A Wease Show dinner was had last night... we'll talk about it in a little bit.

This story...

Police are investigating a homicide after a man was stabbed to death early this morning.

Rochester police say the man was at a bonfire at Durand Eastman Beach earlier and got into a fight with another man.

The victim was stabbed several times and was taken to the hospital by friends.

He died at the hospital.

Police are asking anyone who may have seen anything or know anything to call police.

.... leads to Wease talking about parties on the beach when he was rebellious teen, and how Durand occasionally becomes a nude beach if you know when and where to go.

A local story of car break-in suspects being caught on tape leads Wease to talk about the area in which he's a conservative... he has no problem with cameras being everywhere watching people, and thinks it's even a good thing for society to be under surveillance, as shown by the way the Boston Marathon bombings were solved.

Tools With Sports

A discussion of security at the upcoming Flower City Marathon leads Wease to talk about the paranoia of people that think Rochester will be the next target after the Boston Marathon, and that extra security here is a waste of money.

Celtics/Knicks playoffs at 8pm tonight.

Thursday night's NFL Draft is the biggest sports event of the week.  Ya know what that means?  That baseball really does suck!  (This joke comes from Brother Wease, and doesn't represent the opinions of the person typing).

John nails a "This Day In History".  He is told 4-23-89 and NBA and knows that it was the date Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played his last regular season game.  Amazing.  He then went on to make us laugh in the movie Airplane.

Redneck News

Newark Village Police reported the arrest on Monday (4/15) of Anthony Patter­son, age 17, of Whitbeck Road in Newark.

It is al­leged that on March 20th, a game control­ler turned up miss­ing from a Newark residence. The owner called the Game Shop and discovered an individual had traded the game controller in at the store. Following an investigation, Pat­terson was charged with Criminal Pos­session of Stolen Property in the 5th Degree, arraigned and remanded to jail on $1000 cash/$2000 bond.

Kathleen Defrank Jr.

Macedon Police reported the arrest of Kathleen Defrank Jr., age 51, of Canal Drive East Macedon. Defrank allegedly entered her neighbor’s house unlawfully and started slapping the neighbor and slamming her into the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. De­frank then took a cell phone belonging to the neighbor and fled to her home before police arrived.

Defrank was charged with Burglary in the 2nd Degree class C felony, Pe­tit Larceny and Harassment. Defrank was arraigned in Town Court and will appear on April 24th to answer the charges. Defrank was remanded to the Wayne County Jail on no bail due to 3 prior felony convictions.

James F. Brown Jr.

State Police in Williamson reported the arrest on Monday (4/15) of James F. Brown Jr., age 50, of Still Meadow Way in Williamson.

Brown’s son reported that while he was student from February to April of 2004, his father opened four different credit cards in the son’s name and com­piled $4800 in debt.

James F. Brown Jr. claimed his son gave him permission to open the ac­counts in his name and run up the bills. The son discovered the alleged fraud when he did a routine credit check on himself.

James F. Brown Jr. was charged with two counts of Identity Theft in the 2nd Degree and one count of Identity Theft in the 1st Degree and was released on appearance tickets for Williamson Court on May 16th.

Doug With News

- Man Stabbed To Death On Durand Beach

- Lost Pittsford Boy Found

- Vote On Irondequoit Library

- Boston Bomb Suspects Appear Driven By Religious Views

The story of a TV news anchor fired on his first day for profanity leads to Wease and Doug talking about mistakes they've made on that could've caused them being fired.

Richie Havens/Woodstock

The death of folk singer Richie Havens leads to a discussion of Woodstock, and a debate between Wease and a listener about whether seperate tickets were needed for each day, before security got overrun and it became a free festival.  Wease says this isn't the case, and that individual tickets didn't exist... he was there.

Havens most famous set ever was opening at Woodstock.

