WAKEEEE UPPP!!! It's Monday Morning!!!! 

Wease immediately starts off the morning by going to a particular story in the news montage about the Ferris Wheel at the Spencerport Carnival falling! He heard two workers were hurt from it... but the montage reports an employee was "thrown from the Ferris Wheel" - Wease calls crap because a guy being thrown is wayyyyyy more interesting than just two guys getting hurt... - This of course goes into a tangent of our favorite carnie rides... & the ones we run from haha



3 More on 390

Three more "shootings" over the weekend on 390 hitting a car... & the first report of it involving children - one car hit had two young kids in the back seat They do believe two of the incidents are linked to the other 10 & investigation of the situation continues 


Tools with Sports

- Wease bet on Miami as per Tools' advice & almost crapped his pants last night when he thought Miami was going to loose! Miami beat the Spurs only 98-96

- College girl makes football team as Defense Back - the girl played one season of football at her high school in Indiana & she's making history as the first to do this!! - Shelby Osborne didnt make one corner last year & is nervous with the pain & size difference... but trusts she can make a tackle!!! 


- California Chrome places 4th in the Triple Crown... Wease is mad because the first and second place winners did not race in the first two of the Triple Crown, meaning they were wayyyyyyy more rested than Cali Chrome! Marianne taught her mom everything she knew about the horse racing and felt herself craving to know who wins... like Wease' poker betting addiction is rubbing off on her hahah! Pauly makes fun of the fact he listened to race on the radio... on a horse race network.. obviously satellite.. but still a full channel on horse races!!!! The owner of Cali Chrome is getting criticism for being a poor loser/sport... but he had a right Wease said!!! Here's the owner celebrating last time!

A guy calls in who went to the race & says it was soooo hectic! They ran out of beer & vodka... Getting out of the area was sooo annoying and crazy it seemed like the stage was going to collapse - no security made it a BIG MESS!!!! Then they shuttled people to their car then made them take the subway... it was crazy, but fun!!



Las Vegas Murders 

A wife & husband, apparently white supremacists a part of the Tea Party (which is made known by the .... thrown over a dead body) the couple shot at two police officers who were eating at Cici's Pizzeria and sadly killed the officers... the gunman couple then proceeded to Walmart where the two killed a civilian before the wife shot her husband, and then herself! Neighbors report that the couple planned on killing police officers for a while.... but then why didnt the neighbor say or do anything?!!! Heres the two officers shot: 




Tracy Morgan Car Accident 

Over the weekend comedian Tracy Morgan's limo bus was involved in a six vehicle crash in the NJ Turnpike Sunday returning from a show - right now he remains in critical condition along with Harris Stanton & Ardie Faqua Jr., unfortunately one of his six passengers was killed in the crash & the other passengers remained uninjured - A Walmart truck driver was charged death by auto & possibly face four counts of assault by auto stemming from the crash... the 35 year old driver is being held on $50,000 bail... Here's the limo bus smashed & for more on the story ---> http://fxn.ws/1xx6Cqk 



Shari with News!! 

- Man killed on Central Park near Goodman after finishing dinner with his mother... an investigation is currently happening:  http://bit.ly/1qevpul 

- 5 dead from a Las Vegas ambush shooting that started at Cici's Pizza & ended at Walmart: http://bit.ly/1kZWrAD 

- 2 Carnival workers fall from the Ferris Wheel at the Spencerport Firemans Carnival while taking it down: http://bit.ly/Tzd6FJ 

- More details to be released on the five arrests made at the Medley Center, which can maybe be linked to the break ins:  http://bit.ly/1kSukcv 

- Police continue the 390 shooting investigation after there were 3 more incidents this weekend, the first involving kids:  http://bit.ly/1rWRQJ7  

- A Greece women competes in the 2014 Miss USA pageant.. unfortunately the crown went to Miss Nevada: http://bit.ly/1xx8WgW 



Wease' House Gets Vandalized

Wease comes home from a weekend in Sodus to find penis' drawings all over his driveway, along with bologna scattered everywhere... Sammy (who stayed home) said it was kids from a house down the street who had a bigggg party! Doreen wanted to talk to him first obviously.. then Sammy wanted to go confront him but of course Wease goes!! The dad of the 23 year old who threw the party (the kid has also motha huckered Wease on craigslist A LOT!!) denies anything happened!! All Wease wants is for the dumb kid to clean the mess up!! -- Wease gets veryyyy nervous that its the wrong kid & starts thinking that it maybe someone who listens to the show because Friday we did the big Blue Angel, Penis story & he thinks someone hated his take on it & vandalized the driveway hahah - Sammy makes a cute little sign to put at the end of the driveway..... 



