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The big news in Rochester is the possible bullet that took out a truck’s back window yesterday morning.  Is this a sniper situation?  Is it like what happened in Washington DC about a decade ago?  Wease say absolutely not.  Maybe it was a bullet, maybe it was a rock, but he doesn’t think we have a serial shooter out there.  Other similar things have happened recently, including right near Billy’s house around Dewey and Ridgeway (but he’s surprised it doesn’t happen more around there). 

The thing that makes it look more like a bullet than a rock is that the police are so involved in the investigation, closing down a portion of 390 for a bunch of the morning and afternoon. 



John Ditullio is in studio and we talk about the latest twist in the Donald Sterling story... the racist owner of the LA Clippers is said to be dying of prostate cancer.

Wease raises an interesting question... if you had all of your arguments with a spouse taped would we be able to come up with something that would get you fired?  Wease thinks so.

Is the Kentucky Derby the most exciting two minutes in sports, as it's claimed to be?  Maybe, maybe not.  We debate what other sports can make that claim.  We'll be having on the horse racing experts from Batavia Downs at 10am to break down this weekend's race, and hopefully give you the winner.

Ya know what I like better than the four legged animals running?  Two legged beauties on all fours...



Marshall Fine Film Reviews

Only one big movie this week...

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has opened, and Marshall says it's ok, but not great... it's too long, and too much time spent on characters talking about their feelings.  Look out for Rochester...


Wease's Night

Are you shocked Wease went out to dinner last night, may have had a few drinks, and isn't feeling so hot this morning.  He almost pulled a "Pauly" this morning, but not that bad... he wound up with a big, loud smelly fart in the lobby of the building where only he and the lady security guard were.  He feels really bad, and for once he's also embarrassed.

Wease's dinner was a party for Dr. Madeb, and other guests included Senator Jim Alessi, some other doctors and surgeons, and an undertaker (Pauly wants to know if Wease told the undertaker he was sorry for his loss at Wrestlemania... Billy was still laughing at this joke minutes later).  There were some mix ups at dinner last night that led to expensive wine, and Wease going home with the wrong doggy bag.  He wound up with steak instead of the tuna he was looking forward too.

Doug With News 

Woman Charged With Stealing From Senior Center

Medley Developers Fall Short On Payment

Reported 390 Shooting Investigation Continues

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Debuts 

Did you see the video of the sinkhole opening up and collapsing a street in Baltimore?  Scary.


Rochester Car Shootings 

We're back to the big story from yesterday... the possible shooting on 390.  We get a call from "Eddie", a listener whose car was shot at on the corner of Dewey and Ridgeway in the city.  He tells the story of what happened to him, and leads to a discussion of whether or not the citizens of Rochester should be worried.  Wease doesn't think so, and we can't live our lives in fear when an isolated incident like this happens.  Marianne and Pauly both think there is cause for concern.

Wease is with another listener that calls with questions about the incident... why have there been no talk about entrance and exit holes of a bullet?  Good question.

Godfrey Is Back

Comedian Godfrey returns, and is at The Comedy Club all weekend long.  Godfrey talks about the actors he sees in NYC, bringing up Paul Giamatti.  This leads to a discussion of baseball and gambling because Paul's father Bart was the baseball commissioner that banned Pete Rose from the game.  Surprisingly, Wease is for gambling in sports.


From Business Insider...

How much do you tip the guy (or girl) who delivers your late-night snack?

If it's 13% or lower, you're one of the worst tippers in the America.

A new analysis by food-delivery site GrubHub, which compared a year's worth of non-cash tips, ranked the best and worst cities by the average tip given.

Here's what they found:

The Worst Tippers


chart worst tippers

Business Insider


And, for comparison, the best tippers:


chart best tippers

Business Insider


Read more: 

 Pauly and Marianne both having worked for restaurants, have stories of their own of bad customers and tips they have (and haven't) gotten.



Chris Trapper

Joined in studio by musician Chris Trapper, playing at Abiliene tonight and tomorrow.  He's one of Billy's very favorite musicians.  Billy's gets to sing a duet with him on one of his songs "Away We Go", which is a song he and Susan find very special.

Because a song on Chris' new cd "Technicolor" mentions the term "rub and tug" we also have a funny conversation about towns that Trapper tour thru that have massage parlors.  You won't be surprised to find out Wease has some experience at these places.


Derby Day

Todd Haight is here from Batavia Downs to talk about tomorrow's Kentucky Derby.  For all the info you need about tomorrow's activity go to their website HERE.