Spring Forward

Clocks get moved forward this weekend, and we're happy that by this time next week it'll be light out past 7pm.  For some reason it makes everyone feel good the more daylight there is.

Wease went to see "The Book Of Mormon" last night, the play written by "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.  Wease calls it brilliant, filthy, and hilarious.  The entire run is completely sold out, which we think is a first.  A right wing listener calls to defend people that are offended by the play, and makes what we think is a ridiculous argument... how come it's ok to have a show that is a satire of religion, but there isn't a show where we can mock black people.

Tools With Sports

Buffalo' string of good games is over, losing last night to Carolina and a goalie that just got called up from the minors.

Tools nails a "This Day In History"... 40 years ago . . . in 1973 - Professional baseball's first-ever WIFE-SWAPPING ensued, when New York Yankees Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson announced that they'd traded wives during the off-season!  Pauly has never heard this story and is stunned.  We hear Ben Affleck and Matt Damon want to make a movie about it.

Bo Jackson was named "Greatest Athlete Of All Time", beating out Jim Brown.  This leads to listeners calling in with their choices including Jesse Owens.  This leads to a discussion of the old "Superstars" TV show of the 70's that featured pro athletes competeing against each other in Olympic sports.  Have you ever wanted to see Johnny Bench in a swimming competition against Johnny Unitas and Rod Laver... and this is after Joe Frazier almost drowns.  We'd love for a show like this to make a comeback, but with the money athletes make today there is no way they'd risk injury doing stuff like that.

We Love Our Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts is our favorite place not just because of the delish food and beverages, but because of the people...

I hope that one day, if I ever have the opportunity to FIGHT CRIME, I remember to shout out a BADASS CATCHPHRASE.  That makes EVERYTHING better.



--On Saturday, around 11:00 P.M., a woman named Angelica was working at a Dunkin' Donuts in West Haven, Connecticut.  (--She didn't want to release her last name.)



--A man tried to climb through the drive-thru window to rob the place.  Angelica tried to shut the drive thru window on him, but he kept his arm inside.  So she grabbed the only weapon she had . . . HOT COFFEE.  And she THREW it on him.



--As she scalded him with hot coffee and he backed off, she yelled, quote, "Go run on Dunkin'!"  Which is a pretty brilliant improvised twist on the official Dunkin' Donuts slogan, "America runs on Dunkin'."



--Police are still looking for the guy.  Let's hear a few words from our hero...

Doug Emblidge News

- Wounded West Webster Firefighters To Tell Their Story

- Minimum Wage Hike Passes State Assembly

- Snow Storm Blows Eastward

- Buffalo Bills Denied Movie Stardom


We're joined by Sean Daniels, the director of "Bob", a play at Geva's Nextstage that sounds like a ton of fun.  It's a comedy with a plot that's compared to Forrest Gump.... this sounds good to Wease.  He's looking forward to going to this because the last time he was at Geva was for a musical about depression and suicide.

Sean is from Atlanta, so Wease tells him of his negative experiences in Atlanta, broadcasting from the '96 Olympics when the bomb went off.

Bonus Babes...  The MILFs Of March

Junkie Bonnie And Clyde

We know it was dangerous, but we loved this story of a couple that lead police on a high speed car chase, and when the police caught them the chick stole the police car... and it's on video.  Check out the video, and hear the whole story of of their crime spree thru the ghettos of Jersey and Philly.  In a bit of stereotyping, we think the couple is too good looking for something like this...

Talking about the car chase leads to discussing how the Monroe County Sherriff's Dept. is asking the public's help in cracking down on distracted driving.  The obvious problem with this is by writing down license plates numbers, calling 911, etc...  you are now being distracted yourself.  Some of our trucker listeners call in with things they've seen while on the road.

Ask Wease

Via email... Sue wants to know if Wease thinks Walmart cashiers are judging her when she buys things like lube, lingerie, condoms etc.  Of course you're being judged, but let the cashier know you're having fun.  This leads to a discussion where a listener and Pauly talk about being paranoid when buying an odd assortment of stuff at the supermarket.

A caller returns us to the subject of distracted driving, and the potential uses of a gadget that will prevent the use of call phones.  Should businesses and schools be allowed to prevent phone use thru the use of a jamming device.

A text to Pauly asks if it's embarrassing for someone with a college degree to take a job as a server at a restaurant.  Wease says no way, but Pauly says he completely understands the question, and he would be embarrassed if he had a side job at Red Lobster, and people recognized him as "Pauly from the radio".

Can Wease recommend a good way to find a babysitter for little kids.  Wease says he used to go to daycare centers and hire chicks away from there.  Great advice... you know they've already been vetted.

Henry Diltz

We speak with Henry Diltz, a photographer that has paken pictures of just about every great musician since the mid 60's.  He has awesome stories about everyone from The Monkees to The Eagles to Neil Young, and a ton more.  He and Wease reminisce about "the day", the great times they've had, and how Wease is jealous he didn't get to do the cool things Henry did.  He has galleries in NYC and LA, but the prints run about $600 each... otherwise Billy may be leaving his New York trip this weekend with about $12,000 worth of stuff.  To see some classic pics go to www.morrisonhotelgallery.com

Book Of Mormon Revisited

We're joined by John Parkhurst (the tall guy) from RBTL, Albert Nocciolino (Broadway producer) in to discuss the success of The Book Of Mormon in Rochester (and everywhere else too).  Wease loved the show, and wants a "Book Of Mormon" shirt just to piss off Lonsberry.  One tip if you don't have tix... everynight 2 hours before the show a lottery is held, and 20 of the people that have entered win a pair of great seats.

Tomorrow's Show

A fun Thursday show on the way with "Last Comic Standing" winner Alonzo Bodden, Geezers Vs. Douchebags, Razor Sharks coach (and former Chicago Bull teammate of Michael Jordan) Cliff Levingston, plus all the fun and info you always get from The Wease Show.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.