Lilac Time


It’s the first of two Wease Show’s today…. Wease will be at today’s opening day of The Lilac Festival from noon-2pm.  Do you want to help us get into the Guinness Book Of World Records?  It’s all hands on deck to build the world’s biggest human flower.  Click HERE for all the info you'll need.  Come down and hang out with Jackie Nutt and her Lilac hair.


We open the show talking about last night's public meeting in Charlotte to discuss development in the area.  There is controversy surrounding the plan... some people say that Charlotte shouldn't be changed because no one comes there anyway, others think there isn't enough parking for the people that visit now... where are you going to put more folks?


Last night Wease and family went to the new Seth Rogen movie "Neighbors", and hated it.... just too silly for him.  It leads to a discussion of how people grow up, and at some point the idea of staying up all night partying just doesn't appeal to you anymore.
Marianne says she has reached that point... when she was younger she couldn't picture a time when she didn't want to go out every night, do comedy, hand out with friends, etc... Now it doesn't appeal to her.  She still thinks having kids sounds awful though.
Dan Moriarty Sports
Danny filling in for John Ditullio today.  Wease and Danny discuss last night's NFL Draft, the Bills traded up to get the #4 pick and took WR Sammy Watkins.  Pauly Googs is happy because they got the guy they wanted, plus Johnny Football, and the Bills 1st round draft pick.  Sammy became the first player to take a selfing with NFL commissoner Roger Goodell.
Wease seems to be extra anti-sports today, not getting the appeal of the draft at all.
Marshall Fine Film Reviews
Marshall and Wease have both seen "Neighbors".  As I said early Wease hated it.  Marsh admits it not a great movie, but does think it's very funny, which is nothing to be sniffed at.  Believe it or not, one of the most profane guys in the world (Wease) thought there was too much swearing. 

Doug With News
John Dicrosta
Joined in studio by comedian John Dicrosta.  He talks about his younger days as a skateboarder, recently filming a sketch where he plays a skateboarding Donald Sterling, and experiences of working on shows ranging from Extreme Dodgeball, to Politically Incorrect, to Dancing With The Stars.  If you've seen the second Transformers movie John is also the voice of a bunch of the Transformers.

Zip A Dee Doo Dah 
Our buddy Street Willie is in studio, and his resemblance to Uncle Remus leads to a discussion of the banned Disney movie "Song Of The South".


Guinness World Records

Joined in studio by Michael Empric, and adjudicator for the Guinness Book Of World Records.  It's his job to  formally judge record attempts, like today's "World's Biggest Human Flower" at the Lilac Festival (join Wease and crew there at noon, at the stage near South and Highland).  He talks about some of the weirdest and grossest things he's seen in his years, including the longest fingernails.


Charles Ramsey



We speak to Charles Ramsey, who became famous a year ago when he rescued the girls kidnapped by Ariel Castro.  remember his famous 911 call...

Charles has a new book out called Dead Giveaway, and talks about his role in the kidnapping story, his theory on Castro still being alive, opinions on the Cleveland Browns (we actually tell Charles that his favorite team drafted Johnny Football last night  "Oh that poor man".)  Charles even wants Floyd Mayweather to fight Rochester boxer Willie Monroe.  He was awesome.