It's Matt Scaglione Day On The Wease Show


A three-year-old boy had to be rescued from the canal in Waterloo after police say he and his brother somehow got out of the house.

This happened on East Main Street and police say a neighbor called police when she noticed the toddlers in her backyard.

Police say the four-year-old brother was with his father when they arrived at the house, but the three-year-old was still missing. That's when Officer Matthew Scaglione searched the canal and found the boy floating on his back. Scaglione jumped in and rescued the child, who was kept overnight at the hospital for observation. 

The boys' parents are facing charges. Neil McMillen and Chelsea Ticer were both charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Officer Scaglione is a hero.  Awesome. 


We wonder if the parents will lose the child.  A neighbor of their’s gives us a call because he was there when the boy was pulled from the canal, and describes the situation.  He says the mom is about 19-20 years old and has 3 kids.  The dad is in his mid 20’s (but the picture makes him look a little older). 



Chelsea Ticer                                      Neil McMillen


Tools And Sports


Even at his own youth camp, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade can't escape the haters -- especially with a reputation for being one of the game’s most frequent floppers.


Wade, speaking after a camp he and former Miami Dolphins standout Brandon Marshall run in Illinois, said one bold kid asked him why he flops during games. Check out the video of Wade talking about it.  John says the kid is a "maggot" for asking Wade the question.  Respect the player.

Bills star defensive player Marcel Darius still isn't on the field at training camp, battling both conditioning and legal problems.

Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee ended an interview in an unusual way the other day.

So You Think Teddy Can Dance


Webster's Teddy Coffey competed on "So You Think You Can Dance" last night, and want people to vote for him.  A caller  thinks Teddy may be in trouble because his partner has a dislocated shoulder, and her performance may effect whether he advances in the future.

Creepy Wease and Pauly

A story about a Whitney Houston biopic leads Wease and Pauly to discuss their creepy admission that if they were the paramedics called to the hotel where Whitney died, and she was naked in the bathtub, they'd want to take a peep at her nude body. 

Doug With News

Structure Fire In Webster

Toddler Rescued From Canal

Bicyclist Hospitalized In Hit And Run

Police Officer Injured In Crash

Kevin Meaney

One of our favorite comedians, Kevin Meaney, is in studio with us.  He's at The Comedy Club tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday night.

Kevin tells us the great story of his arrest at Kennedy Airport last month, on his way to Israel for a benefit.  He was accused of punching a woman he bumped into, and even though the videotape proved him right he wound up spending the night in jail.  Wease's question... "How was the chow in jail?"  

All the charges were dropped, but it was a huge hassle.

Bonus Content... Billy's Honeymoon Pictures.

Billy and Susan went to Pittsburgh a couple weeks ago a did a ton of stuff.  Billy even met an NFL Hall Of Famer.  Check out the pictures (click on the right side of the picture to scroll thru them...


Is Travolta's Secret Life Being Revealed

Will we finally find out about the truth John Travolta? We’re not sure, but The Hollywood Reporter says that Douglas Gotterba is one step closer to revealing the exact nature of their relationship. 

For those who don't know, Douglas worked as a pilot for Travolta’s Alto aircraft company for six years in the 1980s, and he said that their relationship was "more than professional." When he left the job in 1987, he entered into a written termination agreement with Alto. Fast forward 25 years later, and Gotterba wanted to write a tell-all book about his life. Travolta’s attorney,Martin Singer, sent out a cease-and-desist letter, and warned him about breaching the confidentiality provision of his termination agreement. 

Douglas’ decided to challenge the validity of the document in court. And a judge ruled yesterday that he’s free to do so. Singer issued the following statement yesterday: 

"While we believe the Court should have thrown out Gotterba’s lawsuit at the outset, ultimately, he will not prevail on his claim. Gotterba points to an unsigned draft agreement, which he now claims is the controlling document in the case, yet he attached as an exhibit to his own complaint the final version of the contract that he signed barring his claim.  We are very confident that in the end we will prevail in the action.“ 

If Travolta and his people don’t prevail, it sounds like some very dirty secrets could be revealed. Stay tuned…

Wease and Marianne tell Kevin about the time they took Wease's 15 year old son into a strip club.  Sammy was hoping to get a lapdance while he was there, but they didn't push that envelope yet.

Speaking of vaginas, our friend M.E., who has a waxing business has a new bikini picture in a local magazine.

This reminds Marianne of the time she was a teenager and a friend's mom got a bunch of the teen girls a male stripper for a party, and how awkward it was.  

Jackie Nutt Slime

- Did Justin Bieber use a wheelchair to get in front of the line at Disneyland?

- Did pop singer Lana Del Ray sleep her way to the top.

- Celebrities and nerds descend on San Diego for Comic-Con

More Kevin Meaney

Still hanging with Kevin Meaney, and he tells us the story of how he came out as gay to his then wife, and how he used to hide his sexuality.  This leads to a caller telling us about his lesbian mothers, and other relationship stuff.