May Day


Yesterday Mayor Warren held a press conference to announce this year's Party In The Park details, and had Wease announce the bands playing at this year's summer concert series.  They include favorites of his like Lucinda Williams and the Drive By Truckers.  Read the whole lineup HERE



We think it's funny that Dennis Hof, owner of Nevada brothels like The Bunny Ranch, has banned LA Clippers owner from his establishments (even though no one has ever said Sterling frequents the business).  He joins other tainted celebs like Michael Vick and the Duck Dynasty guys.  Dennis sure knows how to make the news.

The Wease Show is now banning Donald Sterling from our studio!!!

Also, Rihanna is banned from Instagram because she keeps posting topless pictures of herself, and nipples aren't allowed.  Who made the decision that the nipple is the bad part of the boob.

Hey, I'm only following rules here...



John Ditullio joins us in studio.  Coming out of the commercial break we play a joke where Conan O'Brien makes fun of lacrosse.  Wease defends the sport, and talks about how dumb it is to mock something you don't know about.

Have you ever accidentally taken something from a store without paying for it?  That's what Heismann Trophy winner Jameis Winston is claiming.  We're not sure if Winston is telling the truth, but we all have similar stories.



Texting While Driving

We talk about the dangers of texting while driving because the the story of the woman that posted on Facebook while driving.  She was happy to hear the song "Happy" by Pharell Williams, and then crashed into a truck seconds later.

Speaking of phone stuff, someone is texting Marianne's boyfriend pictures of boobs and vaginas, and he has no idea who is doing it, and they disappear within 10 seconds.  They also have messages like "thinking of you".  Maybe he also caught crabs from a toilet seat.


Doug With News

Medley Centre Reaches Deadline

- Rochester Shines On The Big Screen

- Cosmos Host In Rochester

Party In The Park Lineup


During a story about the kid that was accepted into every Ivy League school gets Wease talking about how he once picked a doctor based on his taste in music, and the fact he rode a motorcycle.  Marianne wants the nerd that never leaves his room.

How about a blast from the past, photo style... after all, it is Throwback Thursday.

In honor of the Spider-Man movie opening today, Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, and Star Wars Day on Sunday (May the Fourth Be With You) check out Billy at last summer's Toronto Comic-Con/Fan Expo... NERD!!!!




One of our favorite comedians, Godfrey, is in the studio.  Being a big sports fan he wants to chat about the Donald Sterling controversy, and has some hilarious comments on the situation, the chick that set Sterling up, racism, white guys rapping, and more.

Pitbull Controversy

We speak on the phone with Rob Nugent, a man in trouble for trying to do a good deed.  He was trying to help a starving dog that was left in the pouring rain, and is now charged with trespassing.  He was confronted by neighbors with weapons, and didn't back down.


Sex Talk

Now we're chatting with Dr. Sadie Allison author of "Tickle Your Fancy", which is a guide for women's self pleasure.  She's here to help our listeners with their sex lives.  If you go to her website you can get a free book with tips and tricks for your banging.

The Slime

A live edition of entertainment news with Jackie Nutt.  Stories lead Wease to talk about George Clooney's engagement, and the note found in Kurt Cobain's wallet after his suicide that mocks Courtney Love.

Kurt Cobain


Case Dismissed!!!

Good news for Pauly.. after months of legal problems between and Pauly and his former landlord, where the landlord tried taking Pauly to court for money he doesn't owe, the case has been dismissed.  Googs tells us the whole story, how he was served with legal papers, and the great work done by his lawyer Joe Schur.  The case has been dismissed!!!

Hats Off To Wease


Bill "Lambee" joins us in studio to show off the hats he's made for Wease and the rest of us.  Awesome stuff that you can find at his website HERE.



Breaking News

Monroe County Sheriff's are investigating a possible shooting on 390. Investigators say a tractor trailer was possibly struck by a bullet. The incident happened Thursday morning on 390 at the Buffalo Road overpass. The driver of the tractor trailer pulled over and called investigators. No one was injured in the incident. Greece police said Tuesday they are closing their investigation into a reported shooting incident along State Route 390 near West Ridge Road last week. Last Wednesday, police closed portions of the expressway after they received a report of a vehicle struck by a bullet last Monday evening during rush hour traffic. The subsequent investigation yielded little to no information about the reported incident, according to Greece Police Lt. Casey Voelkl. Police have not released the identity of the driver who reported the incident.

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