Welcome Back Pauly 

Pauly is back from his birthday weekend in his home near Cleveland, Ohio.  Check out his pictures HERE.


If you weren't going to do a marriage proposal in a normal way how would you want to do it?  How about this one, which happened at the Webster movie theater...


Marianne says she thinks it would be sweet to have it happen at the diner where she and her fella eat breakfast every Sunday morning... put the ring in the homefries or something.  Billy wishes he had thought of that.

Tools With Sports

Jim Kelly was supposed to start cancer treatment yesterday, but his fever has caused it to be postponed until next week.  Jim and his family did an interview for "CBS This Morning"... see the whole video HERE.

It's time for the annual debate of "Is baseball boring?" Of course it is, but as Tools says... it's seductively boring.  John, Pauly, and Billy all enjoy watching baseball, and have their reasons, but Wease just isn't buying it.  He recommends using the sport as a sleep aid.

Redneck News

The way things happen to Wease I'm surprised this didn't happen to him.  A guy goes to a casino, has the valet park his car, the car winds up going off the end of the dock into the water... this is out of Fort Myers, Fla.  See the video HERE.


Newark Village Police reported the arrest on Tuesday (3/25) of Jareth Thomas, age 26, giving no permanent ad­dress for one count of Petit Larceny. It is al­leged that on February 9th, Thomas entered the Save- A- Lot store and stole $40.43 worth of ox tails. He posted a $ 250 cash bail and will appear in Newark Village Court on April 16th.


On Thursday (3/13)at approximate­ly 2: 45 p. m. Robert D. Debout Jr., age 24, of Marie Avenue in Newark, entered into Breen’s Mar­ket located at 4090 Pears­all Street in the Town of Williamson and left the store with a $12 cookie cake without attempting to pay for it. Debout was located at his residence on Thursday (3/27) and was charged with Petit Larceny without in­cident. Debout was processed and re­leased on an appearance ticket return­able to Williamson Court on April 16th.


State Police out of Williamson re­ported the arrest on Thursday ( 3/ 20) of Ronald Bishop, age 32, of the Hid­den Valley Trailer Park in Marion for Criminal Mis­chief in the 4th Degree.

It is alleged Bishop, dur­ing a domes­tic dispute with his girl­friend, pulled the phone cord out of the wall. He was arraigned before Marion Justice Sam Bonefede and remanded to jail on $ 500 cash bail to reappear in Marion Court.  He's in trouble for pulling the phone cord out of the wall?  Really?  We've all done worse stuff than that when mad.

Common Core Testing

A big story in the news in the Common Core testing that is happening in schools starting today.  We on the show don't understand the controversy, and why some teachers and parents are for and some are against.  Some kids won't even be taking it, and instead will just be staring at the walls for 7 or 8 hours a day.  Wease takes calls from parents and educators on both sides of the coin to explain what's going on.

Bonus Content... Wease's S. Carolina Vacation



Shari Smith News

Kelly's Cancer Treatment Delayed

Bay Outlet Bridge Closing

- Man Shot In Leg Monday Night

- "Sit And Stare" Policy Creates Controversy

Organ Donation

We're joined in studio by Rob Kochik from the Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network to talk about organ donation.  He clears up some misconceptions about donation, answers questions about the best way to make sure your wishes to donate are followed, and promotes the Amerks "Donate Life Nite", which is tomorrow night at the Blue Cross Arena.  Go to the game for info, sign up, and meet heart transplant recipient Gates Orlando, and Amerks Hall Of Famer. 

Bonus Content... Women We Heart (Brooklyn Decker Edition)


Pauly's Lucky 31st Birthday

Pauly was in Ohio for his birthday and tells us about his perfect weekend... time with his family, dinner at his granparents, going to see his beloved Cleveland Cavaliers (who beat the Pacers), and a couple trips to area casinos.  He stopped at a casino in Erie PA on his way back to Rochester, and said he was going in for just two spins on the roulette wheel.

He bet 3 and 31 for his birthday... and 3 came up, turning his $10 bet to $360 bucks.  He cashed out then, deciding to skip a second try.  What comes up?  31!!!  See the picture above.  He did good, but not as good as he could have.

How He Met Their Mother 

Last night was the final episode of the hit sitcom "How I Met Your Mother", and after 208 episodes we learn who the mother was that had been spoken about for the entire series.  maybe you DVR'd it, and don't want to know the answer, so click HERE to find out.  Pauly played the audio of the last minute, and got us choked up, even though we weren't very familiar with what led up to the conclusion.


Sex Addiction

Joined in studio by sex addiction therapist Dan Morris who tell us his profession, how people get "addicted" to sex, and the cause & effect of the problem.  Turns out marijuana isn't the gateway drug, masturbation is.  Dan and Wease debate where sex addiction is real, or just normal urges.  Dan insists, and shows examples of, the differences between a healthy sexual lifestyle and addiction.

Bonus Content... April Fool's Fun

More Sex Talk

Wease and Dan the sex therapist continue to discuss sex, diseases, protection, and addiction.  Listeners call to tell stories about problems they've had, including a couple herpes stories.  If ScarJo was naked and wanted to bang, but had genital warts would you do it?  Is Scarlett Johannson worth a scarlet johnson?


April Fools

It’s April Fools' Day -- A day to punk your friends and family with “YouTube worthy” pranks that require little effort and yield big laughs…

Unfortunately, the “holiday” has been hijacked by lame people who never put any real effort into their pathetically unfunny jokes.

Here’s a rundown from the GuyCodeBlog of some of the least clever April Fools' jokes:

In the Slammer -- Calling your buddies and pretending you’ve been arrested is more than just a lame joke. It’s a good way to ensure that you will sit in jail for a long time if you’re actually locked up someday.

The Dude, Where’s My Car? -- Hiding your buddy’s car just isn’t funny. Don’t mess with a man’s ride.

You’re Fired -- Pranking a coworker by pretending he’s fired is lame. And, it might also get you fired for real.

Salt of the Earth -- If you’re older than 10, unscrewing the top of a salt shaker can’t happen.

The Shaving Cream in the Hand -- Once upon a time, there were few things as hilarious as watching your buddy wake up and smack himself with shaving cream. These days, you’ve got to take your game to a new level. It has to happen.