Canal Days Shut Down

Fairport Canal Days were this weekend & there was a tad emergency that caused them to temporarily shut it down - there was an investigation of an "unattended package" due to the fact it was unattended.... false alarm & the package has an owner & the canal days continued :) Pauly was there this weekend & saw something he did not particularly appreciate... a guy running with his dog, but apparently the leash was a tad short & the dog kept wanting to stop but the guy would pull & force the dog to run - this leads Wease on a poop tangent about how much his Rottweiler pooped this weekend in Sodus... but he still can not master the Wegmans bag pick up & almost always gets poop on his hand =/ BLAHHHHH! then we all get grossed out & Marianne tries to get us to break hahah! 



Slime with Jackienutt! 

- The Fault in Our Stars premiered this weekend & the stars, Shailene Woodley & Ansel Elgort dress in disguise & sneak into their own premier!!

- Casey Kasem drama continues! He is now in critical condition & very close to death - but the hatred & arguing between Kasems wife Jean & his daughter Kerri... Jean says Kerri owes her a lottttt of money...

- Long Island Medium... investigated for fraud haha SHOCKER! Several fans are calling crap & mockery.... Pauly enlightens on the fact she maybe using credit card info along with staged people she does readings on! -- This gets us into a very long medium tangent, Nutt's mom went to a medium & last minute brought a friend that the medium did not know about & the medium still knew info on her... its all about belief i guess.... 

- Clooney for govenor! brought the story up a few weeks ago but now its even a greater possibility that he runs in California! But dont worry he still has 4 years to serious up haha

- Sandra Bullock's house was broken into while she was in it! Luckily enough she immediately called 911 and the suspect was charged and brought into custody

- The 68th Tony Awards were this past weekend!! While there were many wins, there were a few milestone ones. Audra McDonald became a record-holder for most regular acting Tony awards by an actress... & TV star Neil Patrick Harris won for his role as a transsexual!


Street Sweeper Crash

A private street sweeper crashes into a light post on Monroe Ave Saturday morning... The 41 year old man lost control, but only had minor injuries!!! Wease goes CRAZY at how ridiculous the story is... and who has private street sweepers hahah of course we get floods of phone calls adding more to the story... well a little more!  http://bit.ly/1pvr2vj 


Gay Pride Officer 

A police officer in Salt Lake City refused to work the Gay Pride Parade & he is now... placed on leave!!! We discuss how unbelievable it is & leads Marianne to a personal story about her friend (a guy) who liked girls.. but also like dressing like a female - He was brutally beat up on a subway in LA ON GAY PRIDE DAY!! the guy who beat him up was walking down the street after & was stopped by a comedian from FunnyorDie & told the camera he just beat up a tranny -- officials got their hands on the tape & the guy was arrested! -- http://huff.to/1uKOxmt 




Tons of Marijuana stories!

- Marijuana Poster Boy.... In January, a kid crashed his car into a few Colorado police cars that were blocking the entrance to an exit ramp - Kilbey, the boy who crashed, was high on pot that night so they decided to make Kilbey their poster child for NO MARIJUANA WHILE DRIVING!!! So if this happened in January why we talking about it now?.... It recently came out that Kilbey also had a BAL of .268... TRIPLE THE LEGAL LIMIT! Hmmmm ever think it was the alcohol that made him crash instead of the weed haha - http://wapo.st/SHtFyu  


- Jamaica legalizes pot use in malls.... wait wasnt it already legal! hahah exactly - tons of marijuana use there & now they want to finally profit off it & hopefully better the nation!!

- This chef is going to teach you how to cook with marijuana!! As it can be veryyyy difficult & this chef has reaped the benefits of weed in his life & wants to share it with everyone