Hey Guys! Pauly and Nutt aren't here today so Billy is a little busy doing the show. Bryn (our old intern) is here to man the phones and do the rundown!


Compassionate Care Act

NY has set to pass the Compassionate Care Act to legalize medical marijuana. It will be available for 10 different illnesses. New York will be the 23rd state to legalize the drug. With this act, it cannot be smoked. Instead the patients will be able to use a vaporizer, pills or through an oil form. It will be available for use Spring 2015.


Jim Kelly showed up at Buffalo Bills' last spring practice and surprised everyone. He told the 90 players how important they all were to him and how much all of their relationships should mean to each other, not only on the field, but away from it as well. Kelly and the team ended the talk with "1-2-3, playoffs." Tools said that he looked and sounded good, and it even choked him up. 

Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly addresses the current team during minicamp in Orchard Park on June 19.


Medical Marijuana in Rochester

We revisited the topic of medical marijuana, this time with a local take on it. A lot of the people who are angry about medical marijuana aren't the people who are against it, but the individuals who have diseases that aren't under the 10 illnesses. They feel jipped. We're hoping that once it has been legalized for a little while, they will increase the number of diseases that the marijuana will be legal for.

We also discussed over-dosing on marijuana as well.

News with Doug Emblidge

-Two Shot in Rochester

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-Iraqi Spiritual Leader Calls for New Government

The Letter from Robyn

A listener sent a letter into Wease asking for some insight on her life. Robyn feels that she has bad luck that happens every two years. Her boyfriend got stabbed, by his brother, over Mother's Day weekend (it happened right in front of her eyes). Two years ago, her brother died. Four years ago, her boyfriend's mother died.

She is holding a benefit on behalf of her boyfriend at the Scottsville American Legion June 28th at 3 pm.

Marshall Fine

We talked to Marshall Fine, film critic from LA, about a movie of the summer. He told us what he thought about Jersey Boys -- too long, and not the most interesting character to follow. He did love the music though! Overall it is something to see whether you know the story of The Four Seasons or not.


Sammy Turns 16

A listener called in and asked Wease who was gonna be teaching Sammy to drive, Wease said him of course! Doreen called in and said that she was thinking about that, and that Wease would not be the one teaching Sammy how to drive. Even though he is great navigating the city, his driving isn't the safest. Tomorrow is also Sammy's 16th birthday! They grow up so fast.