Playing Through The Pain

Once or twice a year something happens to Wease's throat and he sounds even worse than normal, barely able to talk... today's one of those days.  It's radio's version of straining an ACL.  We'll see if he can make it through the day.

Saturday night Marianne took part in a bluegrass jam at a coffeehouse in the South Wedge area.  Wease quizzes her on the songs she can play... Orange Blosson Special, nope.  Of Susannah, yup.  

This weekend Ryann's brother left his Dr. Dre Beats Headphones at Pauly's house, so Pauly brought them in to see if they're all that they're cracked up to be for $300.  So far he's not impressed, but they're probably not made for talk radio... maybe they sound good with rap, and lots of low end bass.

The Purge was the #1 movie this weekend.  Pauly saw it and was majorly disappointed in the flick... didn't have the cool plot twists he was hpoing for.  On the good side, the remodeled theater in Webster is amazing... recliners, new concessions, etc...  

Tools With Sports

The Miami Heat crushed the Spurs last night 103-84.  Wease is disappointed he didn't bet more.

Tools talks about a couple local kids drafted by MLB teams this weekend.  Did you know that if kids coming out of high school go to college instead of signing with a major league team you have to stay in school for 3 years.  This may help the players get drafted higher later.

Did you see the protester run on court at The French Open yesterday?

Wease's Voice

Wease's voice needed to be rested, so we'll be playing some of our favorite segments from past shows, and some live segments with Marianne, Pauly, Billy, Brooksie, Willie, Shari Smith, etc...  Relive, or enjoy for the first time, the first marriage ceremony performed by Reverend Brother Wease, us questioning Willie about his sex life, some of our favorite comedians, and much more.


Shari Smith News

- Road In Wayne Co. Closed, 2 Die In Crash

- Plan In Place To Move Wegmans LPGA Event

- Leak Revealed In Secret Surveillance

- Saving Rochester Police Department Mounted Patrol