Wease brings up a headline he heard in our morning news montage about New York schools being the most segregated in the country.  He reflects back to the 60's when schools down south were legally segregated, but here in Rochester he always went to school with black people, and even almost dated a black girl, but he chickened out.  He even remembers her name... If you know Lula Lewis, who went to Monroe High in the 60's ask her to call in.

This leads to Pauly talking about how he wound up an exchange student in Italy, and how he wouldn't have the balls to do that now.

Tools With Sports

Top 10 ballparks In America named

Baseball opening day is Monday so Wease and Johnny talk about the best baseball parks in the major leagues.  The best as per a new study is PNC Park in Pittsburgh with Camdem Yards in Baltimore coming in second.

Tyler Ennis is leaving Syracuse after his freshman year to take a shot at the NBA.  John thinks this is a good move, contrary to a bunch of opinions we've heard from other places.


Wease got home from dinner last night to find smoke in his house.  A problem with the steam room in his house almost caught the home on fire, but luckily there was only minor damage.

Marshall Fine Film Reviews

Bad Words... Marshall calls this spelling bee comedy starring Jason Bateman (who also wrote and directed) the funniest movie he's seen in a long time.  He says you have to have a dark sense of humor, but it's smart and hilarious.


Noah... Big budget biblical epic with Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly.  Finally find out how he built the ark, and got all those animals on it.  Marsh says it's long and boring, but many critics do like it... he's just not one of them.


Sabotage... The new Arnold Schwarnegger action movie is out this week, but Marshall didn't get a chance to see it because it was screening the same time as Noah.  He wishes he had seen Arnold instead.


Crack Ho Talk

A caller named Mark has tips on how to pick up a hot  crack ho for 5 or 10 bucks.  Marianne calls it "a lesson in sadness".  Mark says he'll bring some chicks up to show us how hot they are.

We have real hot chicks if you want them.... Hot Shots


Shari With News

Brother Wease Says "Jim Kelly Can Beat It"

Mayor Requests $100M For Performing Arts Center

Man Shot Near Bar Found After Crash

Bay Bridge Opens


Dom Irrera, Willie, and Sex


Comedian Dom Irrera (one of our faves) is back, and so our buddy Street Willie.  We talk sex, strip clubs, and answer the question "Is it ok for white guys to sing along with rap songs that have the N word?"  Willie says yes, so if you see Pauly rapping blame Willie.


There were a few March Madness basketball games last night.  Dayton won again to continue their Cinderella run.  Doreen asked Wease why they were watching the game... we don't have any bets.

Bonus Content... Car Wash Cuties



Men's Annoying Habits 

Wease has a piece about men's having habits that keep them from getting laid as often as they could... but Wease get's distracted with his own stories, the women he's banged, and rules he had when he was younger.  Wease is the one that didn't want to kiss until things got serious.  Who is he?  Pretty Woman?

Is it ok for married men to get oral from another woman without emotional attachment?  Wease says yes.  It's even ok for women to receive from another man according to him.

Great call from a woman that is horny and openminded as Wease, and needs relationship advice to solve her man trouble.  Too bad none of us are available.