Welcome Back Wease

Wease is back from Fla. and we all have stories from the past week that you won’t want to miss, and we’ll update you on everything going on locally, nationally, and globally.

We start the morning with a call from three time award winning "Wease Show Female Guest Of The Year", Diane Levin.  She tell us how for Easter she went to the casino in Philly and won $11.

Wease spent most of his week at the poker room/kennel club in Palm Beach.  He played lots of cards, but did hang out with the racing dogs too.




We discuss Easter's ranking of a holiday, why all the stores were closed on Easter, and how this religious holiday has morphed into the candy and bunny day.  We also talk about people that only go to church on Easter and Christmas, and other holiday traditions.

Bonus Content... Wease Vacation Photos

John Ditullio

Lots of race talk thing morning... dog, car, and running. The Boston Marathon is today.  Good luck J-Mac.

Hockey and basketball playoffs are underway.

Wease and Pauly both saw the football movie Draft Day starring Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner, and they loved it despite bad reviews from critics.  Look for a small speaking roll from Bills GM Russ Brandon.


Happiest Cities To Work 

CreditDonkey has named Rochester and Buffalo the two happiest cities in America. 

Rochester topped the top 10 list, citing average wages of $27,310, job opportunities, short commutes and "hots," a popular version of hot dogs. Buffalo ranked No. 2 with a low "frustration index" -- how many computer and office equipment repair workers there are per 10,000 residents -- and high praise for chicken wings.

1. Rochester, New York
2. Buffalo, New York
3. Hartford, Connecticut
4. Minneapolis, Minnesota
5. Salt Lake City, Utah
6. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
7. Kansas City, Missouri
8. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
9. San Jose, California
10. Boston, Massachusetts 


Men With Cats

This sad story of a woman who abandoned her pets leads to Marianne asking why there is a stigma to men owning cats, and talks about how her boyfriend Robbie loves his cat, takes it how walks on a leash, etc.  They also make fun of Billy and his pet cat Geraldine.



Doug With News

Local Runners Ready For Boston Marathon

Gas Prices Rising Again

Police Investigating Possible Shooting

Oscar Mayer Recalls 96K Pounds Of Hot Dogs


Service Animals

Wease talks about the large number of service dogs he saw at airports.  Is it a new trend for people to scam airlines by pretending their pets are service animals, even if you don't have a handicap?  Wease is sure that folks are faking.  Pauly wants to register Walter so that he can bring him to the Lilac Festival.

Bonus Content... Tight Jeans And G Strings



Wease also tells about an odd situation he had in Florida where people kept thinking he was somebody famous, not because he's a Rochester radio schmuck, but because of his unique look, combined with the fact he was with Doreen and his pretty daughters.


More pictures from Wease's vacations HERE


A raging debate between Wease and Marianne... when you're at a restaurant do you tip more based on the price of wine... Wease says you shouldn't tip more based on the cost of wine.  


Double Down On The Double Down

Pauly and Billy thought yesterday was a holiday, but today is really the day for celebration... KFC has brought back the Double Down Sandwich.  This is a bacon and cheese sandwich between 2 pieces of fried chicken. 


He Did It Again

Last week Pauly and Ryann went for a walk on one of the nice days, and only five minutes in he panicked at the thought of being nowhere near a bathroom.  He wound up trying to run back home, but didn't quite make it.  He wound up pooping his pants in his next door neighbor's yard, and left debris from there and leading back to the house where he lives.  It took him a couple hours to clean up himself, and all the affected areas.  Luckily Ryann chased him and took video.