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With the James Brown movie coming out soon, celebrities reminisce on the times they have seen James Brown doing what he did best - perform. The Rolling Stone's Mick Jagger recalls watching James Brown performing at the Apollo Theater. He says, "He was trying to impress them," He goes on to explain Brown's competitive streak and how he always strove to out-perform anybody. Oddly enough, Wease's first concert was the Tami Show in 1964 out in Santa Monica where both the Rolling Stones and James Brown performed. 

Sports Talk w/ John Ditullio 

A couple fights broke out at Bills Camp this past weekend, no big surprise. In other news, if you’re interested in purchasing the Bills paperwork must be in today. The Bills expect there to be quite a few bidding wars. The most anticipated one is Bon Jovi vs. Sabres owner Teri Pegula. The crew thinks if either owner takes the Bills out of Buffalo there will be a major riot. Los Angeles wants a team for their city and the NFL says if any team moves to LA 

A die hard Redskins fan got the entire team's signature and got them tattooed on his body. Mind you, the team includes 22 players. What will the kid do if any of the players get traded? 

The NFL gives a $5,500 fine if a player throws a football into the stands to fans. Taunting is $8,300 Ditullio tells us that the NFL is trying to legislate language in the sport.   

Redneck News

Livingston County woman is charged with exposing herself at Finger Lakes Gaming and Racetracks. The 47-year-old was peeing off the deck and also drove there in a unregistered and unmarked car. She was already banned from the Finger Lakes. She is currently in jail. 

Newark Walmart has lost $1100 worth of products. Corey Smith, 23, grabs two black garbage containers and fills it up with Enfamil. He leaves with those and comes back for more. The formula is a lucrative trading formula for cocaine. So lots of gangs have entered into the business. The street cocaine is usually cut with the formula.

Todd Maddox, 46, of Geneva threatened to hurt himself if a woman he was with did not have sex with him. He said he would give her $80 but then want his money back after the deed was done. She asked him to meet him in the Dollar General parking lot. He reportedly, grabbed a crowbar and said he wanted her to watch the police kill him. 

Newark Village Police arrested a 19-year-old for breaking and entering. Kenneth E. Langlois got into an argument with his mother and was asked to leave. Being the Mama's boy that he is, his mother felt sorry for him and said he could stay for a week until he found a place to go. However the arguing continued and Langlois ended up locking his mom out of her house. After he finally left, his mother later heard a noise as he attempted to break back into the house. He was also arrested for possession of marijuana. 

Julius Lupowitz of Florida, has been accused of falsely calling 911 for murder to get out of getting a speeding ticket. When the officer's back was turned Lupowitz called 911 with multiple frantic calls. Apparently it almost worked because the officer was trying to quickly wrap-up so that he can respond to the falsified incident. Instead of a $200 fine he is facing a felony charge with a maximum 5-year prison term.

Legit News w/ Doug Emblidge 

Richmond Ontario County has $400,000 in damage due to the major storm yesterday. 

A Rush Henrietta woman was arrested for DWI and aggravated vehicular homicide. Amanda Hunt, 25, was behind the wheel that killed a mother, Lisa Welk, 51. There was major Facebook controversy regarding the issue. There was large amounts of death threats an accusations thrown, other people felt sorry for the woman.  

The Greece Board of Education are going to re-vote on renewing the contract of Bill Hueber, Greece Athena Soccer Coach. They will be having a meeting tomorrow. 

Donald Trump is reportedly joining the bidding war for The Buffalo Bills. Of course, Wease who believes its just a publicity stunt and he will back out. 

Surgery Fail 

An Alabama man went in for circumcision and ended up getting his penis amputated. He is now suing the doctor for botched job. 

Couple has Sex on the Beach


A Florida couple gets arrested for having sex on the beach after a grandmother recorded them as evidence for the police. Jose Caballero and Elissa Alvarez were charged with lewd and lascivious behavior. The censored video is below:

Wease Tells the plot of Lucy 

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Wease went to go see Lucy this past weekend and says it was pretty amazing. He says Scarlett Johansson did an amazing job. Billy saw it too and completely agrees. According to Billy, Johansson and Morgan Freeman, who is also a main character didn't have a scene until the end. If you wanted a spoiler, Wease definitely gave one. 

Ray Rice Punished by NFL 

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Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was charged last year with domestic violence. Last week the NFL punished him. He has a two-game suspension. The issue we are dealing with is how he was given such a light punishment whereas Josh Gordon was charged with marijuana use and was suspended for an entire season. Are they teaching kids that smoking marijuana is a worse crime than domestic abuse? 

The Bachelorette 

Wease ended up watching the Bachelorette yesterday, first time hearing about it. To him it looked like Telemundo because he had the show on mute. Nobody in the crew understands the point of this show. Marianne doesn't get the men who actually go on the show. 

Sexual Harrasment at Comic-Con

Sexual harassment has been a problem for many women wearing costumes. Although Comic-Con has a zero-tolerance sexual harassment policy but that hasn't stopped many nerds from groping. 

 John Scher Calls in w/ an Announcement 

Tedeschi Trucks band is coming to Rochester on September 25th at the Auditorium Theatre. In other news, Wease pushes Scher to tell the infamous story of him getting kicked in the stomach by Sharon Osbourne way back in the day. 

Keifer Sutherland vs. Freddie Prince Jr. 

Freddie made comments at Comic-Con  regarding Sutherland saying, “Kiefer was the most unprofessional dude in the world. That’s not me talking trash, I’d say it to his face. I think everyone that’s worked with him has said that.” He then went on making fun of his height. SHOTS FIRED!