New York, New York

When you think of exciting cities in the state of New York what do you think of?  You’re right if you said Ithica.  Ithica??  Not NYC.  According to, a real estate website,  Ithica is the best based on…


  • Nightlife per capita (bars, clubs, comedy, etc.)
  • Live music venues per capita
  • Active life options per capita (parks, outdoor activities, etc.)
  • Arts and Entertainment per capita (movie theaters, festivals, galleries, theaters, etc.)
  • Fast Food restaurants per capita (the fewer the better)
  • Percentage of restaurants that are not fast food (the higher the better)
  • Percentage of young residents ages 18 to 34 (the higher the better)
  • Population density (the higher the better)

Rochester, Syracuse, and Buffalo finished 7th, 8th, and 9th.


Diane The Smut Lover


Wease's daughter Diane is in today, and earlier this week Wease talked about how he and Doreen had caught his 42 year old special needs daughter watching porn.  She had denied ordering the dirty PPV on Hustler TV, but is now fessing up to it.  She had also ordered another $150 dollars in porn from channels like Playboy, Penthouse, Vivid, TEN, VIVID, and a bunch of others.  Wease grills her on her purchases, and learn about her curiosity and interest in what she saw.

Bonus Content... 69 Reasons To Get Your Car Washed



Tools With Sports

Lebron watch continues.... will King James return to Cleveland, or stay in Miami.  A decision is expected soon, and Pauly has been glued to Cleveland sports talk radio via iHeartRadio, and is ready to welcome Lebron back into his open arms.



Marshall Fine Film Reviews

Marshall has been filming a documentary about legendary comedian Robert Klein, so we start by talking to him about that, including his interview with Jerry Seinfeld.

Because of his busy schedule Marsh didn't have a chance to see the new Planet Of The Apes movie, but reviews on Rotten Tomatoes have been strong.


Even better is "Boyhood" with Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke, a drama that follows a family over the course of a dozen years.  What makes this unique is that to make the movie the film maker got the actors together to film for a week every year for 12 years.



Identity Stolen

Billy learned yesterday that some bad guys had gotten information about Billy's checking account... account number, routing number, etc... and someone has been randomly taking $14.94 every month for about a year, and recently ramped it up to take the money every few days.  Wease didn't think anyone would want to steal the identity of a broke guy.  Billy's bank has been very helpful, and may even be reimbursed.  Watch out for mysterious charges from a company called Etelegate.

Doug With News

Leaders Meeting About Magic City

Woman Accused Of Leaving Child In Car

Plumbing Truck Rolls Over In Perinton

Local Man's Estate Sues G.M.


Adam Hunter



Joined in studio by comedian Adam Hunter who tells funny stories about his time on Last Comic Standing, and being the last standup comedian on Jay Leno's Tonight Show.

We also get a call from an angry listener who says we talked bad about him yesterday, but won't tell us what we did... only rambling on about how Wease sucks.  Turns out he is someone that we may have mentioned yesterday as having a vendetta against the police, and not liking that Wease defended the cops in a story yesterday.

East Ave Controversy

John Billone, president of the East End Merchants Association, calls to talk about the problems talked about in the news recently regarding the bars Magic City, and Captain's Attic.  There have been incidents of violence at these 2 places, and John tells us about the efforts to close them for the sake of the neighborhood.

More Adam Hunter

Adam talks about his show Kamikaze Comedy, a prank show that ran on Fuel TV, his MMA podcasts, his crush on Marianne, dating pornstars, his dad that managed Alice Cooper, and more.  Check out Adam pretending to be a priest officiating a wedding, and pisses someone off so much he gets attacked.


Now that Diane is asleep on the couch we revisit a story we talked about earlier where Wease's daughter was busted watching porn, and wondering what she thought about it.

Wedding Time

Listeners by the names Khori and Jemika requested that the ordained Brother Wease perform their marriage ceremony, and now it's time.  Wease interviews the couple, and Khori's mom, who Wease tries to hook up with Willie. A beautiful ceremony as always... Wease may be a jokester, but he takes this responsibility seriously.