Wease mentions a movie he saw last night called "This Means War" with Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine... he thinks it's a piece of crap.  Brooksie is outraged!!  He loved it.  Looking it up on Rotten Tomatoes shows that critics, and even most of the audience members are on Wease's side.  26% with critic, 58 % of audience dug it, but that's still not great.

Wease also watched "My Cousin Vinny" with Sammy last night... every Thursday they do some father and son bonding and Wease shows his kid a flick he thinks is a classic... and talk about how hot Marisa Tomei was in that movie.  We also talk about famous movie quotes, and more flicks Wease should share with Sammy.

Tools With Sports

Before getting to sports we discuss the news story about Ryan Whidden and his wife, and how hot she is.  Turns out she was a stripper.  Elvio looks her up on Facebook, and thinks it's funny the first person that pops up in her list of friends is Bob Lonsberry wearing a "tough guy" tshirt.

Trade rumors are swirling around Sabres goalie Ryan Miller.  Tonight is the final meeting in the Big East Tournament between Syracuse and Georgetown.  Dominican Republic beats USA in the World Baseball Classic 3-1.

The big topic of the day is the Buffalo Bills newly signed linebacker Manny Lawson saying he didn't realized how bad the Bills sucked when he signed with them.

When it was brought up to him during his introductory press conference at 1 Bills Drive, Lawson admitted he didn't know about the Bills' struggles since the turn of the millennium, according to the Associated Press (via ESPN).

"I did not know," Lawson said, shortly after signing a four-year, $12 million contract. "That's new knowledge to me."

Not that it matters, because it has now become Lawson's intention to play a role in helping end the NFL's longest active streak.

"I look at myself as coming here to change things," he said.

A lot of players have arrived in Buffalo with similar intentions over the past 13 years, including Lawson's NC State teammate Mario Williams, who arrived last offseason to much fanfare. None have succeeded in turning the franchise around.

Wease has a couple issues with this... a team has just paid you LOTS of money, so shut up!!  Also, Wease has an issue because this guy is a mediocre at best, and is getting waaaaayyyyy overpaid.  He'd rather see a surgeon, the president, or even Pauly make more for what they do.

Marshall Fine Film Reviews

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone... Steve Carell and Steve Buscemi are best friends who've performed together as a Las Vegas magic duo for years, but who've secretly grown to despise each other.  As their act grows stale and a new street magician's stunts grow more outrageous, Burt has to rediscover his love for magic or quit the business.


--Jim Carrey plays their number one rival, Olivia Wilde plays Burt's hot assistant, and Alan Arkin is the guy who inspired Steve to take up magic in the first place.  David Copperfield was a special consultant for the film and also appears in it.

We're very disappointed that Marshall calls this a waste of great comedic talent.  Very few laughs unless your 8 years old.  Wease predicts Brooksie will love it.

The Call... Halle Berry plays a 911 operator trying to help a teenage girl who's been abducted by a serial killer.  She's played by 16-year-old Abigail Breslin . . . the star of "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Nim's Island".


--And once, during a similar call, Halle made the mistake of calling the victim back, accidentally revealing her hiding spot to the killer, and costing the girl her life.


--So when she speaks to the killer THIS time, and realizes it's the same guy, she leaves the safety of the dispatch office to try to rescue the girl herself.

It wasn't previewed for critics, so Marshall hasn't had a chance to see it.  Not a good sign.  Looks similar to "Cellular" with Kim Basinger.

Doug Emblidge News

- St. Patrick's Day DWI Crackdown

- 4 Nabbed After Greece Robberies

- Hennrietta Wegmans Attacker Must Pay Medical Bills

- Another Carnival Cruise Reports Problems

Theo Von

Joined on the phone by comedian Theo Von, a great comedian who'll be at The Comedy Club in Webster all weekend long.  He talks about all the stuff he's done including reality shows like MTV Road Rules and Last Comic Standing, his Comedy Central special, and how he became friends with Wease's son Jake.  He normally would've been in studio with us, but had a gig in L.A. last night, so he called us from the Detroit airport on his way here.  He won't be here in time to join us on the air, but will be at Tony D's to eat and drink with Wease this afternoon.

St. Patty's Day Parade

We're joined by 6'9" John O'Connor, and Mark Dowdell, a couple of the organizers  of Rochester's St. Patrick's Day Parade to talk about what's going on on Main St. tomorrow afternoon.  Whatever you do be careful... the police will be cracking down on DWI.  Lots of music, dancing, and drinking.

As long as we're talking St. Paddy's Wease has some interesting facts about the holiday.

#1.)  ST. PATRICK wasn't Irish.  He was born in either Scotland or Wales, and was brought to Ireland as a slave.


#2.)  You know what else isn't Irish?  "Danny Boy".  It was written by an English songwriter named Frederick Weatherly . . . he set it to an Irish melody called "Londonderry Air".


#3.)  Also, "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" was written by two Americans.


#4.)  St. Patrick's name wasn't Patrick.  It was actually Maewyn.  And the holiday marks his DEATH, not his birthday.


#5.)  America is way more Irish than Ireland.  There are approximately 36 million Americans with Irish ancestors.  The population of Ireland is about 4.5 million.


#6.)  1% of all the beer in the WORLD is consumed on St. Patrick's Day.


#7.)  Guinness sees the biggest boost of any individual beer on St. Patrick's Day.  On the average day, people worldwide drink 5.5 million pints of Guinness . . . on St. Patrick's Day, it jumps to at least 13 million pints.


#8.)  America's bar tab on Sunday will be approximately $245 MILLION.


#9.)  Americans are in the middle of a new love affair with Irish whiskey.  Sales of Irish whiskey are up 400% since 2002.  They've even jumped 22.5% in the past 12 months.


#10.)  Approximately 133 million American adults . . . or 56.3% of the adult population . . . will celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year.  And 84% will wear green.

In honor of everyone's favorite drinking holiday you can check out some hot bartenders HERE.

Wease Mercury Update

We get a call from one of Wease's doctors, who is at a medical convention in California, and learned that Wease's mercury levels may not be as dangerous as originally thought, and will be doing more research on it.  This is good enough for Wease to decide he's eating fish for lunch today, along with the wine he's gona drink.  Wease gets tipsy after just a little wine, and Wease learns from Billy, Elvio, and a listener that he's a "close talker" when drunk.  Wease is appalled to learn this, and says he's going to try and keep an eye on that.

Chris Bell

Wease is excited to be speaking to filmmaker Chris Bell, who made the documentary "Bigger, Stronger, Faster", about steroid use in America.  They talk about performance enhancing drugs, Chris' brother who was a pro wrestler but died of a non-steroid related drug overdose, how Chris got access to all the celebrities he interviewed for the movie, and Wease couldn't express enough to Chris how much he loved the flick.

Chris also tells us about a couple new documentaries he's working on... "Trophy Kids", about parents pushing kids in sports.... and also "Prescription Thugs", about America's problems with prescription drug addiction.  Cool guy, and we can't wait to talk to him again. 

Happy Weekend Everyone

Whether you go see Theo Von at the Comedy Club, celebrate St. Patrick's Day, or just sit at home, have fun.  We'll be back Monday morning with tales of our weekends and much more.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.