Pop Goes The Windshield


Another driver has reported something striking their window while driving.

In this case, we’re told the driver was westbound on West Ridge Road in Rochester when he heard a pop and then noticed a small circle on the windshield. It happened just before 11 a.m.

Police say it is unknown what struck the windshield. No one was injured in the incident.  Marianne wants to know where the bullet is?  How come it hasn’t been found.  Pauly has been less paranoid lately with the fewer number of reported incidents, but is now scared again.


Weird Al Yankovic has a new video out for the song "Tacky", a parody of "Happy", which leads to a discussion about how to dress appropriately, and what is considered appropriate in the workplace.  Can Pauly dress the same as a business owner with his sauce, compared to how he does here?  See Weird Al's new video HERE





The debate rages on about sandals, and whether or not socks should be worn with them.  Tools goes socks. 

Not much going on in sports, with only the home run derby last night.  John tells Wease about derby winner Yoenis Cespedes from the Oakland A's.  The A's are the best team in baseball... Wease wants to jump on Oakland's bandwagon because he likes Cespedes' story, and the movie "Moneyball", but doesn't want to seem this a frontrunner.

Redneck News

Two men arrested for Assault following domestic incident 

One guy breaks claw hammer over other guy’s head!

In what could only be described as a paperwork nightmare for police, two men were ar­rested
 after what started out as a do­mestic inci­dent on Mon­day (7/7) at1:50 a.m. According to police, Bri­an Bizallion, 

age 32, of Ford Road in Wolcott went to the Corner­stone
 Hotel, Apt. #4 in Red Creek to confront an ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. When they refused to let him into their room, Bizallion report­edly broke down the door, entered and got into a dispute with the girl and her new guy. Bizallion then allegedly as­saulted Allen M. Lane, age 23.

Upon leaving the building, Lane
 then allegedly began chasing Bizallion with a claw hammer, breaking it over Bizallion’s head.

Bizallion was charged with Assault in the 3rd De­gree,
 Burglary in the 2nd Degree and Criminal Mis­chief in the 4th Degree. Al­though hit in the head with a claw hammer, he refused medical treatment.

Lane, on Tuesday, was then charged with Assault in the 2nd Degree and Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the 4th Degree.

Both men were arraigned and re­manded to jail on $5000 cash/$10,000 bond and both will reappear in Wolcott
 Town Court on August 7th.

Brian Bazillion

Alan Lane

One very sore loser

The Ontario County Sheriff’s Office reported the arrest on Saturday (7/5) at 3:30 p.m. of 

Michael K. Bridges,
 age 56, of Cash­mere Lane in Rochester for Criminal Mischief 3rd, a felony, fol­lowing an in­vestigation of an incident at Finger Lakes Gaming.

It is alleged Bridges struck a video lottery terminal screen, breaking it. The cost to replace the screen is over $1,000. Irondequoit Police located Mr. Bridges and transported him to the park and ride on Route 31F where he was taken in to custody. He was transport­ed to the Ontario County Jail for pre­arraignment detention. He will answer the charge in the Farmington Court.


Michael Bridges 

A booze-smelling Fort Pierce woman was arrested after presenting a DVD when asked for her license and after trying to kiss a deputy, according to a recently released affidavit.

The case of the liquored-up lady began brewing about 12:45 a.m. June 14 as a St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office deputy stopped a 1997 Pontiac in the 4200 block of South U.S. 1 in Fort Pierce after suspected traffic violations.

The driver, 45-year-old Luonna Goldstein, supplied a DVD when asked for her license.

Goldstein’s slurred speech was “accompanied by the aroma of alcoholic beverages and inability to follow simple instructions.”

A deputy got the keys from the ignition of Goldstein’s vehicle.

Goldstein, apparently not aware that her keys were no longer in the ignition, reportedly said she was leaving while trying to start her vehicle and put it in drive.

She was asked to step out of her car, and when she opened the door it hit the deputy’s leg.

As the deputy tried to ask about her alcohol consumption and/or use of medication, she kept saying, “(Racial epithet) please!”

At one point Goldstein tried to kiss the deputy and at another she tried to give him a hug.

Investigators determined she wasn’t able to participate in field sobriety exercises, arresting her on a DUI charge.

Breath tests measured Goldstein’s blood alcohol content at 0.249 and 0.251 – more than three times the legal limit of 0.08.

Luonna Goldstein 

Luonna Goldstein


Doug Emblidge News

Atheist To Deliver Greece Town Board Invocation

Man Shot On Dewey Ave

Man Injured In Late Night Stabbing

Jim Kelly Appearing At Football Camp


Bonus Content... Tight Jeans And G Strings


Two Wives And A Daughter

Joined in studio by Wease's first wife Rachel, their daughter Diane, and his current wife Doreen.  This is Rachel's first time in studio, and we have lots of questions for her about her history with Wease.  How they met, what she found attractive, the story of the day Diane was born, the illegal stuff that went on in their house, why they broke up, and more.



Marc Maron


Speaking to comedian/podcaster Marc Maron, promoting  IFC sitcom "Maron", his podcast WTF, and talking about his life story growing up as a Jew in New Mexico, comedians he started with like Sam Kinison, Jimmy Shubert, Jimmy Walker, and more.  Love Marc!!  Boomer lives!!

Creepy Story Of The Day

Even Alfred Hitchcock would find this creepy.

A Brooklyn woman spent three years living in a cramped apartment with her dead mom — propping her up at the dinner table and sleeping next to her skeleton every night.

Chava Stirn, 28, even dressed like her mother — wearing the same black outfit and shoes that 61-year-old Susie Rosenthal had on when she died.


“It’s a scene right out of ‘Psycho’ . . . This is one of the weirdest cases I’ve ever seen,” a law-enforcement source said.

Atheists In Greece

Wease revisits the subject of the atheist that gets to start the Greece Town Board Meeting with a 1 minute invocation tonight.  How did this guy get the call from the Godless Bullpen?  What will he say?

A separate conversation leads to a discussion of movies everyone has (or should) see.... Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, Godfather, True Romance, Animal House, etc... and Christopher Walken's best scenes.

Marianne says Walken dances in every movie he's in.  She's close, it's not every movie, but many...