Wease Family Gambling Night


Wease enticed his family to have a family night last night, and watch the Oscars with him.  They filled out brackets to pick the winners... Wease won.


Wease and Marianne didn't like Ellen's hosting at all, and think she ran out of steam pretty quick.  She started out with a few cute jokes, but went bad.  That selfie bit went viral, but we're trying to figure out who the black guy is that photobombed the bit.



Much more Oscar talk throughout the morning... Marshall Fine at 7am, and Jack Garner after 9.


John Ditullio Sports


Mayhem in the Sabres organization... they traded star goalie Ryan Miller over the weekend it what looks like a lopsided deal.  Wease thinks Pat Lafontaine quit his position in the Sabres office because of this trade.  Buffalo also traded their captain Steve Ott.  Ryan Miller got emotional talking about the trade, after many years in Western NY.


The Sabres were left without a backup goalie Friday night because of the trade, so had to dress a member of the office staff.  The only way he would've ever played was if Jhonas Enroth got hurt.




Wease won his bet Saturday night betting against the Syracuse Orange, who got blown out by Virginia.  He felt bad though because he was still rooting for Jim Boeheim and his team. 


Marshall Fine Oscar Breakdown


Our friend Marshall Fine joins us to talk about last night's Academy Awards.


Marsh says the best part of the show last night was the speeches, gave Ellen 2 1/2 stars as host, thought her pizza bit went on too long, loved Darlene Love when "20 Feet From Stardom" won Best Documentary, and was appaled by the appearance of 50's screen beauty Kim Novak.  Kind of ironic that her face was frozen while announcing an award for "Frozen".



Wease also addresses a problem he's having with his cat not using it's new litter box and litter... it doesn't seem to like the pellets that has replaced the granual litter.


Doug With News


Drinking And Driving Arrest With Kid In Car

Pittsford Man Dies After Skiing Accident

- Possible Link Between Stabbing And Shooting





We're joined in studio by Johnny Perotti, who you may remember as the guy that brought the Pepsi Max All Star Game to Rochester last summer.  He is now a ghost hunter and seeker of the paranormal for a local organization called Seeking Shadows.


Marianne has a ghost that startles her awake every so often, and tries to figure out why her.  Despite having stories of her own she is awfully suspicious of other people's stories.


Bonus Content... Oscar Cleavage



More Oscar Talk


Wease got a kick out of Matthew McConnaughey's weird and unique acceptance speech.  Kind of liked his take on who his hero is... himself in 10 years.



Bill Clinton... Ladies Man



Last week we spoke to Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof, and this Sunday Wease reads about him in the NY Daily News.  Hof brought a couple of his ladies to a charity event featuring Bill Clinton, and those women got their picture taken with him.


Also in the Daily News yesterday was our friend Jack Garner, film critic of many years for Gannett, regarding Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  Read that piece HERE


Jack just happens to be in studio this morning to talk about last night's Academy Awards, and is hoping that the Best Picture win will expose a wider audience to "12 Years A Slave".


Ellen Degeneres seems to be getting universally panned... a very planned bit of "spontaneous" humor.



Speaking of bad stuff, we also bring up The Razzies Awards for the worst movies, whose winners (losers) include "Movie 43", Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Tyler Perry, and Kim Kardashian.


Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape


It looks like a Marilyn Monroe sex film is heading to the auction block this Tuesday from the Tulare County Sheriff in California.

Here’s the bonus: The old 8mm film is allegedly footage of a threesome featuring JFK and his brother Robert F. Kennedy.

That’s right -- two brothers sharing one gal. American icons cranking the creep factor to 11.

“It’s going to be a zoo,” predicts attorney Ryan Sullivan, whose clients are looking to collect a$200,000 debt from memorabilia fanatic William Castleberry.

Authorities seized the film from Castleberry after he couldn’t pay the $200,000 he owed in the judgment against him for selling a fake statue.

It’s also worth noting that the film has never been screened to verify its contents.

Still...“There’s No Business like Threesome Business.”


One Last Oscar Taste

How touching was the Oscar acceptance speech by Lupita Nyong from 12 Years A Slave?  Makes us want to cry now... 



Is a business a "chain" in it's hometown?  Is Wegmans a chain here?  Salvatore's?  The Distillery?