West Irondequoit Says NO!!

After its $67.7 million budget proposal was defeated May 20, the West Irondequoit Central School District gambled on re-introducing the same plan for a second vote, hoping for a surge of voters who sat out the first time.

The vote was 3,363 in favor and 2,789 opposed, according to unofficial results. That is more than twice the number of residents who voted May 20 and the most in the district for at least 10 years. It's the first failed budget in West Irondequoit since 1983.

The district will now implement a contingency budget that holds the property tax levy steady from 2013-14, trimming about $1.5 million from the twice-failed 2014-15 proposal.


Remember Frank?  He was the really pissed off caller who didn’t think they should’ve had to revote.  He got his way.  Listen to how mad he was a month ago.

Frank calls back this morning much happier about what is going down, although he's still kind of pissed about his taxes.


Here is the first song in today's Theme Bump Wednesday.  Great concert tix to give away this morning.



Second song for Theme Bump Wednesday is "Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney and Wings.  Billy is going to see Sir Paul in a couple weeks, and Wease wonders if it's cool to see a 72 year old man in concert... then concedes it would be cool to see Mick and the Stones. 

A couple years ago the Houston Texans were one of the best teams in the NFL, last year they were the worst.  Now they have named former Bill QB Ryan Fitzpatrick as their starter.  Very nice guy.  As a quarterback?  Still a very nice guy. 

Stories about how cool it is going to the stadium for sporting events leads to Pauly talking about his fear of sitting anywhere but behind the screen at home plate for baseball games.  He's sure he's going to be hit and killed by a foull ball, and anyone not behind the screen is putting their lives in danger. 


World Cup D Cups

It looks like Brazil’s female president just wasn’t hot enough.

Instead, the country’s best export, supermodel Gisele Bundchen will most likely hand the trophy to the winners of the 2014 World Cup after the final…

Normally, it IS the prez or some senior football figure from the host country -- but there was concern that President Dilma Rousseff would be booed again, like she was at the opening ceremony.


It seems people are still peeved at her for spending millions on hosting the World Cup rather than address the country’s crushing poverty. Damn politics.

Bonus Content... The Best Of Bundchen Boobs And Buns

We also talk about the popularity throughout the world, and in Rochester.  A listener tells us about his "soccer honeymoon" in Brazil in '94, and even getting robbed at knifepoint.

Doug With News

Teens Offered Plea Deal

Storm Damage Throughout Monroe County

Road Runner Email Outage

- Budget Doesn't Pass In West Irondequoit  

Riley Bremmer


Joined in studio by young entrepreneur Riley Bremmer who went to a competition in Washington with his invention, reversible ties.  Riley wound up winning, and the prizes include a full college scholarship.  Wease says his parents should be kissing his ass.  There is a good chance Riley will also be on Shark Tank in the near future.

Ask Wease

Nothing can kill your self-confidence faster than an honest kid. Ugh. At a pool party yesterday afternoon (before the rain hit) and my 6-year-old niece said (shouted, more like it), "AUNT HOLLY WHAT ARE THOSE UGLY MARKS ON YOUR BACK? POOOOOR GIRL." 

Thanks for bringing up my acne scars, you horrible child. It's not like you can really get mad, but I was done for the day. (I also told her never to point out anyone's blemishes again. Rude.)

What's the worst thing a kid has told you?


Holly in Greece

Wease says nothing kids say bother him, but Marianne has a story about the time he nephew asked her loudly at a soccer game in front of everyone "Aunt Mimi, why aren't you married"?  She felt like yelling back "It's my choice... I don't feel I'm emotionally ready".

- Via text... What does Wease put on a sub?  He doesn't even need meat, it just need lots of peppers and onions, and then talks about the awesome olive bar at Wegmans.  Pauly says he doesn't cheat on meat, and wants a good steak sub.

There have been a ton of times that my wife has been mad at me when I thought that she had no reason to be.  Last weekend I was out playing pool with a single friend of mine. By coincidence, a girl he knew was at the same place and she had a girlfriend with her. So, my friend invites them to play pool. To make it fair, I play with the girlfriend as my partner. We had some beers; played some pool; I went home. I had nothing to hide, so I told my wife about the night. She lost her mind, saying how wrong it was that a married man was playing pool with another woman. She also didn't like that I had split the tab for pool and beers with my friend. It took me a while to get why my wife was pissed. Did she have a reason to be, or is wimmens crazy?  Wease says wimmens is crazy, and this is the story of his life.  Even Marianne doesn't see anything with the story as it's told.

Alexis Davis

Speaking to UFC fighter Alexis Davis, who will be fighting female champion Rhonda Rousey on July 5th.  We're joined by Kasper from our sister station KISS 106.7, who is a huge MMA fan.  After talking to Alexis Wease says he is gonna buy this pay per view... he loves betting the underdog, thinks Alexis is gonna win, and may even bet on it.

Bonus Content... Sexy Sand Bras


Diana Ross

Diana Ross is at CMAC tonight, and a bump tune from her leads to giving away some tickets, and talking about concerts she has done and ex boyfriends of hers, including Gene Simmons and Ryan O'Neal.  We get a call from a woman that got pulled on stage at a Ross concert 30 years ago.

Wonderful World Of Dr. Oz

Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of TV's "Dr. Oz" show, is on the hot seat over weight-loss products. In a Senate hearing yesterday, Oz said he never endorses controversial weight-loss products that are advertised during his popular show.  

Oz also insisted he is firmly against false and deceptive ads for weight-loss products.  Opening the hearing, Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill cited an "obesity epidemic" in the U.S. and said millions of Americans are susceptible to false claims about quick, easy ways to lose weight.  McCaskill challenged Oz’s claims – he then clarified his statement and acknowledged that he sometimes speaks well of new products that he finds promising. 

Weight-loss products represent a multiple billion-dollar industry in the U.S.  The Federal Trade Commission announced 34-million dollars in settlements against companies that marketed fraudulent weight-loss products in January.