Bad News Everyone

Did you buy tickets for last night's big Mega Millions jackpot?  You didn't win.  The winners of the big money came out of Florida and Maryland.  Maybe you won a smaller prize though.  Here are your winning numbers.. 


The big news in town is the fight at Churchville-Chili High School...  

We're curious about the faculty member that shows up at the end, but says she's not allowed to stop the brawl.  Girl fights are sometimes called catfights.  This one really does look like cats fighting. 

Tools With Sports

The Sabres stink.  They've just lost their 7th in a row, and only had 14 shots on goal all night.  

If you're hoping to go the the Syracuse game in Buffalo this Thursday you might be out of luck.  Sold out.  Wease's tip is wait until the game tips off, scalpers outside will be looking to get rid of them cheap, and you'll still see most of the game. 

We wind up talking about the new Costco opening in Rochester.  It's like a BJ's or Sam's Club where you need a membership to buy cheap stuff.  Doreen won't let Wease get memberships to places like this, but borrows other people's cards. 

Bonus Content... Surfer Girls


Rochester's Pride And Joy

Buzzfeed is a big website, and they are now hip to one of Rochester's biggest treasures... Wegmans.

Read their "25 Reasons Wegmans Is The Greatest Supermarket The World Will Ever Know" HERE.  


Emily Mortimer

We're joined on the phone by actress Emily Mortimer, who Wease is a big fan of from her hit HBO show "The Newsroom".  She is promoting another show she is doing for HBO called "Doll and Em", which is similar to "Curb Your Enthusiasm" in that she and her best friend Dolly Wells are playing exaggerated versions of themselves.  One review says it's edgier than girls, which Wease says is impossible.


You might also know Emily from "Notting Hill", "Lars and the Real Girl", and much much more.

Doug With News

Churchville-Chili Fight Under Investigation

East High Given Ultimatum

Food Prices On The Rise

Car Crashes Speeding Away From Police

Mayor Lovely In Studio

Joined in studio by Mayor Lovely Warren who answers questions about issues in the city of Rochester, including the sentencing of Brenda Hardaway, the development of Charlotte, the new police chief and more.  Lots of listeners with interesting comments, and some that piss Wease off, but Mayor Warren keeps her cool.

Ask Wease

- Does Wease give money to panhandlers?  He occasionally will, but realizes that overall he's not really helping the person.  He's bought them food, given them a couple bucks, etc... but also suggests they check out places like the Veteran's Outreach Center, who may be able to lend a hand.

- The school fight in the news (scroll up to see the video) has a listener asking about fights that the Wease crew have been in.  Wease had a few over the years, but not in a long time, and been a bystander for others.  He even had to go to court once to testify as a witness.  Pauly once powerbombed a guy while wearing rollerblades.  Wease and Billy tell the story about having to detain a chick that went crazy in the studio.


Two people have really been bothered by cameras lately... Kanye West and Brother Wease.  Kanye is in a legal beef with super lawyer Gloria Allred over a fight the rapper had with paparazzi, and Wease got his third red light ticket this year.  Lots of comments about Wease's driving from listeners, who remember every issue he's ever had.


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Farrah Abraham, the chick best known for the MTV show "Teen Mom", and her porn movie "Backdoor Teen Mom", has released a new song called "Blowin'".  Surprisingly, the song isn't about knobbers.  Kind of weird that the production values on the song are so bad... she's usually kind of anal about that kind of stuff.