Hump Day

Pauly was awoken from his nap yesterday afternoon to go jogging with his girlfriend, and he thinks it kept him awake longer than usual last night.  Maybe it was the nap that kept him up.

A story about a dog that stayed by his owner as the man died led to a discussion of smart animals from TV shows like Lassie and Flipper.  Wease seemed to remember an episode where Lassie needed Flipper's help, and the dog took a boat out to talk to the dolphin... we think Wease was high.

When previewing what's coming up on today's show Wease mentions a female racecar driver coming up.  How would most dudes feel if their chick did stuff that was more manly than them?  A caller brings up a woman named Christmas Abbott, a crossfit athlete that is now working on Michael Waltrip's pit crew.


A look at a video we'll be discussing later


Tools With Sports

Leave it to the Sabres to start playing good now, winning games that don't matter... the beat the Pittsburg Penguins last night.

The Knicks beat the Celtics last night, leading the playoff series 2-0.  Are we allowed to root against Boston?

Tools nails another "This Day In History"... 46 years ago . . . in 1967 - In Game 5 of the Eastern Division championships, the Philadelphia 76ers, led by WILT CHAMBERLAIN, ended the Boston Celtics' EIGHT-YEAR run of consecutive NBA titles, beating them, 125-to-122.   In honor of Wilt enjoy our favorite Adam Sandler bit.

We Love Meeses To Pieces

During the commercial break a listener sent Wease an mp3 of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club doing Wease's theme song "Let The Day Begin".  Pauly misread something in the email that included the song, and thought it was by Modest Mouse.  That lead us to talking about Danger Mouse the musician, Danger Mouse the cartoon character, Deadmau5 the DJ, and reggae singer Eek A Mouse.  Here is the cover of The Call song that started all this (and has nothing to do with a mouse of any sort).

Doug With News

- 3 Shot, 1 Stabbed In Home Invasion

- Man Seriously Injured In Frost Ave Shooting

- Irondequoit Voters Say Yes To New Library

- New Guidelines For Distracted Driving

- Subtitle Firm Sorry For Naming Zooey Deschanel As Boston Bomber

Nudist Deb Bowen

Deb Bowen, Caliente's marketing director, is key in the effort to 
build Pasco County nudist customer base, previously having worked for a 

We speak to Deb Bowen, marketing director of Caliente Resorts in Tampa, a clothing optional (nudist) resort.  We talk to Deb about the nudist lifestyle, the types of people that take vacations at the resort, Wease's love of being naked and nude beaches he's gone to.  Should the morning show do a naked show?  How come it's the ugly guys on the show that will have no problem getting naked, but Brooksie and Marianne are balking?

Finders Keepers Losers Weepers

A South Florida golf course employee is being commended for helping return $36,000 in cash to its rightful owner.

Police say Rachel Castillo found a bag full of money in January at Miami Beach Golf Course. She turned the money over to authorities, who found a name and address in the bag.

The 76-year-old man was no longer living at the address, but officials managed to track him to an assisted living facility.

Police verified that the money belonged to the man, who will get it all back.

If no one had claimed the money in 90 days, Castillo could have kept it.

Wease says he would've kept the cash because if someone has a bag of cash on the golf course they were just using it for gambling anyway.  Marianne tells us about the time she was working at a martini bar and found 9 grand that the owners misplaced.  She gave it back, and even they looked at her like she was a nut.

This leads to a discussion of martinis and whether people can really tell the difference between top shelf liquor and well alcohol.  Wease says no, people can be tricked, and don't really know.

Ask Wease

Does Wease have any comments about President Obama referring to Attorney General Kamala Harris as good looking?  Wease thinks the controversy about it was created by people that would mutherhucker the president no matter what he says or does.  Marianne says she thinks it was inappropriate.

I missed the next question while typing the previous answer, but do know the answer has Marianne listing her favorite drinks... Tangeray and Tonic, Bacardi and diet Coke, and a couple others.  Wease tells Marianne about his tequila and red wine combo... she has named this drink "a problem".

That's as far as we get with Ask Wease in this segment... the boozers on the show are too busy talking about the drinks that have f'ed them up the most.

Bonus Content... Babes Of Baseball

Racing Chick

Last week we were talking bad about NASCAR and a listener called saying his wife was a race car driver.  Wease invited them up, and here they are... Matt and Serenity.  Wease makes a lame "Serenity is a stripper name", but then decides it's a nice hippie name, and if he had another kid he might take it.

They tell us how they met when she was buying motor oil he'd never heard of from his dad's store, and how the dad wound up being one of her sponsors.  She tells how there are times she winds up racing against her brother... sometimes she wins, sometimes he wins.  Serenity also tells us about the pros and cons of being a female racer.  Lots of questions from callers about her racing, including from a nudist racer that Wease wants to get naked.  Wease says if he was ever going to sponsor a racer it'd be her.  Cool chick.

Tomorrow's Show

We're back tomorrow to inform as well as entertain with the whole crew, John Ditullio, Doug Emblidge, and guests including soccer superstar Abby Wambach, filmmaker Nick Dibella, and we'll find out what Wease will do to blow off Geezers vs. Douchebags this week.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.