Accidentally Hung Over

Wease is sad this morning because on Wednesday, Henrietta supervisor Jack Moore presented a resolution against the casino at a town board meeting. You might remember that earlier this month the Seneca Gaming Corporation bought 32 acres of land near Route 390 and Jefferson Road as a potential site. After voting Wednesday, the board unanimously opposed the plan and right now it seems the majority of the town's residents feel the same way. 

The Seneca Gaming Corporation issued a statement saying “Our belief in our vision and in the benefits it will deliver to Monroe County has not changed."

Wease says he’s “accidentally hungover this morning”, and tells of his night of drunkenness that started out as “going out for a couple drinks”.  A little wine wound up being a bunch of wine and tequila mixture.  Luckily, Wease learned from his show prep this morning that tequila can help you lose weight.



Tools With Sports

The big NCAA basketball tournament begins today, and Wease just doesn't have the gene to really care, although a little thing called "gambling" helps.  Syracuse plays Western Mich. at 2:45pm today, with Tools broadcasting from Zebbs on S. Clinton.  The Orange are 13point faves.  Wease is betting the other way.

Here are some players to lookout for during March Madness.  We like them because of their unusual names...

Shabazz Napier, UConn

      Cleanthony Early, Wichita State

      Mangok Mathiang, Louisville

      Shaquielle McKissic, Arizona State

      BeeJay Anya, NC State

      Jordair Jett, Saint Louis

      Dallas Ennema, Albany

      Wanaah Bail, UCLA 

      Hayward Register, Louisiana-Lafayette 

      Rashad Whack, Mount St. Mary’s


Who do you have in your bracket?  John has Michigan St. beating Arizona in the finals.

Wease got a letter from the Brooklyn Nets inviting him to a dinner celebrating the contributions of Jewish people to the NBA.  Wease learns that the first NBA game ever was held on the day he was born, Nov. 1st 19?? 

East High Controversy

Wease is joined on the phone by Adam Urbanski, president of the Rochester Teacher's Association to talk about the problems facing East High School.  After speaking to Adam we're more hopeful that the school doesn't just close, and that other options will be explored.  They have many fine programs and vocational classes over at East now, and hope to expand on those to help kids get ready for the adult world.

We also get Mr. Urbanski's comments on the fight at Churchville Chili, and ask about the teacher's inability to get involved.

Doug With News

Kodak Earnings Fall Post Bankruptcy

- Possible Breakthrough On Missing Plane Search

- Teacher Accused Of Stealing Musical Instruments

- Henrietta Resolution Opposes Casino

- New Spider-Man Trailer


Stolen Instruments

We talk about the music teacher, who along with her boyfriend, stole over 50 instruments from the school she worked at, and tried to get rid of them at pawn shops to make money to feed her heroin habit.  Marianne had never thought of that as a way to make money... learn something everyday on the Wease Show!

Angel Salazar

We're joined in studio by comedian Angel Salazar, who you may remember from the movie Scarface, The Latin Kings Of Comedy, his many great standup shows, or the one terrible one he did last time he was in Rochester.

Angel, Wease, and Mark from The Comedy Club tell the story of Salazar's last visit, where after 4 great shows (with standing ovations) he had an issue before Saturday's late show.  Angel thinks he was "roofied", but Mark tells a version where he had to breakdown the dressing room door wake the comedian up (who looked like he was punched in the face with a powdered doughnut, his toupee askew, wearing only tighty whiteys).

Angel wound up on stage for 5 minutes, incoherently babbling, stuck his face in the cleavage of a girl sitting next to her father, and walked off.  He wound up banned from the club for a couple years, claiming he's no longer using drugs, and Rochester will get the best show ever.


Joined in studio by Erica Swindell and Matt DeAngelis, who are in the Broadway play "Once", in town at the Auditorium Theater for the RBTL.  Once won the Tony for Best Musical, and was turned into a hit movie.


If you go see Once get there early.  There is a working bar on stage where audience members can get something to drink before the show starts.

We talk to Erica about growing up in Texas, and Matt about being a ukelele player with the play, and hippie music he might like from Jerry Garcia.


We have the feeling Erica and Matt may have a relationship besides the working one... they will neither confirm nor deny.

Bonus Content... Hot Shots For The Madness Of March  



Trophy Sex

A study that shows college kids aren't using condoms because they consider unprotected sex to be "trophy sex".  Unfortunately for some, that trophy may be a disease.  This leads to Wease and Marianne talking about problems and diseases that could be contracted.  Wease says he once knew someone that had cold sores that dripped.

Wease closes the show with a little basketball talk, again pimping Western Michigan +13.  

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