A Packed Show

Lots of stuff going on this morning… Wease will be talking to both 13 WHAM’s Sean Carroll, and Livingston County’s sheriff about the deputies falsifying time cards.  Also, Rachel Barnhart from CH. 8 will be discussing the controversy surrounding the city paying $250,000 for a football camp with former NFL TE/East High graduate Roland Williams.


Billy is also back from Niagara Falls Comic-Con with a report or what’s going on in the world of nerds, Wease went to the Press-Radio Club sports dinner last night and has stories, and Vincent “Big Pussy” Pastore will be on at 10:30 for all you fans of The Sopranos. 



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Sean Carroll On Livingston County Scandal 


Joined by 13 WHAM's Sean Carroll regarding the scandal surrounding the Livingston County deputies accused of time card fraud.  Nine deputies allegedly paid part timers work their shifts.  Us being the Wease Show, we don't understand why that's really bad... the work is still being done by someone qualified.  Sean tries to explain the crime to us, and how the investigation came about.

John Ditullio

Wease and Tools were both at the Press Radio Club Dinner last night... Wease's A.D.D only let him stay until 6:45.  A huge head table with lots of people making speeches had Wease thinking "If I have to listen to all these people talk I might die".

Wease talks about how hot Ralph Wilson's widow Mary looked.


Tools LOVED Sabres star Patrick Kaleta... his new favorite guy.


This is Wease with the Razorshark owners with their championship trophy.


Slayton From Israel

The Pitbull of Comedy, Bobby Slayton calls from Israel, where he is touring with our other buddy Kevin Meaney.  He talks about Meaney being arrested at the airport in NYC on the way to Israel, having to work clean every night (which is really hard for him), and his daughter Natasha touring with Top 40 girl group G.R.L (her hit is with rapper Pitbull, and her dad is the Pitbull of Comedy).


Redneck News

The Canandaigua Police Depart­ment reported the arrest on Wednesday (6/4) of Re­becca Myles age 31, of Shorts­ville Road in Shortsville after police responded to a report of a suspicious ve­hicle on Pleas­ant Street.

After a police investigation it was determined that Myles caused sub­stantial inconvenience to the victim by defecating in and on her property and was charged with Criminal Tamper­ing in the 3rd Degree. Myles was also
 charged with Aggravated Unlicensed Operation 3rd, and Driving with No License.

Myles was released on an appear­ance ticket for Court at a later date.


Newark Village Police received a report of a sus­picious vehi­cle in the We­gman’s store parking lot on Sunday (6/1) at 12: 32 a. m.

As police approached the vehicle, they spotted a marijuana cigarette hang­ing from the mouth of the passed- out driver. Police tapped on the window, at which time the driver,
 Brandon Currier,
 age 23, of Shoreline Boulevard in Ontario took his foot off the vehicle brake. The car lunged forward hitting another parked vehicle.

Currier was subsequently arrested for Driving While Ability Impaired-Drugs, Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 78th De­gree- heroin, Criminal Possession of a Hypodermic Instrument and two counts of Unsafe Tires. Police found glassine envelopes, and a suspected drug spoon in the vehicle/ Currier was released to his father. His car was towed from the scene. He will appear in Newark Village Court on 6/18.

Doug Emblidge News

Calling Hours For Fallen Medina Soldier

Jim Kelly Recovering At Home

Multiple People Arrested At Medley Centre

We also speak with Livingston County Sheriff Tom Dougherty about the scandal surrounding deputies falsifying time cards, swapping shifts, etc...  Once again, Wease defends the practice.  Sheriff Dougherty explains why this is wrong, and how the deputies resigned , but how difficult it was to accept the resignations because of the friendships.


Bonus Content... Tight Jeans And G Strings



Rachel Barnhart/$250,000 For WHAT?

Speaking to Channel 8's Rachel Barnhart about a planned football camp/mentorship program run by former NFL tight end Roland Williams.  There are some concerns surrounding this program... the money involved (up to $250,000), Roland's living in L.A. and the amount of time he'll actually spend in Rochester, the fact that it's only serving young men and not young women, and not having enough time to actually put together a comprehensive program.

There are also TONS of other things you could do with a quarter of a million bucks to help inner city youths. 

We also speak to City Councilmember Carolee Conklin about the situation and these problems raised, plus the lack of information provided to the city council.


Billy At Comic-Con

Billy was off for a couple days... he and Susan went to Niagara Falls Comic-Con up in Canada.  Billy talks about some of the things he saw, did, and spent money on.  Check out a few of the highlights by clicking on the gallery below.



Netflix Binge Watching

The second season of the Netflix show "Orange Is The New Black" was made available this weekend, and gets the show talking about binge watching, and the genius of Netflix.  Marianne is currently watching "Damages" with Glenn Close  and even though she doesn't like it she keeps watching one episode after another.  Wease is dying to see "Orange Is The New Black", and read the book it was based on.



How can people watch everything available?  There is just too much... how can anything get ratings?

Cell Phones In Classrooms

Is it ok for students to use their phones in school to text or look up info?  We call Wease's wife Doreen, who is a teacher, to ask about this.  We talk about a teacher beaten up by a student's dad because of inappropriate texts sent to his daughter.


We also talk about a guy arrested for stalking Sandra Bullock... 


Thirty-nine-year old Joshua Corbett broke into Sandra’s house in the wee hours of Sunday morning. He was able to get past the security cameras and barbed wire to get into the house, where the Oscar winner and her four-year-old son, Louis, were sleeping.


Apparently Corbett was going through Sandra’s house taking her personal items. And the Los Angeles Police say that the break-in wasn’t a random act. Corbett – who was arrested on suspicion of burglary – allegedly obsessed with Bullock – even going so far as to keep a diary about the actress.

Wease wants to know why this dude would want old ass Sandra Bullock.  Her face is crumbling and everything.


Big Pussy Vincent Pastore


Actor Vincent Pastore is on the phone to talk about his current play "Bullets Over Broadway" (a version of the Woody Allen movie), the Sopranos, the Rascals show produced by Miami Steve, mutual friends, movies, music, and infomercial Vincent did, broccoli  and more.