Yesterday at this time it was -8 degrees, today it's 21 but it feels just as cold... how come?  This leads to a discussion of the Great Lakes being frozen, and how this will lead to a cooler than regular spring.  Just what we need, more cold weather.


In honor of this discussion I present Adele Dazeem (yes, I know it's really Idina Menzel) with the Oscar winning song from "Frozen" with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots..




Tools w/o Sports


We don't get to sports today... but there isn't much going on anyway.  Wease and John discuss a business dinner last night, and Tools brings up a story he heard at dinner that we've never heard on the radio before... the time Wease went to a sex party with a bunch of local rich guys.  He had to leave the orgy to perform at Yuk Yuks Comedy Club... the sex party attendees showed up at the club for some laughs, then back to the hotel for some more banging.


We also talk about the promotion the Amerks are doing this weekend... "Pucks and Paws" where you can bring your dog to the hockey game.  We're rooting for some accidents, especially during the 2nd intermission where you can parade your pup on the ice.  This will be hosted by Pauly and Walter...



Russ Brandon And Lawrence Moten


We speak to Buffalo Bills president and CEO Russ Brandon about the Bills new ticket price structure where higher profile games will cost a little more... ie The Patriots game will cost more than the Jaguars.


Wease also asks him about the  proposed change in the extra point rule (which Russ is leaning against), and not playing in Toronto this year.


Russ is also happy to talk to Syracuse basketball legend/Razorshark coach Lawrence Moten who is in studio with us.  Russ is a Syracuse native and Lawrence is his favorite player.



Lawrence talks about the ups and downs of this years Syracuse basketball team, and believes they will surprise people during tournament time.


He calls Marianne the best heckler he's ever heard when we replay the audio of her at a recent Razorshark game.




Doug With News


- Cuomo Challenger In Rochester Today

- Local Man Appearing On ABC's Shark Tank

Record Year For Water Main Breaks

Sandstone Drive Fire Investigation


Hooker Story Of The Day


A 70-year-old Italian father was shocked when his hired “escort” turned out to be his future daughter-in-law...a woman who’s been telling the family that she was a waitress. Awkward.

But things got worse: When dear ol’ dad decided to tell his son the difficult truth -- it ignited a bitter fight...and now the son is suing him for “injuries.”

Marianne doesn't understand why a man would want to hire an escort if he can get women on his own... Wease and a caller explain explain the many advantages. 

Bonus Content... Beads For Boobs


The Casino With A Heart

Gambler Mark Johnston made the news recently when he lost half a million in a casino, and now said he deserves his money back because he was drunk.


This reminds me of this classic comedy scene from "Lost In America" with Albert Brooks and Garry Marshall.


The Devil Made Me Do It

The sad story of a man that killed his toddler son after hearing demon voices leads Wease into talking about the weird people that call George Noory's wacky overnight "Coast To Coast" show.  This morning the devil himself called. 

Movie Talk

Marshall is travelling today, but there are a couple movies opening today of interest.  The sequel to 300 is out, and so is the new animated "Peabody and Sherman".  Wease and Billy were both fans of Peabody and Sherman when they were part of The Bullwinkle Show, but wonder what kids nowadays know who they are.  Neither Marianne or Pauly were familiar...


Andre Reed


We're joined in studio by NFL Hall Of Famer Andre Reed, the best wide receiver the Buffalo Bills ever had.  He's in town as a celebrity guest at The Ugly Disco at the Riverside Convention Center tomorrow night.  Get info HERE.

Andre tells great stories from his NFL career, and the disarray of the team in recent years.  He says he's lucky to not have more trouble from concussions he suffered in his career.


Wease also tells Andre about the time Thurman Thomas almost beat him up.