Thursday Kickoff

Wease got a new cd/dvd set called "Love For Levon", a tribute to the recently deceased Levon Helm... singer-multi-instrumentalist from The Band.  Wease watched it twice yesterday he loves it so much, and brought the cds in.  One of his faves is Grace Potter, a chick he first saw as an unknown hippie at South By Southwest a few years ago, and has since blown up.  She is also the only good looking person in entire concert  Here's the  whole track list for you fans of Wease/Billy music...

1."The Shape I'm In"
feat. Warren Haynes
2."Long Black Veil"
feat. Greg Allman and Warren Haynes
3."Trouble in Mind"
feat. Jorma Kaukonen and Barry Mitterhoff
4."This Wheel's on Fire"
5."Little Birds"
feat. Garth Hudson
6."Listening to Levon"
feat. Marc Cohn
7."Move Along Train"
feat. Mavis Staples
8."Life is a Carnival"
feat. Allen Toussaint and Jai Johanny Johanson
9."When I Paint My Masterpiece"
feat. Garth Hudson and John Prine
10."Anna Lee"
feat Bruce Hornsby
11."Ain't Got No Home"
feat. Jakob Dylan and Rami Jaffee
12."Whispering Pines"
feat. Lucinda Williams
13"Rag Mama Rag"
feat. John Hiatt and Mike Gordon
14."Don't Do It"
feat. David Bromberg and Joan Osborne
15."I Shall Be Released"
feat. Grace Potter and Matt Burr
16."Tears of Rage"
feat. John Mayer and Ray LaMontagne
17."Rockin' Chair"
feat. Dierks Bentley, Jon Randall and Jessi Alexander
18."Chest Fever"
feat. Garth Hudson, Dierks Bentley, Jon Randall and Jessi Alexander
19."A Train Robbery"
feat. Eric Church
20."Get Up Jake"
feat. Eric Church
21."Tennessee Jed"
feat. John Mayer
22."Up on Cripple Creek"
feat. Joe Walsh and Robert Randolph
feat. My Morning Jacket
24."It Makes No Difference"
feat. My Morning Jacket
25."The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"
feat. Roger Waters, G.E. Smith and My Morning Jacket
26."Wide River to Cross"
feat. Roger Waters, G.E. Smith and Amy Helm
27."The Weight"
feat. all guest musicians

Tools With Sports

The big news is the NCAA investigating the Syracuse basketball program, stemming from Fab Melo's academic issues a couple years ago.  Wease doesn't understand why this is such big news... don't all colleges have issues like this, and it was just Syracuse's turn to be looked at.

Pauly is furious this morning... The Cleveland Cavaliers blew a 27 point 2nd half lead and wound up losing to Lebron James and the Heat.  Googs even stayed up to watch this debacle, and he doesn't stay up late for anything.

While discussing the NCAA March Madness tourney Pauly brings up a podcast he, Billy, and Brooksie recorded yesterday where they break down the brackets if the mascots actually battle.  One of the sleepers wound up being the Akron Zips, which is a kangaroo.  Don't think a kangaroo can kick your ass?  Watch this...

We also talk about this story of a Henrietta man that tried to kill his wife 3 times... We think it's nuts that she kept taking him back and giving him more chances.  We wonder what has happened in their live from the time they walked down the aisle professing to love each other until death does them part... which this guy tried to make happen.

Crazy People In The News

We start with an awful article about a mentally ill person in Houston accused of impregnating an 11 year old girl.  We question the guy being held on $50,000 bond, thinking it should be more.  The guy that Billy used to work with that shot his wife in the shoulder and burned down his house is being held on a quarter of a million.

While Billy is in studio his Star Trek T-shirt catches Wease's eye... especially the Frank Gorshin character with the half black/half white face, which is Wease's favorite episode.  The guy with the black on the left/white on the right hated the guy with black on the right, white on the left.

We also talk about the Lifetime movie about the local murder case where Chris Porco killed his father, and how a judge banned the movie from airing.

Shari Smith News

Doug E. is on vacation, so we're joined in studio by WHAM 1180's Shari Smith.

