Celebrity Photos... Cool Or Lame


"Jackass" star Steve-O is going to be in studio this morning, which Jackie and Pauly are very excited about.  Pauly wonders if it would be cool or lame to take a picture with him and Tweet it out.  Marianne says cool.... Wease says "do what ya want bro".  Pauly even debated his wardrobe choice for the picture... now he's thinking he may do it shirtless.



We wonder about people's adoration of celebrity... Pauly's girlfriend Ryann is vacationing in San Francisco and was excited that a restaurant she went to had a picture of Keanu Reeves eating there. 


Tools Vs. Wease


John and Wease are disagreeing this morning about the possibility of the NFL moving the PAT back to make the attempt 42 yards (ball spotted at the 25 yard line).  Wease loves the idea to make it more difficult, and thus the game more exciting.  Tools thinks this is a dumb idea, instead wanting to eliminate the extra point, or make the teams go for 2. 


A couple other alternatives include Marianne's idea of goal posts that move while the kick is in progress, or this slightly more intricate idea from my boss Dave...


"The NFL should go ahead with the extra-point change, but THEN give the kickers something back.  That’s right -- Dave’s Brilliant Kickoff Idea:
If, on a kickoff, the receiving team allows the ball to touch the ground ANYWHERE IN THE END ZONE, the kicking team would be awarded one point.
This respects the NFL’s concern about injuries on kickoffs because it doesn’t necessarily encourage returns.  BUT it makes all kickoffs potential scoring plays for the kicking team, which is more exciting for fans.  The receiving player would be like a baseball outfielder who has to track down a fly ball at the wall.  He can’t just watch the ball bounce out of the end zone or fumble it out of the end zone for a touchback and the start of the 2nd set of TV commercials within 3 minutes.   
The receiving player must catch the ball in the air, or catch it on a bounce before it touches the ground in the end zone.   If the ball sails out of the end zone without touching the ground or without bouncing off the receiving player, then no point is scored, and it’s a normal touchback.
Also, if the ball goes out of bounds after the receiving player touches it while standing in the end zone, the kicking team would also score a point.
The receiving player MAY return a ball that touches the ground in the end zone, or he may down the ball if it’s still in play, but the kicking team would still earn one point since the ball touched the ground in the end zone.   
The point would be called a Kickpoint.   Or a Touchkick.  Or a Kickdown.  Or something like that."
Got it?
Wease also enjoys a callers idea that if you go for the 42 yard extra point and miss it they take a point away.  My idea is to have kickers that look like Kathy Ireland.

A story that we didn't understand yesterday was the Bills not playing in Toronto this year.  We thought that the series of games was cancelled completely, but they're saying it's just been "postponed". 
Prostitution Bust 

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office conducted a prostitution detail in the town of Henrietta on Tuesday and arrested four women.

Twenty three-year-old Crystal Pullin, Yariliss Flecha, 20, Nikekia Desius, 18 and Chaida Echevarria, 23, all of Rochester, were arrested and charged with prostitution. They were given a ticket to appear in Henrietta Town Court at a later date.

During the course of the prostitution detail, sheriff’s deputies stopped Wille Holloway, 47, of Irondequoit. Sheriff’s deputies say he had 19.69 ounces of marijuana and 48 packets of crack cocaine, totaling 8.4 grams in his possession. Holloway is charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance. Holloway was sent to the Monroe County Jail on $10,000 cash bail.


A prostitution ring in Henrietta?  There's not even a casino there yet?  These chicks are ages 18-23?  They look a bit older, don't they?  Where did these names come from?


A listener checked out the Facebook page for these chicks and learned that one of them was pregnant... Wease "the poor kid is playing dodgeball in there".


Shubie Calls In



Our friend, comedian Jimmy Schubert, calls in because he is listening on I Heart Radio while heading back to LA after his tour of Asia.  He tells us stories from his overseas trips, and says the best looking women in the world are Thai men.  


Doug With News


- Man Charged For Factory Bomb Threats

- Common Core Delay Vote Passes

- Tax Break Nixed In Webster

- Schumer Proposes Heroin Database




"Jackass" star Steve-O is in studio with us, and is at The Comedy Club all weekend long.  He's most famous for those crazy stunts that are painful and disgusting, and tells us about stuff like the mechanics of stapling your balls to your leg, what it's like to be trapped in a porta potty going up and down on a bungee cord, and lighting yourself on fire.




Sexless Steve-O


Steve-O still in studio, and we talk to him about our favorite subject... SEX.  He talks about his days of promiscuity and all the chicks he has banged, but has now been celibate for a hundred days and hopes to find a real relationship.  He's a sober vegan that doesn't have sex... Marianne asks "what do you do for fun?"


Here's a young lady that thinks Steve-O is pretty awesome...



Wease and Steve compare needle stories... as a stunt Steve once shot 5 ounces of vodka into his body.


Other scary things he's done includes jumping out of airplane into the ocean without a parachute, and getting choked out unconscious six times in one day.


We also also discuss Steve's outrageous tattoos, injuries, and the atrocities he'd done while drinking and drugging.


Bonus Content... Carnival 2014



Wease Becomes A "Voice" Fan


Wease talks about Sammy watching The Voice, and becoming hooked on it himself, almost crying during every segment.  He likes the idea of the judges facing away from the contestants, and turning their chairs around when they get picked.  Marianne has an idea to do a show for standup comics where the stars start out facing the contestants, and turn around when they are bored.



Sammy was watching for a contestant named Bria Kelly, and Wease wound up loving her himself.


 Porn Star Birthday


Street Willie is familiar with the work of today's birthday girl, Ice La Fox...


Ice La Fox (born 1983 in Miami, Florida) is the stage name of an American pornographic actress and nude model. Ice La Fox is of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent. Ivr was born in Miami and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is a second-generation porn star; her mother is the adult film actress and director AngelaDeAngelo, better known as Sukoya. Fox took a year out from the business until July 2008, when she returned with DD-cup breast implants.