Rachel Barnhart

The best Twitter user in Rochester, and TV newsperson, Rachel Barnhart joins us in studio to talk about the most recent development in her career... starting today she will be on Channel 8, being the weekend anchor and reporting during the week.  Starting in the fall she'll be on the 4pm newscast.

Since Rachel is such a big Tweeter we're curious what she needs to do to become verified (that little white checkmark inside a blue circle).  She has over 12,000 followers.  Good luch Rachel.

Ida Byrd Hill

We speak to author Ida Byrd-Hill author of the book pictured above about how to be a better parent.  She and Wease debate the need for kids to have a cell phone, whether parents should go to all their kids sporting events, plays, etc... but they do agree on the need to yell at kids, and not baby them.

Most Hated Celebrities

Gwyneth Paltrow has beaten Kristen Stewart to the title of most hated celebrity in Star magazine's annual poll.


The Shallow Hal actress surprisingly topped the magazine's annual poll of the 20 most irritating personalities in film, music and television, with Twilight star Kristen Stewart coming a close second. Gwyneth is thought to have amassed so many votes from readers because of her reputation for leading a health-conscious lifestyle.

Meanwhile, moody-looking Kristen suffered due to the public exposure of her affair with married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders last year behind boyfriend Robert Pattinson's back. 

Latina superstar Jennifer Lopez placed third, with John Mayer - who recently split from Katy Perry and is famed for his womanizing ways - coming fourth, and romantic comedy queen Katherine Heigl ranking fifth.

The top 20 included some unsurprising entries, such as controversial teen idol Justin Bieber and reality TV star Kim Kardashian, but also featured some surprises.

Humanitarian activist Angelina Jolie was 15th on the list, with Two and a Half Men joker Ashton Kutcher coming 13th.

However, R&B singer Chris Brown only placed 20th, despite receiving mass criticism this year for rekindling his relationship with Rihanna, who he was arrested for beating in 2009, and starting a violent club brawl with Drake.

Star magazine's 20 Most Hated Celebrities in Hollywood list:

1. Gwyneth Paltrow,  2. Kristen Stewart, 3. Jennifer Lopez, 4. John Mayer,  5. Katherine Heigl

6. Matt Lauer, 7. Madonna, 8. Justin Bieber, 9. Anne Hathaway, 10. Kris Jenner, 

11. Kim Kardashian, 12. LeAnn Rimes, 13. Ashton Kutcher, 14. Jay Leno, 15. Angelina Jolie

16. Lindsay Lohan, 17. Shia LaBeouf, 18. Taylor Swift, 19. Jesse James, 20. Chris Brown

Most of the celebs on this list just seem to suffer from overexposure, and most of them don't annoy us enough to be "hated"... we just ignore them.

Phillip Sheppard

The brother of our police chief joins us on the phone to promote his new book The Specialist, We talk to Phillip about the thing he's most famous for... "Survivor".  Phillip tells us about the behind the scenes backstabbing, sex stuff, and more.

Music Roulette

There's a bit Wease used to do when he'd get a bunch of cds in the mail where'd we'd listen to music we'd never heard before and decide if we liked it or not.  Marianne is a new fan of the band "Future Birds", and we kind of dug the new Willie Nelson, but other than that we weren't impressed... even with a guy Wease dug in the 70's by the name Shuggie Otis.

Downtown Wayne Brown

Joined in studio by Wayne Brown, who some of you may recognise from his years of hosting a sci-fi show on cable access.  Maybe the only 55 year old black dude with a Superman coat, and nerdy in ways even Billy doesn't understand.  He's in to promote World Book Night, where different organizations hand out free books.  His sci-fi club will be giving out Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury ar the Boys and Girls Club on Genesee St.

We also grill things about all things nerdy like conventions, th people that go, and celebrities that no one has heard of.  A great guy, fun, and funny.

Tomorrow's Show

We'll be back at it on Hump Day with all the regular stuff you love, plus Ask Wease (get your questions in vis Facebook, email, or call us tomorrow), and someone just called "Race Car Broad" on our board.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice