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Marianne is in NYC, and Brooksie is in Toronto, so we're going old school today with Wease, Pauly, Billy, and Chris the intern answering the phone... be nice to him if you call.


Pauly's Cleveland Cavalier's drafter 86 year old man Tony Bennett last night with their 1st round draft pick.  Oh, not the same one?  At least the ballplayer won't be leaving his heart in San Francisco.

We start the morning talking about former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, and the trouble he's in.

Former Patriots tight end AARON HERNANDEZ is now a suspect in a drive-by shooting last year that left two people dead.


The shooting occurred early on the morning of July 15th in Boston's South End, when an SUV rolled up on another car and opened fire. 


There were five people in the car that was fired on.  Two people in the front seat were pronounced dead at the scene.  The three in the back survived.


Witnesses say that hours before the shooting, Hernandez and some friends got into an altercation in a nightclub with the people in that car.


Last night, ESPN reported that authorities located a red SUV with Rhode Island license plates that they believe to be the vehicle the shooters were in.  (Even though earlier reports said the SUV was GRAY.)  Hernandez had apparently rented the SUV.


There's now speculation that last week's murder of Odin Lloyd had something to do with this incident.  A law enforcement source says Lloyd could have been killed because he knew of Aaron's involvement in the drive-by.


Police haven't admitted officially that Hernandez is a suspect in the drive-by.  But several sources have confirmed it.


And the D.A. is on the record as saying that while the drive-by remains unsolved and the trail had gone pretty cold, the investigation has become more, quote, "ROBUST" recently.


Yesterday, Aaron's lawyers tried to get him released on bail, but the judge DENIED their request, citing the, quote, "very, very strong circumstantial case" the prosecution has presented against him.

Wease is disgusted that people are so awestruck by celebrity that there were folks outside the courthouse chanting "INNOCENT"

This leads to a discussion of violence in general, and the local story of the police officer shot while stopping a homocide suspect, also resulting in the shooting of an innocent bystander, near Goodman and Norton...

Harry Gibbs Sports

We continue talking about Aaron Hernandez situation, and the stat that 28 NFL players have been arrested since the Super Bowl.  Many have been DWI and drug issues, but football still has a culture of violence.  Wease and Harry talk about Hernandez's past as a gang member.

If you had a Hernandez jersey would you still wear it?  Why do people wear jersey's?  Is it to show support for your favorite team?  To help indentify yourself as a fan, and helps you bond with people like you.

Harry mentions that Cav's first round draft pick Anthony Bennett has gained 20 pounds since the end of the college basketball season, and is up to 261 pounds.  A man Pauly can relate to.

Something In The Air

"Taboo USA" introduced audiences to Kirby, a breatharian. He survives on the air -- getting energy from light, wind, vibrations, he says.

“I’ve had seven meals for the last 10 months," Kirby explained on the National Geographic Channel show, noting he keeps his meals to a total of 500 calories or less. “In this consciousness, when I do eat food, it makes me feel very tired.”

Kirby has been a breatharian for five years, even though some people have died while attempting a breatharian lifestyle. But he claims he had a check-up six months ago, and is in good health. He’s convinced he can become immortal through being a breatharian and that it reverses aging.

This reminds Wease of a guest we had on the show 15 years ago, singer Ben Taylor (son of James Taylor and Carly Simon).  He said he would eat vegan when he had to, but mostly lived on air.

Identity Problems

The Vital Records Service in Clayton County, Georgia, has taken officiousness to a new offensive level.

A staff member reportedly asked a 37-year-old US woman who was looking to have driver's licence renewed to prove she was really a woman.

Nakia Grimes had gone to the Vital Records Service to correct an error on her birth certificate that listed her sex as male.

But the records worker wouldn't correct the certificate, which Grimes needed to renew her licence, without medical proof.

"She said I needed to go have a Pap exam, have a doctor write a note verifying you're a woman, and bring it back - notarised,"


Screengrab/My Fox Atlanta
WHAT?! Nakia Grimes was told she'd have to prove she was a woman before she could get her licence renewed.

This leads to Wease talking about seeing the movie "Identity Thief" movie, with Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman last night, and how he's looking forward to seeing "The Heat" with McCarthy and Sandra Bullock.  Melissa is also filming a new movie in Niagara Falls with Susan Sarandon and Kathy Bates

Doug With News

- Police Officer, Suspect, Bystander Wounded

- Mandela Slightly Improved

- Jury Deliberates Fate Of Drug Dealer

- Naples Ambulance Gets $52,000 From Feds

The Ruturn Of Joey Roses

Comedian Joe Derosa is back, and starts with him and Mark the club owner making fun of each other about this morning's trip to Dunkin Donuts... Mark says Joe is a girl because he needed an umbrella for a 20 foot walk from the parking lot to the store.  Joe says Mark is the pussy because he wanted the strawberry frosted donut.

Wease talks about how we've learned the strawberry donut is DD's most popular.  They run out on weekends when he goes to get donuts for his kids, and the pink one is Lucy's fave.


Joe tells us stories about the movie "Cheat" he, Bill Burr, and Robert Kelly made, and wound up basing their book on.  Derosa tells us about filming a sex scene with an actress named Jessica Kozak, and how uncomfortable it is to be intimate with someone in front of a camera... how do porn stars do it?

Wease also gives Joe relationship advice... long longest relationship he's had is about 8 months, and Wease is now his inspiration for finding love later in life.


Support Veteran's

Vickie DelMonte Durfee and Lisa Miller from Full Circle Home are in studio.  FCH is an organization that supports troops deployed overseas and their families.  They are looking for donations and things to send oversea Get all info at the link above.  Wease regales the women with stories of his fun in Viet Nam, getting high, flying helicopters, and banging hookers.

Kait Weston

Singer Kait Weston is now in studio.  A few years ago she was an RIT student, and an aspiring performer, performing at places like Lovin' Cup.  Since then she's been on The Ellen Show, had a viral video hit with a version of Katy Perry's "Firework", and now has a song on the new Romeo and Juliet movie starring Hailee Steinfeld.  She's 23 years old, and looks 16.  Wease, Kait, and Joe talk about the entertainment business, and how hard it is to break through. 

Coincidentally, Joe has a story about Katy Perry, and how they were working on a TV show together, but Katy showed up 2 1/2 hours late, keeping everyone waiting, pushing back production, and even once getting there acting like a diva.  WEase asked about her hotness in person, and while she is hot there are a million like her in NYC.  How about  Katy's "Firework" for the holiday next week.  Is she hot?

We finally get a chance to talk to Kait about how she got the shot on the "Romeo and Juliet" soundtrack.

Next Week

Lots of laughs next week leading up to the July 4th holiday, so we hope you tune in.  Go check out Joe Derosa at the Comedy Club. Wease will be at the Dinosaur BBQ Saturday afternoon from 1-3 with McClane Trucking, who are looking for drivers.  Wease will also be at Gates Chili High School to introduce The Lou Gramm Band.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.  See Ya.