Hump Day

Wease went to the movies last night, seeing The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.  Wease LOVED it, laughing through the whole thing.  He and Marianne discuss Sandra Bullock because Marianne doesn't like her in comedies, but she loves McCarthy, so Marianne is conflicted about whether to go or not. 

There's a website called, in which someone creates a list, and people just vote.  Well, when somebody created a list called The Biggest D-Bags in Hollywood, was there any doubt that KANYE WEST would top it?


Here's the Top 10 . . .


1.  Kanye West


2.  Kim Kardashian


3.  Chris Brown


4.  Donald Trump


5.  Kris Jenner


6.  Spencer Pratt


7.  Rush Limbaugh


8.  Justin Bieber


9.  Glenn Beck


10.  Rosie O'Donnell


(Check out the Top 50 here.)

Tools With Sports

It just keeps getting worse for Aaron Hernandez... an "associate" has named the former Patriot as the shooter.

Greece Athena High School is retiring the number 52 that J-Mac wore than number back in 2006. During a game, the autistic teen scored 20 points in four minutes against Spencerport.  A jersey dedication ceremony will take place in December.  Wease has always said that being at the J-Mac game would've been more exciting than a Super Bowl (but not more exciting than a no-hitter).  The dude that actually took the footage should also be honored.

Political Musings

Pauly & Marianne mention how easily swayed they are... if they see a documentary that "proves" something absurd that they normally wouldn't believe they'll change their minds.  This leads to a discussion of Michael Moore, global warming, cell phone tracking, and more.

Bonus Content... Blushing Brides

Street Willie Report

Our buddy Willie shows upto tell us about his 4th of July Holiday weekend, starting at Wease's party where drunk Wease was pinching Willie's nipples.  Willie also tried jello shots for the first time, but never quite got the hang of it.

Willie also tells the story of fishing in Sodus on Sunday, and a drunk guy that took Willie's fish and threw it back in the water.  The guy wound up doing a backflip of the pier, and walking around naked.

Doug With News

- Man In Coma After Beating At Darien Lake Concert

- Shooting On Frost Ave.

- RBTL Chair Says Medley Moving Forward

- Body Found Near Where Student Reported Missing

Drug Talk With Brother Wease

Wease brings up some of the people he met when he MC'd Woodstock, including Blind Melon singer Shannon Hoon, who Wease really dug, and died shortly after from a heroin overdose.  This leads to Wease telling stories of experiences he had with drugs, including the Big H.  Marianne chips in with her worrying of the various combos of allergy medicines and caffiene in her system.

Dwight Coward

Ice Cube ripped into Dwight Howard at a concert the other night, for leaving the Lakers to go to the Houston Rockets.  It was pretty brutal.  (Most of it is bleeped.  But he calls him "Dwight Coward," and predicts that the Lakers will win another championship before the Rockets even get close).

This leads to talk of athletes leaving cities, and how fans and analysts react to it.  Many fans think you shouldn't even talk and hang with players from other teams, or wear gear of another team for fun, like SF 49ers Colin Kapernick wearing a Dolphins cap recently.

We wind up telling stories of other rivalries, and how serious it can get... especially between Coke and Pepsi.  Doreen once wore a Coca Cola coat into the Pepsi suite at a Sabres game, and got into trouble for it.

Ask Wease

- What if Pauly came in wearing a Lonsberry shirt, or of one of our competitors?  Wease sticks to his guns, and says it would be fine.  Wease wears WHAM shirts all the time.  In fact Wease gives Pauly and Billy clothes from his old fat clothes, and yesterday gave Pauly a CMF shirt.  On the contrary, Billy is afraid to wear the shirts of his and Wease's old station.  Callers resurrect the Kapernick story, and it segues to someone telling a story about former Buffalo Bill Thurman Thomas lending MC Hammer money.

- This is our intern Dan's last week here, and he's hpoing for a career in sales or marketing after college graduation.  Dan's heard that Wease started as a salesperson, and was a great one.  Any advice.  Wease thinks Dan should skip post grad school and get a job here.  He thinks Dan has the perfect personality and attitude, and will be our next big boss.

- Pauly asks about a relative's decision to open a coffee shop in Geneva, Ohio.  They are retired empty nesters, bought the building in an auction, and are in an area where there isn't any competition.  Wease loves it not only as a business decision, but also as a way to stay active and busy during the retirement years, and make some extra cash.  Go to Scribbler's Coffee Company is you're in Northeast Ohio.

- Why doesn't Billy drink alcohol?  No big story or deep dark secret, he just doesn't like the taste, and doesn't need the buzz.  Other things like music, baseball, and geek stuff make him happy.  Plus he needs the brain cells to remember stuff for Wease.

Woman Hires Hitman

21-year-old Julia Merfeld of Muskegon, Michigan tried to hire a HITMAN to KILL HER HUSBAND . . . and she was caught on tape saying killing him would be easier than DIVORCING him.  She was also after the $400,000 she'd get from life insurance.  She'd approached a co-worker about bumping off her husband, and he told the cops.  So an undercover cop posed as a hitman, set up a meeting, and secretly videotaped Julia.   She offered him $50,000 to kill her husband and make it look like a robbery, and now she's facing between six years in prison to LIFE for solicitation of murder.  Here's Julia in the tape talking about why she wants her husband KILLED instead of divorcing him.

Another nutty murder story.  We discussed this early a couple days ago, but if you missed it...

The World Cup is next summer in Brazil.  It would be pretty cool to go see it in person.  But you MIGHT want to keep this story in mind before you go booking tickets.  The people of Brazil are DEADLY serious about soccer.


Last week, at an amateur soccer game in Maranhao, in northeast Brazil, a 20-year-old referee named Otavio da Silva kicked a 30-year-old player named Josenir Abreu out of the game.


The player responded by starting a FIST FIGHT with the ref.  And the ref responded by . . . STABBING him.  Yep:  Right there on the field, a ref stabbed a player. 


The player was taken to the hospital, but he DIED from the stab wounds on the way.


In the meantime, the fans responded by STORMING the field, tying up the ref, STONING him to death, and CHOPPING OFF HIS HEAD and FEET.  Then they put his head on a stake in the middle of the field.


Police have made one arrest so far.

Buffet News

Golden Corral fired the manager in Port Orange, Florida who left raw food out by the dumpster in that viral video.  If you haven't seen it, an employee posted two YouTube videos last week showing raw ribs and burger patties on racks in the dumpster area.


In the first video, the kid says the food's out there because an inspection is taking place.  Which doesn't make much sense.  And in the second one, he says it'll be put back in the freezer after the inspection.


But according to Golden Corral, none of the food was actually served, it was all thrown out within the hour, and the kid who posted the video HELPED throw it out.  Also, his dad posted an offer online the next day trying to SELL the video for $5,000.


But either way, Golden Corral obviously wasn't happy about the attention.

Tomorrow's Show

Busy show tomorrow... our favorite comedian Kevin Meaney will be in studio.  Folks from The Big Rib will be here, plus we'll be speaking to the director of the new documentary "Springsteen and I", maybe an edition of Geezers vs Dgabs, plus Tools, Doug, and everything else you love about The Wease Show.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.  See ya.