Cleveland Kidnapping Update

Lots of info about the Amanda Berry kidnapping in Cleveland has come out since yesterday.  Seems that the police had been called to the house of the kidnappers a couple of times in the past when neighbors had reported seeing naked women chained in the backyard.

Cleveland police were not very forthcoming this morning this morning with details on the investigation of the rescued kidnapping victimsbut a few leaked reports and at least one odd coincidence are shedding some light on the man who appears to be most responsible

According to the family of Gina DeJesus, who spoke to local CBS affliate WOIO, one the women who was held captive for nearly a decade, say that she actually knew Ariel Castro, the owner of the house where the women were found, because he was a relative of one of her friends. It's not known if they interacted or had any sort of relationship before DeJesus was kidnapped, but since the other two women were also from the area, it's possible he knew them as well.

Read more of the disgusting story HERE.

The hero of the story is Charles Ramsey, the black dude that saved Amanda Berry, and busted into the kidnappers house.  He was the subject of a some awesome celebrity tweets yesterday,  Here are a couple examples...

PATTON OSWALT had a good one.  He said, quote, "Dear Charles Ramsey:  I am not a little pretty white girl, but I totally want to run into your black arms."



But QUESTLOVE from the ROOTS had the best take on the Ramsey video . . . after noticing the double-take Charles did when he heard a police siren in the distance.



He said, quote, "The true gem of the Charles Ramsey clip is at 1:05 . . . the traumatic sound of a police siren will freeze any cat."  

We'll be playing Ramsey's equally awesome 911 call in a few minutes.

Tools With Sports

Very cool that the man that started this hockey season as the Amerks coach is now officially the Sabres coach.  Congrats Ron Ralston.

Knicks win in a blowout.

Carrie Underwood is replacing Faith Hill as the singer of the Sunday Night Football.  Will the NFL be hanging Faith's short skirt at half mast?

We've got a list here of the top U.S. cities for sports fans.  The rankings only included cities with pro teams in all four major sports.



It looked at attendance, prices, and the city's total number of sports bars . . . but NOT how many championships they've won in recent years.  Here are the top 12:



1.  Dallas


2.  Chicago


3.  Detroit


4.  New York


5.  San Francisco  (The San Jose Sharks are included in San Francisco's ranking.)


6.  Minnesota


7.  Phoenix


8.  Denver


9.  Miami


10.  Philadelphia


11.  Boston


12.  Washington D.C.

Charles Ramsey Day 2

Charles Ramsey is currently America's hero after saving the Cleveland kidnap victims, and being so entertaining in every word he speaks.  Check out Ramsey's 911 call after saving Amanda Berry.

And also a great thought from Charles while being interviewed by Anderson Cooper...

Doug With News

- Ginna Siren Test Wednesday

- WWFD Welcomes First Volunteers Since Christmas Eve Tragedy

- Local Autorities Watching Cleveland Developments

- 3D Printing Guns A Potential Challenge To SAFE Act

Maggie Brooks

We're joined on the phone by County Executive Maggie Brooks.  Wease says he has some issues to discuss not related to the original stuff we originally wanted her to comment on... but we'll start with the original subject...

Maggie talks about the budget sequester, and how it affects Rochester's airport.  The money issues may cause air traffic controllers to not be available 24 hours a day, leaving pilots to be available "on their own" overnights, or fly to an airport in another city.  Maggie and her coworkers are doing their best to prevent this, and we'll know more in the future.

Wease asks about a controversial story regarding Monroe Community Hospital, and complaints by the families of one of it's patients.  Maggie can't comment while the investigation in underway, but some listeners call with thoughts about it.

Wease and Maggie also discuss Spider-Man, and the effect on her office where many of the workers have spent the past days looking out the windows.  It's almost over.

Charles Ramsey Revisited

We get back to the hero of the Cleveland kidnapping victims, and the story of the heinous men that held the women captive.  We start the set by replaying Charles Ramsey's 911 call, and Anderson Cooper asking him about a reward.... scroll up for those.

Here's more with Ramsey and Anderson Cooper...


Wease Rant

To be honest with you I don't feel like giving promotion to the competition, so I'm going to be more vague than Wease is.  Yesterday a competing show was making fun of our show, saying we were in last place which is an absolute lie... we're actually in 1st place in our main demo of men, and 3rd overall.  Granted they are #1 overall, but we're on their tails, and eventually people will smarten up and get sick of that big mouthed broad and the boring guy.

WE also discuss a rising new musical artist that we're keeping our eye on, Gin Wigmore.  She's getting rave reviews from listeners, friends, and coworkers.  In fact the stations production guy Joe-Lo just gave Billy the cd yesterday.

Ask Wease

Rachel asks why do some women think it's ok to bring their young sons, as old as 7, into women's lockeroom?  Wease didn't even know this happens, but Marianne is uncomfortable with it.  Even she gets distracted by the boobs, so how is a little boy supposed to react?

Does Charles Ramsey remind Wease of the barbershop scene in Coming To America?  Yes.  Watch Coming To America Barbershop.

How do you change a bad day until a good day?  Wease says depending on your favorite vices... tequila, bongs, pizza, sex are all options.

Has Wease ever thought about getting back into concert promotion, and putting on shows with bands he loves, using his own money.  No. The concert business has changed, and even the biggest promoters say it's way harder.  Expensives have blown up, tickets are too expensives, etc...

Gina asks about moving to another city to live with a guy she's only known a month.  She doesn't have a job connecting her to here, or any family.  Is it too soon?  What should she do?  Wease said take a shot... what if she goes to her deathbed going "what if?"

Next is a tax question that's over my head to explain, and over Wease's head to answer... he just know he pays a lot.

High School Yearbook Baby

Caitlin Tiller posed for her high
 school senior picture holding her 1-year-old baby.

A listener calls to ask Wease if he'd heard the story of a high school girl that wanted her baby in her yearbook picture.  What do he and Marianne think.  Wease loves the idea, and thinks that it shows she thought enough of her education to graduate after having a baby.  Marianne thinks it's innappropriate.

When the yearbook committee at a North Carolina high school asked students to hold a prop that represents their greatest achievement for their senior portraits, teens brought in sporting equipment, musical instruments and even family pets. One student named Caitlin Tiller posed holding her 1-year-old son, Leelin.

“He helped me get to where I am today,” Tiller, 17, told Fox 8.  “I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him.”

Two days before the yearbook was set to print, staff at Wheatmore High School in Trinity, N.C., decided to pull the image because, according to Tiller, they felt it inappropriately promoted teen pregnancy.

We also get a Charles Ramsey remix we love, and think it's actually a good song.  Too bad the story is so awful or Charlie might have a hit on his hands with "Dead Giveaway".

Mother's Day Gifts

What should Wease get Doreen for Mother's Day?  Wease is at a loss, and we get a ton of suggestions from lots of listeners like spa packages, coupon books, perfume, have the kids get her something because Doreen isn't Wease's mom, and others.

Tomorrow's Show

Join the Wease Show tomorrow for another big show.  Comedian Judy Gold will join us, as will police officer Bill Lawler, who always has great stories from his career.  We'll be playing Geezers Vs Douchebags for Bill Maher tix, and much more.  It's nice to be important but more important to be nice.