Monday Monday 

A man shot at a liquor store near the corner of Chili Ave. and Thurston Rd. has died.  Billy knows exactly where this place is... he grew up just a couple blocks from there, and his parents would buy stuff there occasionally.  Billy has a memory of going there when his parents were having a party, and they needed a bottle of wine, and him as a kid being able to pick it up for them with a note .  Was this really possible 35 years ago?

Did you watch the Kentucky Derby on Saturday?  A huge long shot finished 2nd, either making people lots of money, or ruining bets.


Have you seen the video of the accident at the circus in Rhode Island?  9 performers were injured when a contraption used during an aerial act collapsed.



Wease and John Ditullio talk about the Derby some more, all the celebs at the race, and Johnny's remote at Rubino's last Friday.  Is the horse race the best sport to watch based on time spent watching... you really only need two minutes.  At Pauly's bartending gig he was prepared to make mint juleps, but no one asked.

Floyd Mayweather won a controversial decision against Marcos Maidana.  Many people think Maidana won... he threw twice as many punches as Mayweather.

After the fight, chaos broke out as thousand of fans leaving the fight were running for cover as two UNCONFIRMED shots were heard. This lead to several fights, a near stampede that made it's way inside the press room.

Bonus Content... This past weekend was both Free Comic Book Day (Saturday), and Star Wars Day (Sunday... May the Fourth Be With You).  We give you "Hot Girls In Nerdy Panties"...


Bills For Sale/Tipping

There are reports that Bills GM Russ Brandon had dinner with billionaire Tom Golisano over the weekend.  Is he buying the team?  What does Tom Golisano tip?  Does he have access to food that regular people don't eat?  Would he rather have fancy food, or burger and fries?  A waiter that has served Tom in the past calls in to answer these questions... he's a 20% tipper, just like normal people.  This leads to the recurring argument Wease and Marianne have been having about tipping on expensive wine.  The waiter agrees with Marianne.

Doug With News

Man Dies After Chili Ave. Shooting

Cemetery Vandalized For Third Time In Month

East High Students Compete For Iron Chef

Golisano Interested In Bills

Wease's Weekend

Wease talks about a charity event he went to Saturday night.  He was late because he was home squeezing the Kentucky Derby.  When he got there he found out the table he was eating dinner with included Louise Slaughter, Camp Good Days founder Gary Mervis, and Buffalo politician Chris Collins.  Wease talks about the auction that included lots of wine, and the opportunity to be on WHAM's Home Repair Clinic with Jim Salmon.

White House Correspondents Dinner

The annual White House Correspondents Dinner was this weekend, where politicians, reporters, and entertainment get together for a night of fun and jokes.  It was hosted by Joel Mchale, and President Obama also had a funny set...



Wease's Old House

The house Wease grew up in as a kid on Gerard St. is for sale, and had an open house, so Wease went to see the place and relive some memories.  He was disappointed his kids didn't go with him to see where their daddy grew up.


Have you ever wondered "I wonder where Wease first played with himself"?  Here ya go...



Ben Affleck Card Shark 

Ben Affleck is probably sleeping on the couch for now. The actor and his wife, Jennifer Garner, were in Las Vegas for a "romantic getaway" before he starts filming the next "Batman" movie, but as "The New York Daily News" reports, it'll be their last trip there for a lifetime.

Affleck is a known card player, but now we know he also counts cards. Or at least, that's what he stands accused of. While playing black jack at a high rollers table over the weekend, Hard Rock Hotel management reportedly approached and said "you are too good" and had a car bring Affleck and the missus back to their hotel.

Card counting involved adding card values to decide when to bet big money, and while it's not illegal, it's obviously frowned upon by casinos. So far, neither Ben Affleck or The Hard Rock Las Vegas has issued any statement so far.

Affleck was on a romantic getaway with his wife, and yet he was spending his vacation time playing cards in a casino.  We know someone like that.

Free Comic Book Day

A listener calls in to talk about a gambling story, but mentions he's a comic book fan.  He didn't know this past Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, so Wease had Billy explain to the guy what he missed at comic book stores all across America.  Billy even met the biggest movie star in the world at All Heroes Comics on Lake Ave....


Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and had a couple sketches with co-star Emma Stone.