A Nice Day For A Radio Show 

It may be gray and rainy today, but we’re here to brighten your day, and guide you thru life's ups and downs.

Bonus Content... Most Epic Rollercoasters


Webster resident Christopher Whitcomb is in the news for sniffing out an IRS phone scam.  This leads to a discussion of scams that target the elderly via the internet, and how the computer of Marianne's parents is full of viruses because they click on every pop up, and fall for fake emails they get.  Luckily Marianne has caught stuff before there have been real problems.


Dare To Be Fat

Yesterday the NY State Senate debated making yogurt New York's official state snack.  Pauly has Ryann scammed that frozen yogurt is good for you, and get's some almost every night, adding other healthy stuff like gummy bears and brownie bits.  At least it's better for you than ice cream, which we can all eat a pint of in one sitting.  The Daily Show did a great piece on the yogurt situation.




John Ditullio is bragging this morning because yesterday he said "take the Rangers to the bank".  NY beat the LA Kings last night 2-1, even though the Kings outplayed the Rangers.  John says if you check out his overall record he'd be killing, but he won't bet real money.

Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine says he has no problem with Johnny Manziel's partying ways, and taking trips to Vegas, San Antonio (for the NBA Finals), and Austin (X Games).  Pauly says Johnny Football should get it out of his system... he'll be living in Cleveland soon.


School Bus "Shooting"


Yesterday a school bus in Gates Chili had a window shattered while returning from a field trip.  Police don't know if this incident is related to all the other BB gun highway shootings recently, but Crime Stoppers is offering a reward "UP TO" $1,000.  Wease has issue with the term "up to".  What would constitute a lower amount?  Why isn't the reward more to begin with?

Doug With News

Local Man Target Of IRS Scam

Two Rochester Teens Shot On Norton Street

Local Protesters Arrested In Albany

- Questions Surrounding Possible City Football Camp


Sky Sands/God Vs. Smoking


We're joined in studio by comedian/magician Sky Sands who tells us about his new diet, and how he's cutting carbs from his diet to be healthier.  Speaking of health Wease has an article given to him by his Jehovah Witness friends that tells is God's view on smoking.  Here's the short version.... he's against it.

Talkin' Baseball

Rochester Red Wings GM Dan Mason is in studio to promote the team's current homestand, which starts tonight with former Met/Yankee Darryl Strawberry signing autographs and throwing out the first pitch.

Wease is a fan of guys with personalities, and have gotten in trouble like Daryl, Dock Ellis (who pitched a no-hitter on LSD), Mark "The Bird" Fydrich (who used to talk to the ball and stomp around the mound), and Bill "The Spaceman" Lee (who used to get high all the time).  Lee will be at Frontier Field Next week.


Jackie Nutt Slime


- Ben Affleck was asked to leave another casino... You’ll recall that the Oscar winner was kicked out of the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas after he was caught counting cards. He was barred from playing black jack there, and other casinos flagged him as an advantaged player. The situation is so out of hand that some of Ben’s people are wondering if he needs to seek treatment for a gambling addiction.

Apparently gambling is how Ben spends his downtime while filming “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” A casino source said, “He’s here for hours on end and never leaves happy.” This reminds us of someone we know and love.  Wease said he couldn't sleep last night, and almost went back to poker at 1am this morning.

- Did you see Jim Carey's inspirational commencement speech?  This is the part everyone loves...



Attorney James Nobels On Local Crime



We speak to Rochester's top defense lawyer James Nobels about the comments he made on Channel 13 about the local "shootings" (for lack of a better work) on Rochester highways.  James talks about the various charges a suspect could be charged with if caught, how hard it would be to connect every case to each other, and how he would go about with a defense if he were hired.

James also has doubts that it's a BB gun causing the problems based on what he's learned about ballistics during his career.


OJ Simpson 20 Years Later

The OJ Simpson White Bronco chase, arrest, trial was 20 years ago and over the past few days some of the people that became stars during that time period have been on TV talking about what happened 2 decades ago.  Remember Kato Kaelin?



Even today it's still unbelievable that he wasn't convicted for the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.  How terrible were prosecutors Marcia Clark and Chris Darden?  The trying on of the gloves may have been one of the biggest mistakes in legal history.