Laughing Laughing With My Friends

Wease starts the morning with Billy talking about last night’s Party In The Park, which he MC’d.  Billy talks about how much he loved The Baseball Project, which is a rock and roll band that does all original music about baseball (2 of Billy’s favorite things).  Band member Mike Mills (formerly of REM) remembers hanging with Billy’s wife when they both lived in Atlanta.


Lucero was the headliner out of Memphis.  Great southern rock, but if they weren’t on stage Billy would’ve thought they were homeless, calling them the ugliest group of men he’s ever seen, but excellent music.  



Is Jon Bon Jovi still investigating buying the Buffalo Bills so he can move them to Canada?  Sure sounds like it.

John predicts that Hall of Fame weekend may be the highlight of the Bills season.  Andre Reed is getting inducted into the HOF, the Bills are playing in the Hall Of Fame Game, with Jim Kelly tossing the coin.

Should the Bills change their name to the NY Bills, since they are the only team that plays in New York?  John thinks so, but many callers disagree.

Ravens RB Ray Rice gets only a two game suspension for knocking out his wife and dragging her body out of an elevator (which was caught on video).  Browns WR Josh Gordon gets a year for weed, Rice gets 2 games for assault.  Nice.



Bonus Content... Lingerie Football

Marshall Fine/Grace Randolph Film Reviews

Marshall is still making his documentary about comedian Robert Klein, and talks about his interview with Don Rickles.

Marsh did see Phillip Seymour Hoffman's new film "A Most Wanted Man", and thinks the Rochester native may get a posthumous Oscar.

YouTube's Grace Randolph loved Hercules, but says if you don't think you're going to like it, and it just looks stupid to you, the movie won't change your mind.


Doug Emblidge News

Crash Shuts Down Stretch Of Empire Blvd.

Monroe Principal Job In Limbo

Police Investigation On Lake Ave.

What if Morgan Freeman wrote the letter that Lebron had printed in Sports Illustrated, announcing his return to Cleveland. 



Kevin Meaney

Comedian Kevin Meaney joins us in studio again today, and is at the Comedy Club this weekend.

Ladies, it time to finally see Christian Grey. The first trailer for the big screen adaptation of "50 Shades of Grey" was released yesterday and the internet is already buzzing. In the two-minute clip we see Anastasia Steele, played by Dakota Johnson, first meet Mr. Grey, played by Jamie Dornan.

Things progress pretty quickly from there, with the two getting closer and closer to each other until, well, it climaxes Christian shows Anastasia the "specific" taste he has, whips and blindfolds included. The trailer also features an exclusive, more sultry version of Beyonce's "Crazy in Love." The much anticipated sneak peak premiered on the  "Today Show" and was coupled with an interview with the two stars.

Aside from lacking any chemistry in person, Johnson and Dornan talked about how they were cast based on their chemistry and that despite the steamy storyline, being naked on set all day was more of a "task" than anything else. Check out the trailer, and the interview, and decided if they have "it."


Kevin also tells the story about his Vegas wedding 18 years ago where he impulsively married a woman, partly because he was drunk, and partly because of depression he was suffering.  This leads to a discussion of medication, and the withdrawals he went thru after he lost his insurance and couldn't get his pills anymore.  He wound up getting in shape, losing weight, and being much healthier.

Mystery Of The Porcelain Dolls

Investigators in California say they've solved a strange case involving porcelain dolls being left on the doorsteps of girls to whom they hold an eerie resemblance.

At least eight families received the dolls in the Talega community of San Clemente, with all of the girls targeted around 10 years old.

Families began filing police reports about the dolls as early as June 16. Initially, police didn’t have a crime to investigate. But as the mystery grew, and as the families learned of the other dolls, authorities began examining the dolls and meeting with the affected families, trying to find patterns.

The investigation focused on a woman who attends church with many of the families who found the dolls, according to a news release issued late Thursday by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

“Investigators made contact with the female adult who admitted to placing the porcelain dolls on the porch of the various residences in the community. Investigators have concluded that her motivation was out of goodwill and that she intended it as a kind gesture,” the news release says of the woman whom authorities have not identified. 

Toy Story

It’s always in the last place you look.

A 38-year-old Scottish gal went through about ten years of life with a sex toy stuffed deep in her lady parts -- and didn’t have a clue.

According to the “Journal of Sexual Medicine,” this woman cruised to the hospital complaining of massive weight loss, uncontrollable shaking, lethargy and mild incontinence lasting for "a few weeks".

Naturally, doctors then took an X-ray -- which then revealed a foreign body pushing into the bladder from her vagina…. So when surgeons went in to operate, they found AND removed a 5-inch sex toy. WTH?

That's when the woman recalled a drunken night about 10 years ago with a partner, when she used that hamburger helper and couldn't remember whether or not she had taken it out. (She hadn’t, obviously.) For once, “I was super drunk” is a pretty valid excuse. But TEN YEARS!?

Experts are saying this is the longest known length of time for a sex toy to remain inside a woman like this.


You know -- she should really look into the ones with flared bottoms. They’re like door-stoppers.

Bonus Content... Sex Toy Or Dog Toy


This story leads to Kevin Meaney telling the story of the time he swallowed a bottle cap by accident, and years later needed an operation to remove it because and become rusted and infected him. 

Ten Ugly Men

The annual Ten Ugly Men party is this weekend at Genesee Valley Park with tons of food, beer, music, fun, games... and tons of money made going to charities in the area.  Read all about it here.