Listeria Hysteria


Wegmans and Trader Joe’s are recalling certain peaches, plums, and nectarines (click here for details).  Wease yells at Pauly and Billy for throwing away their fruit yesterday.    C’mon what a little listeria between friends.



Horsing Around

New York State Police are investigating a horse whose mane and tail were cut, and side was spray painted in Walworth. “I could just see that and I thought it was pushed to one side,” said Lisa Anne Kreger as she touched where the forelock of her horse’s mane was. “And then I came around.” Kreger quickly discovered her four-year-old horse Dusty's mane had been cut along with his tall.

There was also a sideways ‘R” spray painted on his side and on the door of his stall. Kreger said goodnight to Dusty at 9:30 Sunday night and found him this way when she went into the barn to give him breakfast nine hours later. Kreger believes someone did this to hurt her. “I absolutely believe 100-percent that I was targeted,” said Kreger.


Former Buffalo Sabre Thomas Vanek was called to Rochester to testify in case regarding gambling in Rochester.  Vanek isn't being charged in anything, and just being asked to supply some information that he may know.

Johnny Manziel's Cleveland Browns jersey is the best selling in the NFL.

Here are the Top 10 NFL Jersey sales this summer since April 1st:


  • Johnny Manziel
  • Russell Wilson
  • Colin Kaepernick
  • Peyton Manning
  • Richard Sherman
  • Michael Sam
  • Tom Brady
  • Drew Brees
  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Seahawks “12th Fan”

Even Wease thinks the optimism fans have for the Bills is overboard... since training camp started a couple days ago people are raving about WR Sammy Watkins, and think Buffalo may be playoff bound.


Redneck News

State Police out of Wolcott received a complaint and subsequently stopped a vehicle on Sunday (7/13) at 11:03 p.m. on Pilgrimport Road in So­dus.

The vehicle was stopped after police noticed a towel cover­ing the front license plate. The driver, 

David Allen,
 age 44, of York Settle­ment Road in Sodus was arrested for Obstructed Front Plate, DWI and Re­fusal to Submit to Breath Test. Allen was arraigned and remanded to jail on $1000 cash bail. Records show Allen was arrested two weeks ago for DWI.


Newark Village Police reported the arrest on Thursday (7/17) at 11 a.m. of Ashley Hunt, age 21, of Pre­emption Road in North Rose for one count of Petit Lar­ceny.

It is alleged Hunt entered the Walmart in Newark and shoved chil­dren’s sneak­ers, a bra and some shower rings into her purse, all valued at $37.41 and attempted to leave the store. Hunt was issued an appearance ticket for Newark Village Court on July 23rd.

We want to give Ashley the $40 if she really needed kids shoes, a bra, and shower rings.


Was it Rape... or Rain?

Newark Police received a report of a woman at­tacked and raped while camping out on the Canal Trail in New­ark on Mon­day (7/14). She and her boyfriend went to New­a rk-Wayne Hospital and police were called. After an investiga­tion, it was determined Edward Po­tanovich, age 32, and Ane­sha Range, age 22, were reportedly homeless at the time. They concocted the rape story in order to find a place to stay dry and warm during the rainy weather.

Both Potanovich and Range were charged with Falsely Reporting an In­cident in the 3rd Degree and released on appearance tickets for Newark Vil­lage
 Court on July 23rd.

Edward Potanovich

Anesha Range 


Bonus Content... Best Of Brooke Burke



Doug With News

Thomas Vanek Connected To Gambling Investigation

- Rochester School Administrators In Washington

Father Defends Daughter Who Left Kid In Hot Car 


Wease Gets Letters

Wease reads an email he got from someone claiming to be a woman in another country (I think Nigeria, if I remember correctly), and claiming to love him, and wants to start a relationship with him.  This is obviously spam, but what's the scam?  She didn't ask for money.  Wease wants to reply to the email just to see what happens.

Vajayjay Peeping

If you’ve seen 15 vaginas, you’ve seen 8,000... A "rogue" gynecologist who used tiny cameras to secretly record videos and photos of his patients has forced John Hopkins Health System to pay a $190 million settlement to 8,000 female victims.

The creepy gyno was Dr. Nikita Levy was finally caught after a female co-worker spotted the pen-like camera he wore around his neck and alerted authorities. He committed suicide days later.


Seriously, how many vajayjay videos do you need?

Wease and Marianne both think the women complaining that they feel violated are overreacting (or ovary-acting).  They think the plumbing of the private parts is so clinical and unsexy that it can't possibly be stimulating.

Bonus Content... Now THIS Is Sexy


Sexual Healing

Sex Therapist Dr. Jessica Germano-Fokin is in studio to discuss sexual compatibility, sexual health issues, Wease's lack of fantasies, self stimulation, pornography, and also her matchmaking service. 

Crazy Sex Story Of The Day

In case you missed this amazing story from last week here’s a quick recap:

  • Michael Doster was caught by his wife Pamela knobbing a dude on a boat off a Florida nude beach…
  • They ended up arguing about it later while cruising on a Sea-Doo after a few drinks. No surprise.
  • He then, in a drunken rage, attempted to throw her off the back, four times, eventually striking her head on the final toss and leaving her stranded NUDE wearing only a life vest. 
  • She was eventually rescued and hospitalized for bruises on her head and bicep and he was only charged with domestic battery.

But the latest twist to the story is that after several days in the hospital she DIED… and of course, he’s the main suspect.

Marianne has trouble getting over the fact they were riding the jet ski naked.

We also chat with Dr. Jessica about fetishes.... everything from feet to furries to a guy that was in love with his car.


If he gives someone a ride in his car is it considered a threesome.










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