Tools With Sports

Some great stuff today....

Looks like retired Baltimore Ravens superstar/accused murderer/God lover will be getting a statue outside of the Raven stadium.  Ray-Ray and Johnny U together at last.

Patriot tight end Rob Gronkowski has been offered a years salary (3.7 million) to star in a porno with a adult actress Bibi Jones, a women he has had a dalliance with in real life.  We think he should do it... it's legal, it's not like he'll be committing a crime (like many other NFL stars have done, and still get to play).  Wease says Doreen would let him do a porn for that much, and he'd let her.  We all have a price, and it seems 3.7 million is it.

If he does accept the offer, and the Pats release him, I know a team down the road that should sign him... he is from Buffalo after all.

Also a great discussion of the NFL, the money they make, and how R.I.T students got around the NFL's rule against using their trademarked term "Super Bowl" by throwing a Superb Owl party.

Marshall Fine Movie Reviews

The set starts with Wease yelling at Marsh for telling him last week he enjoyed "Bullet To The Head".  Wease and Doreen went and wanted to put bullets in their heads.

Identity Thief... When Jason Bateman's identity is stolen by Melissa McCarthy and the local cops refuse to go after her, he does whatever it takes to get her to Denver . . . while being chased by some Miami crooks she's pissed off.  The cast also includes Jon FavreauAmanda PeetJohn Cho, rapper T.I., and "Modern Family's" Eric Stonestreet.  Wease was looking forward to it, but Marshall says any laughs in the flick are in the commercial.  Terrible.

Side Effects... Rooney Mara and Channing Tatum play a couple whose lives unravel when a new drug has unexpected side effects.  And when she becomes a suspect in a murder that happens during one of her sleepwalking bouts, the drug could be her only alibi.  Jude Law plays Rooney Mara's new psychiatrist, who prescribes the drugs, and Catherine Zeta-Jones is her former shrink.  Marsh LOVED this film, and even though it's only February he says it'll be in his "Best Of 2013".

Doug With News

Before we get to Doug's news for 2/8/13 let's see what he was up to on April 7th, 1985...

- STORM!!!!!!!!

- 8 Year Old From Macedon Wows Crowd With Anthems

- Stolen Guns From Wayne Co. Begin To Show Up

Mark Of The Beast

We were gonna do this story...

Well this is a BOLD MOVE.  52-year-old Walter Slonopas of Clarksville, Tennessee was a maintenance worker at a company called Contech Casting.  But he just QUIT HIS JOB . . . because his W-2 had the number 666 on it.



--It was a random serial number assigned by his company, but Walter is a born-again Christian, and takes the Bible VERY seriously.  Especially the part in the book of Revelation about the MARK OF THE BEAST. 



--So he QUIT his job because, quote, "If you accept that number, you sell your soul to the devil."  He also says unless the company gives him a W-2 that has a different serial number on it, he won't be paying his taxes. 



(--Think the devil is bad?  Try the IRS.)



--Walter says this isn't the first time 666 has shown up since he started with Contech.  When he first started there in 2011, he was assigned the employee number 666.  But he got them to change it.



--Then, two months later, the company changed clock systems and he got 666 AGAIN.  He quit.  They apologized, changed his number, and he went back to work.



--A company spokesman says they're going to get Walter a new W-2, and they'd be willing to rehire him AGAIN.

Like I said, we WERE gonna do that story, and may still get to it later, but get distracted by the bump tune (Rolling Stones "Sympathy For The Devil").  We wind up talking Beatles Vs. Stones, blues, and radio guys getting booed while introducing bands, including Scott Spezzano before a Psychadelic Furs show, and our own Billy D. at a Moxy Fruvous concert.

First Aid Kit In A Jar

A listener calls to thank Wease for a medical tip from yesterday's show.  On Wease's recommendation the caller picked up a jar of Vaseline as relief for an irritated backdoor.  Coincidentally, Pauly stopped at the store on his way to work this morning to pick up "the first aid kit in a jar" because he's still suffering the after effects of the flu, and now his GF is getting sick.

Morning Show Eating Habits

Bill Gray's brings us delicious food on Friday... Pauly, Billy, Brooksie, Jackie Nutt, Steve Burr, Mark from The Comedy Club, and other station folk are enjoying burgers, sausage, and fries.  Wease is feasting on a snack he brought from home... roasted seaweed.  As in the seaweed that grosses you out when you're swimming at the beach.  Some of the other folks in studio try it and aren't impressed.  Pauly says he has a 100 calorie minimum.

We finally get to the "666 W2" story... scroll up to relive the magic.

It's snowing like crazy now... hope you got to the store so you can survive Friday.  Wease renames today Wegmans Day, where people stand in long lines to hand over money, while other stores are begging for your business.

Saved By The Bell


The "Today" show forced TIFFANI THIESSEN into a mini "Saved By the Bell" reunion yesterday morning . . . and she definitely didn't seem too thrilled about it.



--Tiffani was participating in a '90s TV trivia game with AL ROKER, NATALIE MORALES and guest co-host WILLIE GEIST.  The set was loosely decorated to look like the "Saved By the Bell" hangout, The Max.



--But just as they were about to get started, DENNIS HASKINS . . . you know, Principal Belding . . . came out from backstage, shouting his old catchphrase, quote, "Hey, hey, hey, hey, HEY!  What's going on here?"



--The camera cut to Tiffani . . . and she didn't look surprised . . . in fact, she looked pretty unamused.  (--You can find video on the "Today" show's website.  Dennis comes out 24 seconds in.)

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Wait a second... his catchphrase was "Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey What's Going On Here??"  That has to be the worst catchphrase ever!!!  Not exactly  "Dy-No-Mite!!"

Is it really a catchphrase if no one catches it?

Creepiest Mother/Son Ever

One of the yuckiest stories ever is a product of local hillbillies...

We've got a story here that poses quite the question:  What would it take for you to MAKE OUT WITH YOUR OWN MOTHER?



--30-year-old William Partridge of Penn Yan, New York is currently being held in jail after a weapons arrest.  And apparently he's hooked on illegal prescription painkillers.



--Last week, his mother, 54-year-old Kimberly Margeson, visited him in jail.  And according to the Yates County Sheriff's Department, William MADE OUT WITH HIS MOM.



--During the kiss, Kimberly passed some Oxycodone pills from her mouth into his mouth.



--They were caught.  Kimberly was arrested for one felony count of third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance.  Both she and William also got hit with misdemeanor counts of promoting prison contraband.

Earlier we asked the question if you'd do a porn movie for 4 million dollars... how much money would it take for you to make out with your mom?

Dennis Murphy


We speak with Emmy award winning TV journalist, promoting his current story with you can see on NBC Dateline tonight.  Get a preview of the muder mystery involving a pastor in a small Pennsylvania town HERE.

Plugs/Next week

The snow is really coming down... be safe.  Steve Burr will be at The Comedy Club tonight if you want to venture out, and The Addams Family is at The Auditorium Theater all weekend long.  We'll be back next week with all our normal nonsense and much more, including comedian Gilbert Gottfried Monday morning.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.