Rainy Days And Hump Days 

Lots of stuff going on this morning… we’ll be talking to Mr. Skin about The World Cups, author Beau Phillips (I Killed Pink Floyd's Pig a collection of 35 funny, outrageous stories about Led Zeppelin, the Stones, Van Halen, Clapton, Pink Floyd, McCartney and other Gods of Rock), Theme Bump Wednesday, Ask Wease, and another contest we made up to give away tickets to this weekend’s NASCAR race at Watkins Glen. 

Wease starts off the show talking about a website he heard about this morning, saying it's perfect for paranoid Pauly and Marianne... It'll let you know if anyone has ever died in your house.  Would you want to know?  Would you care?


Yesterday's Storm


Top Stories

A sad story from yesterday's huge rain storm... a couple of 20 years old were killed when a car fell on their car.  This leads to Wease and Marianne talking about what were doing when the weather hit... Marianne was at Tinseltown with her dad watching "Jersey Boys" and the theater lost power for 5-10 minutes.  She referred to the afternoon screening as the "old people showing".  Wease says at "Jersey Boys" they're all old people showings.


- Lebron James is becoming a free agent.  John predicts that he will resign with the heat for one year.

- Wease was trying to go to sleep so turned on baseball last night... the Blue Jays beat the Yankees on a throwing error in the bottom of the ninth.

Did you see the Uruguay's Suarez bite an Italian player during the World Cup yesterday? 



We also wind up discussing athlete salaries after wondering how much the top soccer players in the world make.  Turns out that soccer players are some of the highest paid, including Renaldo, who makes a million a week in salary, and then endorsements on top of that. 

Doug With News

- East High School Proposal Meeting Changed

- Man Pleads Guilty To Darien Lake Assault

- Man Shot On Driving Park Ave

- Suhr To Pole Vault In London


Mr. Skin- World Cups Edition

We call our friend Mr. Skin from Chicago with his "World Cups".  Skin's website is saluting the biggest event in the world with his own version of The World Cup.

He has created rosters of the hottest women from countries all over the world.  Here is our US roster...

With players like Kate Upton how can we lose?

Canada is a pretty solid underdog...



Other strong contenders include Australia and England.  To see all the teams click HERE.


Bonus Content.... Miss USA Vs Miss America


Ask Wease

Email from Tom in the city...

 I saw on the news that the graduation rate for Rochester City Schools is 43%.  Is this city screwed?  Finish the sentence "what we need to do about kids in school is......."

Would bribery work?  How about monetary incentives for graduating.

- A texter is upset about his son's poor college grades.  What should he do?  Wease doesn't think everyone is meant for college, and maybe the kid wasn't meant for schooling.  Would they be better off looking into a trade school.  This question also leads Wease to bragging about Sammy's grades.

- Email from Julie in Brockport...

You've talked about all the concerts you've seen during your life... was there one you thought was gonna suck, but it surprised you and you wound up loving it, like Kiss, Judas Priest, or something.  How about the opposite... you were really excited about it, and wound up disappointed?

Wease loved the I Heart Radio Music Festival with Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Miley Cyrus, etc... and didn't expect to.  He was very disappointed in a show starring Cream bassist/vocalist.

- A listener is grossed out by people blowing their nose in the shower.  Any thoughts from Wease?  Wease is very pro blowing your nose in the shower... you're getting clean anyway.

- Email from Jeff...

The other day, my wife and I saw two kids... like 10 years old. They had this really cute dog and were walking through the parking lot we were pulling out of. We both wanted to know what kind of dog it was. I told her to roll down the window so I could ask and she yelled at me and said it was inappropriate. I shouldn't talk to kids unless the parents are there. I was surprised by that. I guess I never thought I was in the wrong over it... am I? I still don't feel like I am...

Wease's Weaseness comes out... he has no problem with talking to little kids, but Pauly says if he was a parent watching this man with skulls tattoos talk to his kid he'd be nervous.

I Killed Pink Floyd's Pig

We speak to author Beau Phillips about his book "I Killed Pink Floyd's Pig", and has tons of great stories about Led Zeppelin, Joe Walsh, the Stones, and all the classic bands, including the legendary "Mudshark" story.


Michael Or Farrah?

Six Hours Of The Glen is at Watkins Glen this weekend and we had some tickets to give away.  Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett both died five years ago today, so Billy has come up with a game... Michael Jackson song or Farrah Fawcett movie/TV show.

Farrah credits include...

Small Sacrifices

Inside Out




Michael Jackson songs include...

Speed Demon

I Can't Help It

The Love You Save



100 Pound Nutsack


 A Michigan man has been living with a 100-pound sack that went misdiagnosed for YEARS. Yes, YEARS.

Dan Mauer was told by doctors -- for over a decade -- that he simply needed to lose weight to get rid of his ever growing scrotum. Apparently getting fat gives you giant, cartoonish balls.

Well, through exercise and diet he did lose weight, but his man tonsils kept growing and growing... Finally, after he fell ill, doctors diagnosed that he had a broken cyst inside the scrotum. He spent the next two years going to a wound center but the size didn't change. It wasn't until he saw a TLC show, called “The Man with the 132-Pound Scrotum” -- that he knew there was hope.

That's when I found out that's what I have," Maurer said, referring to his condition called scrotal lymphedema. It's a rare condition caused by blockages in the lymphatic vessels.

So, he’s turning to the public to help fund his dangerous and expensive corrective surgery. Why this isn’t completely covered by insurance hasn’t been made public... But, if this surgery isn't medically necessary, then NOTHING is.

Check out his GoFundMe page here.

Not So Fun Fact: He hasn’t had sex with his wife in seven years. Hell, if you were her – would YOU?