- Lovely Warren To Run For Mayor

- Syracuse Basketball Program Under Investigation

- Toilets Clogged By Diapers In Ontario County

Wease wants to know how stupid people are that they're flushing diapers down the toilet.  He's had dumps that wouldn't flush.

- Wease also gets a kick out of this story about John Hamm being forced to wear underwear on "Mad Men" because he's well endowed, and the pants he has to wear for the show are tight.  Wease wants to know why Hamm can't show off.

Esther Ku

She's hot, she's hilarious, she does funny song parodies on her ukelele, and if Marianne Sierk wasn't starting Monday Wease might be offering her a job, he loves her that much.  Check out her sexy "When Harry Met Sally" Volkswagen commercial...

More With Esther

Conversation with Esther about her G-Spot, parents, sexy comedians, how she met her boyfriend in the audience at a comedy club, and a a bunch more.


My heart goes out to this guy . . . because there's not enough Purell in the WORLD to ever make him feel clean again.


--Last weekend, an elderly man was at Carters Lake in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia.  And he went into one of the public bathrooms there to use the toilet.  (--The story didn't say exactly how hold the guy was.)


--Their toilets LOOK normal . . . but they don't have regular plumbing.  They're just on top of DEEP PITS of HUMAN WASTE in the ground.  The waste is never taken away . . . it's just treated and left to decompose.


--For some reason, the old man decided to STAND on the toilet . . . no one's sure why.  But he slipped THROUGH the toilet hole, fell FIVE FEET, and landed in a massive pool of other people's DIRTY BUSINESS.


--He was trapped for 70 minutes before a crew could rescue him.  When they pulled him up, he was, quote, "covered in mess and scraped up."


--The man was taken to the hospital . . . hopefully AFTER a shower.  His condition hasn't been released.

This got Wease's talking about his experiences burning poop and Viet Nam, and for the first time since he actually did it he sees a video of the process.  Turns out they still burn poop in war areas like Iraq.  Wease is stunned.


Our friend Dominic from Ontario Video and News brings us a huge box adult toys and DVDs.  Who knew it'd be so funny descibing dildos, beads, dolls, spanking floggers, and other stuff of all shapes and sizes.  I'd post pictures, but don't think I can.  We all want to see the 3D movie with porn chicks as superheroes.  It's against radio rules for me to post pictures of this stuff, but I can point you in the right direction.

Geezers Vs Douchebags

From the Dbags to the Geez's...

Who is dueting with Justin Timberlake on his current single "Suit and Tie"?  Billy pulled out Jay Z at the last minute.


The following are the 3 highest rated sitcoms on tv.  What night of the week do they air their new episodes on?  Two and a Half Men (Thursdays).  The Big Bang Theory (Thursdays).  Modern Family(Wednesdays).  Only the guess on Big Bang Theory was righ for 1/3 of a point.


For the original Nintendo.. what game came along with the original Super Mario Brothers?  (A- Duck Hunt.. )  Billy nailed it.

From the Geezers to Douchebags

M*A*S*H might be the most watched sitcom in TV history, and was about doctors and nurses at a mobile hospital during the Korean War.  Name 3 characters from it's 11 year run (3 times longer than the actual war).  No idea, but the funniest wrong guess ever... Fonzie.

Speaking of TV sitcoms about war, it was announced a few days ago that a new movie is being made based on the hilarious show based in a Nazi POW camp.  Name the show.  Brooksie got it.

Esther Ku does funny songs, but before her, and before Weird Al, there was a guy that had hits with The Streak, Guitarzan, Ahab The Arab, Would Jesus Wear A Rolex, and a #1 smash with a serious song called Everything Is Beautiful.  Name this singer that has his own theater in Branson, MO.
  Again, not a clue, but Wease remembered how much he loved the Jesus song.

Geezers Win 2 and 1/3 to 1

Tomorrow's Show

Back for a fun Friday with more from Esther Ku, movie reviews with Marshall Fine, the lovely Shari Smith with news, and sports with the equally lovely John Ditullio, including what happens in the first day of the NCAA March Madness.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.  See ya.