We start the day off with a gorgeous morning, sun on either side of our building, "no ones running loose" & we get a traffic free commute!! For some reason Wease tunes in at 5 a.m. to hear the traffic report HA - Marianne on the other hand has never had a 'normal' job so she never get stuck in commuter traffic.. even in LA where traffic is unbelievably ridiculously long  - Wease goes off on loving morning radio & jams out to a little song this early :) 

W.O.L.D - Harry Chapin


Another Shooting?...Rock?!

This marks the 10th incident & 11th car hit by "something" while driving - Pauly is of course terrified of getting hit & if so... he'll swerve & hit someone else =/ Wease says he is a pussy about everything... but not this! Marianne is most nervous about someone getting hurt but & he of course reassures her that no one has gotten hurt yet.. just the cars injured


There was also "something" hit in Avon, believed to be same incident, but the Police have confirmed that situation was just a rock! 


Wease tells a funny story about when a rock was chucked at his window when he was a young DJ - He says he was in a building in not the greatest neighborhood, over night, alone & best of all... high, playing records, having a ball! When all of a sudden a rock hits the window and it shatters.... So naturally back from Vietnam he hits the floor, ducks to cover & crawls on the ground to the window ready for attack hahaha!!!! -- why did they throw the rock??..... bunch of dumb guys who kept calling him to play Ozzy & when he didnt they came to his work.... & he STILL didnt play it hahah



Tools with Sports

- LeBron James leg cramps up after the AC in the stadium malfunctions & the temperature... He leaves with 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter  - The San Antonio Spurs beat the Heat 110-95 & that makes Wease' loose his bet.... by one point! http://es.pn/1pL7wNv 

- Things you are NOT allowed to bring into the stadium during the World Cup! A few items: fireworks (understandable!), food, beverages, huge banners (ie. giant flags) - For the full list of what's banned ---> http://bit.ly/1rQL6g3

- Tom Golisano at Bishop Kearney High School announced that he IS interested in buying the team! He doesnt want them to leave & felt the same way when the Sabres were in danger!! 

- Ralph Wilsons estate is auctioning off his art collection - 2 Monet paintings EACH valued more than $10 million - a Manet for about $5 million - a Sisley's for a measly $2.5 million hahaha


Marshall Fine Film Review


 "Edge of Tomorrow" - Tom Cruze stars in this highly entertaining action sci fi film... People comparing it to Groundhog Day (concept is similar but thats it) - Marshall says BEST film of the summer & remembers that Cruze became famous off "Risky Business" 30 yeas ago!! :0 - He cant even remember a time when Tom Cruze wasnt a movie star! 


"Chef" - Fine said it was a little short on story but lovesssss the father son feeling! & Jon Favreau really learned the kniw action & food skills himself!! Wease says that anyone who is a "foody" will love this movie!


"Fault in Our Stars" - The movie Wease has been waiting for!!!!!!! Fine says it is not just a weepy women movie but men will def cry too!! Its about two teens ho both have cancer, become friends & fall in love - Obviously one of them dies but Marshall thankfully leaves that one a surprise 


Doug with News:

- Another shooting done to a car which marks #10; believe to be the suspects are shooting from a moving vehicle, but think it is a BB gun  http://bit.ly/1kGr1Up 

- Also a misunderstanding shooting in Avon that was just a rock & not linked to the 10 other incidents --> http://bit.ly/1mYiH0A 

- Car crash early Friday morning in Webster; the driver, a women, was drunk & kept trying to run away & eventually had to be tasered by Police to calm down: http://bit.ly/1xh5o2l 

- Today marks the anniversary of D-Day; Obama was there to speak & salute the troops 

- Tom Golisano was speaking at Bishop Kearney H.S.& what did the kids want to talk about... Him buying the Bills!!! & he has confirmed that he is interested: http://bit.ly/1laX7HV 

- WEASE NEWS!!: Kevin Meaney was arrested at JFK for apparently elbowed a 29 year old women in the chest - after watching the video it looked proven to be an accident  - the women originally complained of chest pain but wouldnt seek medical attention! http://cbsloc.al/1pe1xhP 


Intense Cougarism!!!!


Baby face Kyle Jones, 31, is dating.......a 91 year old!! & he dates manyyyy at a time, even bringing them home to his 50 year old mother =/ OMG GROSSSSS! Marianne is completely grossed out but Wease thinks she should be advocating the elderly love hahah - This leads to a few weird conversations of Wease getting a knobber from an old lady... then the comedian Finess Mitchell talks about mouth knobbers with no teeth..... ;) Here are his girlfriends..... 



Comedian Finess Mitchell In Studio!!!!



Racism Continues Today...

Rachel Barnhart reposted the viral racism video we discussed in depth yesterday... Wease saw it got VERYYY pissed because a lot of the comments on the video are attacking the guy who video taped!! The issue is that it's all "he said, she said" on what occurred before the video taping actually started. Soooooo Rachel calls in! & she gives us information that the women in the video has been banned from multiple stores in Buffalo... HA SHOCKER!




Penis Drawing Seen from Sky

A former Blue Angel commander drew a hugeeee penis on the rooftop in blue & gold... their colors!!! He also had many accounts of sexual harassment as well as pornographic material on his computer - Marianne thinks its utterly disgusting & disrespectful but Wease says in Vietnam all the planes had dirty stuff so this is dumb!! Full story --> http://bit.ly/1pesmmb 



Leslie Zinck

She is the owner of Lovin' Cup in the RIT campus & they are hosting 'Park Point Concert Series' which runs throughout the summer!! It is free & lots of musical fun :) It starts tonight at 6 pm & is 80's music themed!!!! Wease makes a note that Lovin Cup has one of the largest win racks & her brother made all the tables, the wine rack & a lot of the art work! 




Batavia Downs

Batavia Downs in studio to talk horse racing!! History may be set this weekend if California Crown takes home the Triple Crown win... he'll be the first in 36 years & only the 12th ever! Little history: Cali Crown's mother was bought for $8,000 & paid an extra $2,000 to bang a good male horse! Marianne makes a joke on how funny horses names are, they're always a joke!!! But what about when horses start being sponsored and they're names are eventually "Dunkin Donuts, Walmart, etc.!" - Or the day when you name the horse Kevin... or Steve, just something so normal hahah 


The boys from Batavia Downs are here to give us the horses expected to win again just like last time when they chose each 4 winners correctly! Bellmonte is the "test of champions" because it is sooo long & so close to other races"