Wet Wednesday


It’s  a wet, rainy day in Rochester, so let everyone huddle under the Wease Show umbrella to stay dry.  There were some power outages overnight, but most have been taken care of.

Who says McDonald's isn't organic? One Iowa couple is claiming their food had marijuana in it. When 23-year-old Britney Songer, bit into the burger her fiancé, Cory Long, gave her, she got "mad" because it tasted bad and she thought it was the cologne he had on his hands when he bit into it first.

When she opened the burger, however, she saw, and smelled, what the real culprit was. "...I opened the burger and the cheese was just covered with weed," she told "Ottumwa Post." "Once I opened those burgers, you couldn't smell McDonald's anymore," she added. "You could only smell the illegal drugs that were on it."

Police are currently investigating the situation, which happened way back in April, but say McDonald's has "cooperated fully." 

Pauly admits another weird thing he does... when he eats at a restaurant he'll open up his burger or double check his food to make sure it's what it's supposed to be. 


John Ditullio

Last night on "TMZ LIve" Magic Johnson responded to the comments Donald Sterling made to Anderson Cooper.  Here's Sterling's original comments..


and here is what Magic had to say in response...


Here is what Shelly Sterling had to say about her husband...

Grumpy and yelling on minute... laughing and talking about something else the next.  Wease says that sounds like him.

Bridge Safety

We speak to Gates Town Supervisor Mark Assini about the closed bridge in his town, and Rochester's bridge safety in general.  Wease has an idea to have prisoners do the work to repair the bridges, but local construction and union laborers call in not so happy with that idea. 

Doug and Shari With News

A combo platter of news today because Doug is calling from on location in Yates County where roads are flooded because of the storms.  Click HERE for pics of the flooding.  WHAM's Shari Smith is in studio....

- Medley Owners Fined $100,000

MMA Bill Passes NY State Senate

Ban The Box

The Fat Girl

The latest episode of "Louie" on FX has a scene that has gone viral... a waitress at the Comedy Club Louie performs at, and he turned her down.  They later had this conversation.  Louie CK writing is brilliant, and the performance by actress Sarah Baker is fantastic... 


Sherriff Tom Dougherty

We speak with Livingston County sherriff Tom Dougherty about the welfare fraud/identity theft crackdown in his area.  Tom tells us about how the investigation was conducted, possible penalties, and ways to solve the problems that lead to this issue.

Beauty and the Beast

Joined in studio by Hassan and Stephanie who are starring in the RBTL procuction of "Beauty and the Beast" at the Auditorium Theater.  Pauly and Ryann went last night, and it's a great date night.  Wease asks them about their travels, backgrounds, etc...

Ask Wease 

Pretend it’s your last meal ever… what would it be?  We thought Wease would choose fish of some sort, but he says he's going for everything he loves that is bad for him... pizza, hot pretzels, hot fudge sundaes.  Pauly has a loooong list of food... oh wait, that's just today's lunch.  A listener suggests p***y to Wease, who agrees.

Why doesn't Billy drive?  Is there a reason?  When he had a permit driving made him anxious and scared so he figured it was safer for himself and other people not to do it.

Do you have any superstitions?  Wease and Billy both have some... Wease's for poker include Jesus and Buddah statues, not wearing certain shirts, etc... Billy also has a shirt superstition for when he bowls good, he'll wear that same shirt until the good luck runs out.  When the Mets are playing well Billy won't move from the spot he's watching.

Should TV and movies have a moral obligation to not show drugs and alcohol in a positive nature?  That's a slippery slope, but education is the key. 

Brother Wease... "Who Am I?"

Wease has been working here for 5 years... Marianne for a year. It seems that Pauly, Billy, Jackie, Tools, and Brooksie might be the only other people in the building they know.  Who will the morning show hosts know when Pauly, Billy, and Jackie bring in some of their coworkers to ask "Do you know who I am?"

From left to right say hi to Linda Zicari, Caitlin Skellett, Lori Pulvino, Karen Ahern. Nicole Brown, and Amanda Griggs. 

Tara Nutt

We're joiined in studio by Jackie Nutt's sister Tara, who stopped in to bring us some wine from where she works.  She came back to Rochester from Long Island after Super Storm Sandy because she was scared, just like Jackie left Temple University in Philly because she was scared there.  Tara doesn't have Nutt's unique laugh though.